39. How to Drop Your Stories And Be Empty Inside, And How It Can Make You So IRRESISTIBLE

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Do you know that your stories make your reality?  Look at your life now, how is it?  Is it easy and blissful?  Or is it filled with hardship?

Change your stories, change your reality.

If you’re a believer in whatever your mind says, whatever running commentary that pops up in your waking consciousness, you’re by definition fast asleep.  You are unconscious.  No need to feel bad about that because this is the predicament of the vast majority of people on the planet.  People live in a state of very deep confusion not knowing who they actually are.  And through your unconscious impulses you shape your reality.

I’m a powerful creator of my reality and so are you.  I’m empty inside and my reality is whatever I make of it.  And so far it’s only bliss.

This class will further nudge you open and more aware of this elusive yet attainable state of being.  It’s like an introduction to the retreat.


You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):