42. The Seven Principles That Put Him Under Your Spell

Please be warned: this 90 minute class will change your vibration with your EUM or the men you adore.  So if you don’t want to be pursued hard by a guy, don’t listen to this class. 🙂

Being mesmerizing isn’t about how you look. It’s about the energy you radiate. People respond to your energy. And your energy is defined by what you hold in your mind.

If you always think in terms of how you fare compared to others, you will always find and feel lack within yourself and the energy you radiate will be self-doubts, insecurities and the chronic feeling of not being good enough.

And you will start projecting those things onto others seeking validation from externalities. And your energy will be desperate, restless and needy.

You can be a 10 in the look department but people, especially men, will have a hard time connecting with you.

On the other hand, when you feel secure within yourself, you will project self-confidence and self-assuredness and the energy you radiate will be joy, groundedness, understanding and tolerance because whatever people say or do you know it’s not about you. It’s a reflection of themselves.

You don’t need other people’s approval to be okay with yourself. If some people don’t like you, you will just remove yourself from them. You’re gravitated toward and attract people of the same level of vibrations as yours.

That’s the very basic of being mesmerizing: self-love.

Now to be mesmerizing to a man in a romantic context, there are the shortened five principles to abide here:

1. Stop getting ahead in your thinking.

2. Focus on your own happiness.

3. Stop waiting around for him.

4. Stop treating a man as your priority when you’re only an option.

5. Reward his good behaviors, stand up for your deal breakers.

If you stick to these principles you are officially a high-value-woman that men seek for commitment and can’t afford to lose.

Don’t you want to know the lengthy/detailed version of each principle? And there are also two other most important principles to make a man absolutely mesmerized by you and I will reveal them in the class, so get it and listen to it today and transform yourself and change they way he perceives you.

One of the two is on how to handle triggers and hurt feelings and if you are always in the loop of roller-coaster of emotions that make you appear imbalanced and in the process you end up pushing him away, you really can’t miss this class.

Work with me, the only coach on the net that give you consistent results day in day out, year in year out with proven and documented track record to back them up (it’s easy to claim this and that but to have daily testimonials is quite another) because what I teach isn’t gimmick and my own stuff isn’t in the way (since I have resolved most of my shadow issues and lost the self as the self is in the way of clarity and this is why coaches who have unresolved issues will project those issues on their clients exacerbating the problems instead of helping to solve them). It’s the route to personal fulfillment and happiness that will surely leak into every aspect of your life.

“I am listening your latest class ‘Seven Principles That Put Him Under Your Spell’ right now. I would like to thank you for your teachings. The more classes I get from you, the clearer it gets for me about how to have a peaceful life in general. The success I have following your teaching, goes beyond having relationship with men. Thank you so much Kat, I am really blessed.” ~Jill, British Vancouver


Something has shifted for me. After my post about my painful leaning forward week and all your comments and wisdom; after listening to Kat’s monthly membership class ‘Seven Principles that Put Him Under Your Spell’ on Saturday; after a dance class this morning during which I accessed the grief in my body that exists beyond word and thought, after after. I am ready. To truly dig into these teachings. In my mind, my no. 1 guy, who I have been so excited about and obsessing over– is going on the back burner. Quietly and without fuss. If he wants to show up and adore me — great. If not– that’s ok too. I’m going to shift a no. 4 rotation guy up to no. 1 spot because he texts me every day. He asks to see me. I didn’t think I was attracted to him but I’m challenging my own perceptions and opening myself up. I’m going to focus on my self care today. Growing my business. Self love. Self touch through dance. I’m going to have dinner with my favorite girlfriend. My mind chatters– it asks for a timeline. It wants to put No. 1 guy on a timeline — “if he doesn’t act like a boyfriend by this date I’m walking away” — I tell it to hush. That these thoughts are insecurities and control. I turn my thoughts to something other than men. I tell my mind– I am powerful you know. Powerful beyond words. I have changed the rest of my life, healed myself. I can change this too– heal this too. I am powerful beyond what I ever thought possible. I can be free. With gratitude.” ~Cara, NYC


“I don’t come here often to share but I did last Sunday when I saw a pic of my ex with a new girl. Kat said, “It’s likely that he is with her but missing me. I’m telling you people, Katarina Phang is a genius. He started texting me this evening and said he misses me terribly and wants to see me. Now I don’t know where this will go but ladies listen to this woman. I thought I would never hear from him again. I have not seen him or spoke to him in over three months. Lean way back!!

Short version.. He broke up with me beginning of May. We were together for 15 mos. I stayed friend on FB with his parents. That’s where I saw the pic of him and another girl. I was upset because it was only 3 months post break up. I did not contact him the entire time. I just sent one hand written letter telling him good bye. Tonight he reached out and wants to see me. Now I want to do put him under my spell after listening to this class.  So succinct and to the point, things I obviously haven’t done that brought me here in the first place.” ~Linda, Kansas


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