40. Ten Keys To Keep Attraction Alive in A Long Term Relationship

Many of you worked the magic that I teach to get your guys to commit but then kinda go back to being confused again once you’re in relationship or have moved in together.

Some go back to your old pushy anxious self and lose the Goddess mojo and as the result, the insecurities are back in full force!

It doesn’t have to be that way.  Your over analyzing is one of the reasons why you feel everything is falling apart again.  If you don’t bait and switch (being alluringly feminine to trap him, then turning into a bitch once you’re claimed), you should be fine.

I will discuss how to keep your relationship, not only alive, but also more bonded every single day.  And it really doesn’t take what you think it takes.  If it was effortless to get him to commit, it’s also effortless to keep him attracted to you…and not only that but also for him to keep investing in you emotionally.

Because remember, emotional connection and attraction that will keep your relationship intact.

So in this class I lay out the ten key points that if you understand and implement them, it will keep your attraction alive in relationship.  Attraction as the relationship evolves often hang on a thin rope because it’s being eroded by the perceived flaws and misunderstanding of each other’s nature.  By keeping in mind these ten points you will be able to mitigate upset feelings early and not to let fester and corrode your connection.

“Kat, what a revealing class.  Light bulb moment after light bulb moment.  I surely haven’t implemented any of the ten points, no wonder my relationship is so rocky.  I’m done being a codependent.  I project a lot of my own stuff onto this man and our relationship.  My heart bleeds for him.  He’s such a good man, he tries so hard but I can’t see it. Thank you, thank you for the revelations.  It feels like a very heavy concrete block has been lifted off my chest!!” ~Leanne, Nevada

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