55. What Is A Centered Mind and How Does Such A Mind See With Clarity

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I want to teach you to have CLARITY that I have.  Clarity stems from a non-attached mind.  It doesn’t swing that way or this way.  It stays put in the center.  Because it has no personal motive that can lead to self-deception such mind SEES things as THEY ARE, not as the mind (owner) is.

Toxic emotions, on the other hand, are the results of unwholesome thinking. When thinking no longer dominates your mind space, you are no longer a pawn to toxic emotions. You’re empty and spacious inside. Serenity is your default mode. You’re happy waking up, you’re happy going to bed and you’re happy any time in between.

You live in constant awe and gratitude and you’re so deeply in love with life. That’s the very definition of neuroses free. That lightness of being will help others reach the same. That’s how you become a healer. It’s no voodoo or mumbo jumbo or something that needs certification. This healing quality naturally emanates from a healed mind.

It’s what the Buddha Mind is. Thus, a healed mind is the Buddha Mind.

A centered mind is the benchmark.  It doesn’t cling to any fixed positions.  It is neutral yet it discerns what is good, what is wretched; what is benevolent, what is unjust; what is beautiful and what is ugly moment to moment so it can take side whenever necessary.  Its perception is direct and spontaneous, no longer marred by neuroses, attachment and unresolved issues.

A centered mind keeps reflecting back people’s neuroses and imbalances back at them at any given moment because it’s the mind devoid of any agenda and attachment to any idea or preconception of the self.

That’s what clarity is.  And it’s no surprise why I can help so many relationships and women who are lost in the confusion that an attached mind creates!

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Through this class you will understand why most people aren’t cut out to be relationship coach because vast majority of them, as the vast majority of population, haven’t come to the center yet.  They haven’t been integrated or crystallized.  Their split mind still mar their perception and through that stained perception they give you false diagnosis and wrong prescriptions.

That is why as i say over and over, be careful which coach you’re working with because they can potentially jeopardize your relationship rather than help save it.

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