47. How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence So You Become A Magnet To Relationship

Here’s an incredible experience that Crystal had after first class of Journey Inward she just signed up for recently:

“Hi Kat!!! I don’t know how fast or slow the process is to be awakened but it probably took me less then a week and only from ur first class of the Journey Inward….

I literally got the “Awe-ha” moment and haven’t stop laughing and crying tears of joy since it happened!!!! Like I don’t know too much about Buddha until your teachings… I just always saw him at Chinese restaurants and that he was good luck and he was always laughing… but now I laugh like Buddha!!!!!! … like I TOTALLY get him!!! The veil is lifted!!!

God had reached down and opened my eyes, heart and soul!!! Before this I was broken, and I have a very close relationship with God and cried so many nights to him pleading with him to help me and he did!!

He had me revisit your products and Journey Inward sounded very appealing and I took massive notes… it’s a 2 hour recording but it probably took me a few days to get through it cause I wrote everything down and then I would research these mystics you would quote from and then I also compared it to my experiences and then it just hit me… the AWAKENING!!!!

And I get it!!! I’m AWARE!!! I

know the difference between the ego and the True Self!!!!! And I can literally sit back and see it all unfold right in front of me!!!!!! I would love to meet with you as I know you are awakened too or chat with you on the phone more if that’s possible?

I will write something for your website- a testimonial? Or talk on one of your recordings if you like? Anything to help you help others… I’m beyond grateful!!!! And I’m still educating myself as I am now in class #2 of the Journey Inward.

Now when I listen to your Leaning back workshop, to me it all makes sense of course but it’s also irrelevant because of the Awakening… cause the energy and the knowledge from the awakening already gives you the leaning back method built in!!!!!! And not that I’m disregarding it cause I just love love Love All your products …

I’ve bought 7 different products from you… but this AWAKENING has knocked my socks off my feet. I’m sooooo filled with happiness, laughter and joy!!!!!

Gratitude ? Gratitude ? ”

Then she wrote again after my response congratulating her: “OMG, girl u have no idea!!! I see it ALL!!!! Just the first class of the Journey Inward. I just started class #2 last night… well, between you and me, I have done Ayahuasca retreat – 14 sits so far… if you know what that is?? So my mind has been open… you just made everything come full circle. I think it’s why I got the “Awe-ha” moment so fast!!

And I’m sooo filled with gratitude… but I must say it’s a whole other experience when your awake and the people around you are not… like the Buddha says the Awakening happens everyday because you are in constant battle with the ego trying to take you to the dark side…

I feel like it’s a training ground everyday to always be present and always happy… I flippin get it!!!!!! So Aware and sooooo Awake!!!! Thank you thank you!!! And trust me I try to explain it to my close friends and they feel and see my energy and excitement but even though it makes perfect sense… until they are awakened themselves they really don’t know what your talking about!!! I can see why the Enlightened people could live alone or be far away from society because of all the noises and statics of the ignorant!!! And I can’t believe how easy it really IS to actually have the keys to happiness!!!! I’m like on cloud 9999999999999999 to infinity!!!

Would love to come to the retreat!!

And thank you, thank you!!!! And I thank God for helping get through this process and have the Freedom from ever suffering again… like I know I will never have a bad day agin!!!! I’m still in shock!!

And as far as the retreat… (pardon for the multiple emails) I just looked at it… if you want me to speak for an hour to explain my Awakening to the ladies cause I was actually dealing with an EUM at the time and we were on a break and he literally gave me the Dear Jane letter that it was really over is when it hit me (the Awakening) but by then I was already knee deep into your first class of the Journey Inward and at the moment it just clicked and I was Awake and then my actual reply back to his email… with eyes wide open and acknowledging his decision.

My reply literally flipped him and threw him off guard and this new found energy really threw him for a loop… now he wants to meet me for lunch this Wednesday to discuss my new Awakening. This new Self that I had discovered because prior to this he was over my Ego and I don’t blame him- lol!!! But now with being Awakened, I see the Abundance around me, and the fact that I can step back and see the Ego in full force, I now have the power to stop the reaction from happening and quiet the mind… now my value in the dating world is HUGE… cause what man wouldn’t want a woman now with out all that emotional baggage we carry with us.

The Awakening is definitely empowering to the Self I must say.

And Kat everything in Journey Inward that I have been listening to so far has already blown my mind… Thank you, thank you… yes I can’t wait to get through all of it… I listen to it in the car when I’m driving if I’m not at home taking massive notes on it… love love it!!!!

You are a Blessing!!!”

It doesn’t stop here either. Two days later, she PMed on FB: “Hi Kat!! I know we haven’t been talking by email… but guess what after my Awakening this past Saturday, I met my EUM ex boyfriend today for lunch and guess what? We are back together!!!!!?????

Thank you sooo much!!

You should make a journey Inward for MEN too cause now he wants to be Awakened!! Any ideas when you can do one for them??”

Jesus, I haven’t even got the chance to coach her on her breakup. 😀 This is insane!

So emotional intelligence is the subject of this class. I see too many women who come to me lacking in that one thing and that is why they continue to have problems in their relationships. The ego runs the show and the ego never feels good enough.

You really don’t want to miss this class. I go deep with every class giving you alternative perspectives that will expand your awareness.

Check it out for yourself, my classes will crack you open so your divine feminine can float to the surface.

You can purchase this powerful class for $92 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $399/hr today and it will keep going up!):