4.  What Being An Empty And Boundless Vessel Means

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This class talks about going back to the Ground Zero, back to where you start at in your search/journey. There is a famous Zen saying: “Before I studied Zen, I saw mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers. When I had studied Zen for thirty years I no longer saw mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers. But now that I have finally mastered Zen, I once again see mountains as mountains and rivers as rivers.” What has this got to do with love and relationship?


This is the one class that pretty much depicts the end of “searching.” I haven’t really talked about it so much cause unless you are at ground zero it doesn’t make much sense. But this self-improvement stuff at some point should come to a complete halt when you realize it’s all mind stuff that you subscribe to and take as absolute.

I no longer hold any conception of me (good or bad). I just am…empty, undefined and boundless moment to moment. I am fluid. My I-thoughts have been curtailed by 90% and when they arise, I don’t identify with them. And that kind of “mindless” existence is freedom. That’s what being self-less means. Get this class and explore it further in the lab of your own mind.

“Nobody has the key to your peace of mind except yourself. When you’re not needing anything from anyone, they don’t want to get away from you. But when you are needing something from someone, that burden is like a repellent. It’s just too much responsibility to be accountable for someone’s happiness. Be happy on your own with or without him.

– Notes from Kat’s class: ‘What Being An Empty Boundless Vessel Means’.

I love this class… I listen at least once per month to stay grounded.” ~Rachel, New York


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