60. When Is Relationship Exclusive and What to Do When You’re Exclusive With A Guy Who Doesn’t Act Like A Boyfriend

This is a recurring topic in our groups. Most of you just have no clue how to navigate this tricky exclusivity. Most of you think exclusivity agreement will safeguard your heart.

It ain’t necessarily so. More often than not it’s a TRAP that you’re so willingly getting into and creating for yourself!

What a great class this one is and this is going to be one of your favorites! I dissected this exclusivity situation into 3 scenarios.

1. He was fairly or very interested at first, you brought the talk and he pulled away after saying yes to exclusivity.

2. He was hot and love bombing you cause you naturally leaned back at first cause you were moderately attracted to him so he needed to put in the effort to win your heart, he brought exclusivity talk and you agreed cause you began to fall in love, then you take over by leaning forward so much so he begins to flake.

3. You’ve been in relationship for a while (probably over a year), it started strong, you had done a lot of relationship things but then things started to happen in the relationship that caused him to pull away.

What are the solutions to each of this scenario? Find out in this class.

Listen to this 90 minutes class and get to work with the most insightful relationship coach in the world with a staggering track record of at least 6 engagements/month (and proven, not just a claim):

“I’m writing this post for all the ladies who would like to hear about the personal experience of someone in the fan subscription group Kat offers. To give a bit of background, I found Kat’s work in the fall of last year while trying to figure out whether to let go of my EUM. I bought the book, Module 3 on Leaning Back and quite a few classes.

All of this information was beneficial but I still felt like I wasn’t getting it and my EUM definitely wasn’t stepping up to the plate, in fact he was growing more distant. Last weekend I had a talk with my EUM, and he told me we should just be friends because he couldn’t offer more right now.

Today I participated in the 12th Satsang: When Is Relationship Exclusive and What to Do When You’re An Exclusive with A Guy Who Doesn’t Act Like a Boyfriend. I asked about my situation and hearing her read my question aloud and respond made it “real”. There was no way I could misinterpret what she said. I started crying while she was talking because I couldn’t run from the truth anymore, she was pointing it out in black and white. I felt foolish and scared but then she said something that gave my heart a hug. She said it’s ok “Because now you are under my care”. That meant so much and I know it’s true. I felt how she wanted to help me and how she would be there for me in the upcoming satsangs, to support me. Is that worth $100 a month (even for a Canadian like me with an unfavourable exchange rate). Yes! Yes! Yes! Being under her care is right where I want to be.

I cannot stress how valuable the live interaction with Katarina is! I’m pretty sure that I’ve misinterpreted part’s of Kat’s work, because I wanted to misinterpret it. I attached to my EUM and stayed around too long, trying to convince myself I was being patient and laid back, even when I was screaming inside. I’ve struggled with determining whether my guy was into me or not and spinning around in a cycle of going from doormat to running away and then coming back, all the while talking to him about my emotions.

I’m counting on the frequency of the satsangs to provide the opportunity to speak to a coach at least once a week if I find I need it. At the very least it gives me the opportunity to hear Kat’s insights from different angles, every week and get specific feedback on my situation. So worth it. I’m grateful to Kat for finding a platform to help those of us who can’t afford one on one coaching❤️” Carla, Toronto


“Wow! Another genius class. I SO needed to hear this class today. Thank you so much, Katarina. It’s like an emotional cleanse. Love it. Going to re-watch.” ~Joanne, Maui

“Thank you so much Kat. I am so grateful for you. You are amazing. thank you for answering my questions with all of your wisdom and heart.” ~Rockin Gal, Kansas (attended the live class with the fan subscriptions)

“Kat, I’m so glad I became a supporter! I’m going to listen to your advice over and over until it really sinks into my heart. Thanks for finding a platform to help those of us who can’t afford one on one coaching ❤️” ~Carlene, Oklahoma (attended the live class with the fan subscriptions)

You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):