50. How Your Unguarded Mind Creates Problems In Relationship And How To Navigate It

What is an unguarded mind? An unguarded mind is a mind that dreams, creates stories and unfounded assumptions, preconceives, obsesses, seeks (problems, solutions to problems it seeks and creates, fulfillment of the ego’s preservation needs), grasps, latches and attaches, broadcasts and projects. Because of this veil a person with an unguarded mind can’t perceive things as they are but always as they are. Because their perception is skewed the actions that result from such perception are also dysfunctional and causes a lot of frictions and sorrow.

Needless to say unguarded mind causes so many rifts and problems both in life and relationship.

The vast majority of people live under this predicament, hence the state of the world we live in in which conflicts abound (cause all conflicts stem from inner conflicts, from fighting our own unclaimed self).

Where does an unguarded mind live?

The past or the future. It latches (doesn’t die) to the past which is in itself a mere story from one’s own perspective that later (or in the reminiscing in the now) gets embellished with more stories (so you can imagine the compounded delusion). The mind is filled “knowledge” and experiences. It is structured and thus, unfree. It is conditioned to perceive a certain way (that’s what conditioning means).

It also grasps the future. What does it grasp? A better something: better life, better job, better relationship, more excitement, more stuff to accumulate. So it frets about what it doesn’t have or get. It’s in the constant anticipation of a certain future that makes it anxious. And through that veil of anxiety out of the thirst of the fulfillment of the ego’s needs it perceives the world out there.

Hence an unguarded mind is a mind that hungers and thirsts and is stripped of its capacity to perceive directly. It’s clouded with judgment and every piece of judgment is self-judgment. Self judgment is a lack of self-forgiveness. The lack creates the obsession to justify one’s actions and in the process one has to project the responsibility onto others in the form of blame and attack. Thus, all attacks are rooted in self-attacks because when one fully forgives and accepts oneself there is no need to defend and justify, hence to blame, project and attack.

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The reason my life is so easy peasy is because my mind doesn’t do that anymore. The projector is broken so it no longer broadcasts. My mind stays where I am and when it doesn’t the Witness catches it quick and pulls it back to the now so there is little chance for it to create (sob) stories that wreck havoc my life.

A stable mind creates a stable world because the outside world is merely a reflection of your inner world.

It’s an ultimate skill you can’t afford not to master (and very few humans even know the concept of) especially when there is someone who can teach it to you from direct first hand experience cause she’s living it.

“Yes, this is a class everyone is in need of because the unguarded mind is the root of EVERYTHING!!!! I have grown a lot, but even while I grow I keep adding new stories which I think are solutions to my problems, but are in fact still thoughts; still judgments!!! Thank you so much for shedding light on this! I hope people invest in this!” ~Michelande, Virginia

“Thank you so much for the class, Katarina, it was great! I love how it is applicable to practically every situation :)” ~Alexandra, Montreal

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