7.  How to Lure With Honey When What You Want to Do Is to Kick Him in The Balls

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An obvious addition to your collection.  Your expectations are why your relationships have always been so hard. I will teach you the ultimate way relating to a man in a way that sees you as an exception. This class is very important because I delve further into why most women don’t get the guy. The Rules and all these other rules/strategies you read out there are based from the place of wanting to control and it will never work with men. Never ever. Only your softness and non reactiveness will do the trick.

“So glad I registered for this class…very informative and I feel better equipped for staying in the now and going with the flow. I’ve decided that I’m going out tonight and watch the basketball play-off game. Can’t build a rotation sitting on my sofa and it’s the missing link in my goddess arsenal. So I’m going fishing in a live pond. Wish me luck. Thanks Katarina…I feel revitalized!” ~Angie, Georgia


“I feel absolutely liberated!!!! Thank you Kat! I’m having all kinds of fun, thrills, and excitement. Your coaching call plus reading your book has set me free and I’m enjoying our current level of relating with no hassles, no pressure, no stress, and more often. You’re amazing!” ~Jennie, New Mexico


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