41. What Is Mothering and How Not To Mother A Guy

Many of you have a habit of fixing and giving suggestions to the guys you date/your partner even when you are not asked. That is leaning forward and often depolarizes the relationship. It reminds him of his mother. Attend this class to be aware of that tendency and to know some examples of mothering. I will also address the notion of “lean back too much” that many of you often worry about because you’re so used to being the busy body in relationship.

“Kat, you always seem to hit the mark with every class. I’ve been listening to so many of your classes since I found you two months ago and you can’t imagine the shift I have experienced thus far and our relationship has been way better and easier ever since!  I couldn’t have done it without you.  I was so in the dark before I found you I made every mistake in the book that you pointed out with every class I listen to week after week. You’re right my mothering comes from a place wanting validation and it comes with strings attached. When I realized that I could now just relax and be my natural self and my bf loves me more thanks to that! 😮  What is this sorcery, seriously?” ~Jodi, Ohio

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