44. How to Keep The Pursuit On In A Long Term Relationship Or After You Live Together

A lot of you come to me confused. You got him to claim you and not only that he asked you to move in. Then the hot relationship all of a sudden becomes something of a ho-hum. You feel that you have lost the mystery and just go along with the predictability of a couple sharing a life together: no more mystery, no more excitement, no more butterflies in the stomach. He seems to stop pursuing you because… hey you’re there in his face all the time, what is there to pursue, right??

And you become insecure again. You want to feel desired again. These days he seems so engrossed in his newspaper, laptop or projects. You thought it would be a happy ever after from now on! You feel cheated.?

Because you express your unhappiness often he gets defensive and you argue a lot more now or you stuff your feelings and as the result you feel unappreciated even more.

Can you relate? I bet you can. So in this class I’ll help you deal with that.

“Thank you, Kat. Just when I thought there was nothing more to learn you proved me wrong once again. I always thought once in relationship you can pretty much do anything, discuss anything without him having to have doubts about his love and commitment to me. That’s why we always seem to have awkward time when I want him to show me how much he cares (woes and pursues me) because that’s what he *should* do as a man in relationship. Now I realize “should” is an illusion. You either inspire him or you don’t. And your behavior and energy very much defines how he feels about you or whether or not he wants to do romantic things and often it will just happen when you least expect it.” ~Jemima, Texas

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