52. Are You A Codependent And What To Do About It

Are you a codependent? What is a codependent? A Codependent is someone who gets all their unresolved issues and unhealed wounds triggered constantly in the relationship that brings out the same in their partner. And it goes on and on in a feedback loop till one of them breaks the pattern by outgrowing their partner or ending the loop by changing themselves.

Say he likes to be lazy and watch TV all day or he has done it too often to your liking. It indeed can be annoying to see someone just lay around doing nothing all day while you are being productive around the house. You think he needs to change. You think you need to and can fix him so you start in the crusade to mold him into the man that you want.

What happens next? You argue a lot thanks to that.

Nothing changed. He’s still doing whatever he feels like doing, only now he’s resenting you on top of it.

You react to his displeasure with more “shoulds” and nags.

You argue some more. You break up…but days or weeks later you are drawn to each other again until he’s doing the very thing again or other things that trigger you take place.

The cycle continues. Neither of you knows how to end it. Yet neither wants to walk away either.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately many of you are codependents and you end up in my group.

As I have always said your unconsciousness will bring about the unconscious parts of your partner. And two unconscious people in relationship create hell on earth.

But you can end that cycle. If you follow what I teach you’ll be the most functional human being you’ll ever know with very high EQ. And people with high EQ can’t NOT have a great healthy relationship. They’ll bring out the best or expand the consciousness in their partner.

This class spans 2 hours 5 mins which shows how much it resonates with so many of the ladies who attended it live so they asked so many questions.  In this class I reveal 5 signs that you are a codependent and what steps you can take to bring them to awareness and thus heal them once and for all.

This is the longest class in the monthly membership and is certainly something you will have to add in your collection if you are a fan of Katarina Phang.

And especially, if you’re in a rocky relationship you can’t leave, this class is for you. Let me show you why you’re codependent and what you can do about it.

If you tend to mess up any relationship you’re in because you’re so explosive and easily perceive insults this class is made for you! You’re a codependent and as such you bring the worst in any guy you’re dating. Your unconsciousness brings about your partner’s unconsciousness and in turn soil the relationship with so many conflicts.

“Holy crap, Katarina, you’re on a roll, aren’t you?  Just when I thought I had your best class there was always another one that compete for that position!  There are so many aha moments in this class I furiously wrote everything down lol…  Thank you for the gift of making me see my dysfunctions each time I listen to you.  You’re a one-of-a-kind, a soul healer, the mother of all Goddesses…thank you, thank you.” ~Jillian, San Francisco


You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):