6.  How To be High Value And Easy To Lose And How It Can Inspire Men To Step Up

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This class is making a wave all over the world!!!  It shifts you so deeply and fast.  It’s like my entire teaching is being condensed in one class and 90 mins!!  This is definitely one of my favorite classes of the monthly membership as well!  I have written about what being high-value is all about before but in this class I will dissect it more in a way -so powerful- that will fire you up and create shift in you like no other.

“My mom listened to Katarina’s call with me tonight cause she was curious who this lady is that is giving me advice lol! and she was like holy shit, Brooke. If you follow Kat you will have it all! You’ve got your act together on a career and health level but if you dial in on what Kat is saying with regards to men you will be the trifecta of awesomeness! She gave me a little tough love that I will spare you…. My mom is 63 years old. She and my dad have been together for like 45 years and have beat the odds but my mom Said it was only because she accidentally did all the stuff that Kat is teaching us. Kat has everything laid out for us ;).

Every body needs today’s class….just sayin.  The calls are always good just when I think there is no way I can learn any more, I do. Never disappointed by these calls. Never disappointed by these calls. I get hit on all the time but I shut them down cause I’m ‘loyal’… wtf?   I’m easy to lose bout time I pony up and freakin act like it.  Damn Kat your call has me FIRED up!!” ~Brooke, Oregon


“Yesterday I listened to Kat’s lecture “How to be high-value and easy to lose.” I highly recommend listening to it while painting your nails or wearing a face mask. 🙂

I wrote some notes to share with the ladies who can’t buy the class.

Here is what I got: 1. A High Value Woman doesn’t cling to people or experiences. 2. She doesn’t commit to a guy who hasn’t committed to her. She doesn’t take on a girlfriend role. She doesn’t want a guy who does not want her. She is turned off by wishy-washy guys. 3. She has a happy, self-confident, emotionally healthy energy. 4. She ALWAYS has other options. 5. The opposite of easy to lose is clinging. 6. She NEVER tries to fix or change a man. She accepts him or rejects him. 7. Focusing and worrying about the future destroys what you have in the present.” ~Chelsea, Nevada


“Wow, this takes the book to another level. Best $87 I ever spent. I am enjoying this call.  I totally agree today’s call is a must have. I feel so relaxed and at peace after listening. I did not have any questions because there is a certain clarity about the way Katarina Phang delivers the information that makes it crystal clear. I am going to listen to the class again tonight and take notes.” ~Nadya, South Carolina


“I’m going to sound like a commercial but I can’t get over how good this audio is. It honestly changed my life. it made me cry the first time I listened lol because it made such an impression. Worth every last penny and more. Can’t recommend it enough. Like, if you only buy one thing from Kat make it this.” ~Missy, Tenesse

I’m listening to this right now. It is definitely a masterpiece. Very confronting, because it lays out EXACTLY how I’ve acted low-value in the past and why my romantic life has been messy. Thanks Katarina! <3″ ~May, Spain


“After listening to this class, I broke up with my bf. Just I realized was wasting my time with him. Love it.” ~Dora, Kansas


“This class is worth every penny ladies! This class really gave me the tools to value myself. Loved it! Thank you Katarina!” ~Tiffany, NYC


“So we can live by it…definitely powerful, but it makes sense….we can do this….onward to being a Goddess.” ~Carly, Maryland

“This was so worth the money, I have listened to it a few times now and it has been so helpful!!  We all need to hear this!!!!” ~Paris, Georgia


You can now purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):