38. How To Pick Your Battles With Men

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Many ladies the support group come up with issues that are actually non-issues. These things that they bring about become issues because they over think and over analyze the situations. They’re obsessed and the mind thinks it will solve the problems it creates by applying more mind into them.

It’s like pouring gasoline into fire to make it disappear. This is why many of you are burnt out.

He doesn’t offer me soup when I’m sick. He doesn’t invite me to have a drink with his cousin. He would rather watch football alone than spending a night with me. He doesn’t respond to my text after 4 hours. He doesn’t say good morning/good night like he used to. He’s always on FB and liking girls’ pictures and I want him to stop doing it.

And so forth, and so on….

Many of you are so caught up in the small details because your sense of worth comes from his constant validation and your perception of what a man-in-love should do (and it has to be all about taking care of your delicate feelings).

So which ones are expectations and which ones are deal breakers? Which things are boundaries and which things are standards? And what is honey and what is being a doormat? Where do you draw the line?

And what does accept or reject mean? Does it mean we always have to break up if we are upset about something and I can’t accept it?

Confusing, isn’t it?

It won’t be confusing no more because I dissect this very subject in this very class.  This is important to know for any woman to have a lasting relationship with a man.

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