5.  How To Soften Your Boundaries So You Become Non Reactive And Irresistible

Are you a ticking time bomb cause your mind goes into overdrive 24/7? You need this class yesterday. Softening of boundaries is my original philosophy that will improve your relationship like no other….OVERNIGHT! What I teach is, when you practice to a tee, will give immediate results as many of my clients have attested.

This is a very important class cause every day I read your posts on how you react on insignificant things cause you need validation (your ego is in the way). As many have you have learnt the hard way, it is in fact when you soften your boundaries you begin to get everything you ever wanted. These guys seem to want to give and do more for you when you stop being a demanding diva. This is why my method has been ASTONISHINGLY successful with daily testimonials to prove it.

This class discusses on why your relationship gets stagnant when you focus on establishing boundaries instead of expanding your conception of self that includes stuff that triggers you.

Problem with many relationships is when one expects the partners to be doing a certain thing or not doing a certain thing in the name of boundaries.  It introduces unnecessary bumps that really don’t make a difference in the long run.

Most successful relationships are really between two people who accept each other as they are and allow each other to be who they are. This proves to be difficult for many women thanks to their insecurities, expectations and skewed view on boundaries. They set to change and tweak their partners instead.

I really enjoyed giving this class and the feedback has been really warm. This is truly one of my most favorite classes I have ever conducted and I’m sure it will help you align your mindset so it becomes conducive to attracting great relationships and keeping your men attracted.

“My man proposed to me last night. Thank you, Katarina, it’s ALL because of you. Will post a detailed one tomorrow! 🙂  I’ve not said anything because I’m so worried he’ll take the ring back because I’ve been leaning forward so much today! Haha. But will behave myself from tomorrow. 🙂

It was so unexpected. I kept saying “really?,” “I’ll be really mad if this is a prank,” “why do you want to marry me?”  “Is this like a real diamond?”  I’m *still* totally zapped and haven’t processed it.

THAT’S how amazing you are. I went through a million useless books on how I need to be assertive and value myself and not put up with his shit blah blah and it ONLY pushed him away further and further. Thank god I found you. He put a ring on that finger in exactly 6 weeks of me finding you.

I just read your book and the class on softening boundaries and becoming non reactive. It was really really bad pre-you. 🙂

He’s from a political dynasty, too, so being alpha the only way he knows to be. He doesn’t hunt or fish, though. He has a super sensitive side to him and is doesn’t eat meat because he doesn’t want to be cruel to animals. Lol. He’s not alpha in that obvious sense. He likes to paint and loves art and is very soft. Just his energy is very, very alpha.

We were constantly fighting before I found Kat. Is it bad to be submissive? Because he kind of likes that in me. He hates it when I’m aggressive. ~ Anna, India


“Ladies, Katarina‘s goddess call today was probably some of the best money I’ve ever spent. Lol I think we should be able to write off the cost if her teachings on our taxes. College expenses are tax deductible and her principles and teachings have been more beneficial than anything I learned in college.” ~Briana, Oregon


“Relistened to monthly class #5, “How to Soften Your Boundaries So You Become Non Reactive and Irresistible” today–Katarina Phang, it’s pure gold and maybe the best of all!  THIS is how you become a chill woman. Thank you!

It’s true.  I basically let everything slide these days, and in the past couple of months I get everything: the time, the affection, and the house.  The more okay I am with whatever, the more the goodness grows. Thanks again and again and again, Katarina. <3 <3″ ~Kenzie, Atlanta


“Katarina’s book and class on how to soften our boundaries and not be reactive changed my extremely volatile 13 year old relationship into a peaceful one.

Earlier I would treat my EUM the way he’d treat me. If he was rude to me, I’d be MORE rude, if he wouldn’t reply to my texts, I’d throw a hissy fit.

My demands kept increasing and I was super high-maintenance and it drove him away. But he didn’t leave me because he said he loved me very much, he just became extremely distant and untrusting and less affectionate because he felt I was making him walk on eggshells all the time and that I was like a “ticking time bomb.”

I was a complete monster.  I was always pushing him to do things for me, I would send him a hundred texts a day, I’d not give him any space. And when he’d pull back, I would get even more upset and get more anxious and act out. Now I just lean back and chill out and live my own life.

We work together, so I see him almost everyday for 4-5 hours, but outside of work I don’t hound him.  For instance, earlier, I would start texting him as soon as he’d leave work.  Random, pathetic texts to get his attention.  

My whole life revolved around him.  Now it doesn’t.  I have a full life outside of him. I don’t make any demands. If he wants space, I give him space. Earlier I would hound him MORE when he’d ask for space, because I was so afraid he’d leave.

Now I’ve basically let go. I’m soft, agreeable, don’t pick fights and I mirror him. But to mirror him does not mean that I’m rude to him if he’s rude to me.

I’m very, VERY sweet and soft with him and it just makes him want to do more and more for me.  He told me he was going to Vienna for four days next month.  I was upset he didn’t ask me to come along, but I smiled and told him he’d been working so hard and that I wished he’d have a fun, relaxed time there.

The old me would have been offended that he’d want to travel without me and would have thrown a tantrum about the same. Because I was so nice and supportive about it and said that I just wanted HIM to have fun, he’s asked me a million times since afternoon to give him my shopping list.

I have softened my boundaries, I’m trying to be feminine, I let him take the lead and I just mirror him.  I’ve had a couple of bad days in the middle, which I’m not very proud of, but as you can see, he has focused on the 28 good days, not the two bad days. Earlier there used to be 2 good days and 28 bad days.

I changed overnight after reading Katarina’s blogs one night. I softened my boundaries, became sweeter and nicer and more agreeable. I stopped asking for things and throwing tantrums. When I changed, he changed and became very loving. He suddenly wanted to do more and more for me. It was unbelievable.

I have read so many books and articles by others which say that we “deserve” a man who takes all our rotten tantrums. That ONLY works in a Beyoncé song, not in real life.

I’m very happy to have found Katarina and this group and while I’m still a work-in-progress (I threw a tantrum yesterday because I wanted his attention, and he said I was a “nightmare” again), I know I’m on my way to a happy, calm place.

My guy just sent me these texts in which he said that I was everything to him. I can’t thank anyone but Katarina Phang for this. A month ago he had told me he couldn’t stand to talk to me anymore, that maybe we were just a “bad mix.” And today, EXACTLY four weeks after I found Katarina, he sent me these texts. Isn’t this sweet? I can’t stop smiling!!

I haven’t stopped smiling for like half an hour now! I was so excited, I didn’t even respond to his texts, I just took a snapshot and posted it here because I’m so grateful! also, my jaw hurts now from the smiling but I can’t stop!!

I learn to lean back with Katarina’s teachings and a little bit of willpower. But it’s more Kat than my willpower, actually. I listen to her class everyday. If I don’t listen to it for 2 days, I’m back to my old ways. What I like about her teachings is that she’s very blunt. You follow her teachings to a T and there’s NO way your relationship won’t be successful and happy.

I’m actually shocked at how accurate she is in her assessment of alpha men. You HAVE to let go of your thoughts. Once you let go, everything will come to you. At least it did to me.

Katarina is AMAZING. I wish I had found her ten years ago. Would’ve saved me a lot of drama. But better late than never.

The class on softening our boundaries and becoming non-reactive is GOLD!!” ~Irene, India


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