57. How to Mirror A Guy in Dating and Relationship the Most Goddessy Way

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Many of you find it confusing to mirror and are often feeling guilty of mirroring because you’re such a one-down (the party who wants the relationship more).  Most of you want to blabber your mouth expressing your wants, desires, feelings and expectations.  Needless to say, it doesn’t work.  Had if worked I wouldn’t have been here on my soapbox talking to you.

Mirroring is actually the safest way to navigate the in limbo and uncertain situation you’re facing with a guy.  It’s a Goddess’s weapon that beats a man at his own game and the one that saves your dignity, that makes him look up to you.  They trust you more…much more than when you’re an open book with your verbal expressions.

In this class I will reveal 7 reasons why mirroring works and why it works WAY better than talking, the route most of you take that has been proven to be dysfunctional, and 4 main reasons why women can’t mirror.

So don’t miss this class.  You’ll become smarter, wiser and more powerful with every class you attend with me and after this class you will not have any more hesitation to mirror a guy you date or in relationship with.

“Oh goodness gracious, Kat.  You made it as simple as ABC and now I have no more question in my mind that instead of blabbering I simply need to just mirror him!  Why didn’t I believe you the first time you told me?  Now everything makes so much sense. You’re the master of explaining all these things in a very simple and straight-to-the-point language I never found anywhere else online before you. It’s a very enlightening class that I recommend for every woman trying to make sense of all these confusing signals from men.” ~Keira, San Jose

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