9. How Rotation Can Bring Out The Goddess In You

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Many women resist me on rotation, not understanding what it’s really all about. As such they relapse after the first success or practicing leaning back because it’s hard to keep their emotional tank filled up relying on one guy who isn’t ready to commit. They go back to their nagging and reactive ways because they feel rejected and neglected. So in this class I discuss the nuts and bolts of rotation and how it makes your Inner Goddess shine. Rotation has been proven to inspire many EUM to step up. It is indeed a big part of my method.

This class was a real blast. This should explain it to you once and for all why rotation is what high-value women who love themselves first and foremost do. Nothing screams like self-love more than keeping a rotation till a guy steps up and claims you.

That’s how you keep your standards high without hardening your boundaries. You are easy to be with, soft and inviting yet you are easy to lose. If he snoozes he loses. You keep the guy you adore (who isn’t committed yet) on his toes knowing any lucky guy can snatch you away from him.

So do you a have a “boyfriend” who can go off for 4-5 days without talking to you? Then he’s a bf in words only. Even my non-boyfriend EUM called me 2-3 times a day!!! You can keep deluding yourself or you can start taking charge of your happiness independent of any particular guy.

“Kat this has just been such a great class for me and I finally truly understand what you are saying about rotation. Thank you so much for clarity on this subject and sharing all of your own experiences and wisdom. I regret not having one with my EUM and perhaps I would still be seeing him if I had. Instead my energy got sour and pissy and I walked away and got all mad when I should have just dated others. But I can’t go backwards only forwards and it’s an absolute huge life lesson for me. It shocks me how I’ve lived my life now 45 so clueless with men and so much heartache and pain if only someone had shown me the way. You are a true light in the dark for me as I could just never understand what to do with men and relationships. I am truly humbled and thankful. I hope I can still have a chance at love and I am very determined now more then ever to do my inner work and really be teachable. It’s just mind blowing to me. Thank you.” ~Rinna, Vancouver


“Finally listened to the Rotation class. Just wow Kat. I am blown away. This class is so awesome right up there with “How to be High Value and Easy To Lose.”  I wish I had this class 6 months ago. I also wish I had never taken a break from dating. Thanks so much for doing this class. I will never forget, I come first. I will rotate his ass until he is begging for a commitment.

A very inspiring class. I will listen to this at least once per week to remind myself to keep rotating even when I don’t feel motivated to do so. Everything is explained so well, and every objection I had to rotating was shot down in flames.” ~Rhonda, Missouri

“Great class, and I was very grateful for this topic being discussed, because it’s something I’ve resisted heavily in the past.  But because I trust Katarina completely I gave it a go.  Wow, I was blown away by the results.  I guess I thought no one would be interested in me, but I joined an online dating site and was contacted by hundreds of men.  Shocked at the interest.  So I went on a date with one I liked and he was really keen, maybe a little too keen; wanted to see each other every day, wanted to help me renovate my house etc.  I told my boyfriend that I had gone on a date with this guy and he dumped me, but I didn’t care and he must have picked up on my happy carefree attitude because he begged for us to be together again.  I have deleted my dating account, and we’re exclusive again. I don’t really want to do the rotation again yet (it was exhausting and overwhelming), but I know its there if I need it.  In the process, I realized that I might be a bit EU myself, and that I don’t want to live with a man just yet (something I was desperate for with my BF).  So, I think I’m a bit wiser, feel like there’s not just one man in the world for me. Phew, what an adventure! :)” ~Liz, Scotland


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