30. How To Go Through A Crisis And Stay Grounded At The Same Time

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Recently when I was on a trip to NY, Canada and Europe my website was hacked and many of my sales in the 2-week period were redirected to the paypal accounts of these thieves. I have lost a few thousand dollars in the process.

That’s life, folks.  Life throws you a learning curve. An asleep person will fight it, get angry at God/life and suffer in the process.  An awake person would ask him/herself: what’s the lesson in it?

That’s what I’ve been asking myself.

There are always teachable moments I can share with you when it comes to my life.   That period has been hard on me.  Not only that this trip had been teaching me so many lessons, more self-discovery and on top of it all patience and non-attachment.

It started when my parents missed their flight, then ended up with a new ticket and flew 31 hours instead of the original 24 hours. Then we came late to pick them up cause road to JFK was under repair so we waited 2 hours only to receive a message from my father that they took a cab and were already in hotel. Then my website was hacked and I lost a few grands in the process. Then I thought I lost my cell just before boarding to Venice (lucky I didn’t but I had surrendered to that as well). Then my father told me he left his new camera and sunglasses in the Toronto hotel.

In this class I’m sharing my journey with you: “How To Go Through A Crisis And Stay Grounded At The Same Time.”  How I still kept myself together, be immersed in moment and enjoying trip despite all these challenges thrown at me one after another.

And I will also reveal Eleven Clear Signs Of Cosmic Consciousness in this class. Why raising your level of consciousness makes you a hundred times more effective in handling and dealing with a crisis.

I am so blown away by this class! Everyone is going through so much at this time, and now it comes into perspective.

I’ve been leaning back by just allowing my feelings to be what they are, until they calm down. So many people are seeking me out for advice.

I had a woman this morning try to get me to give her massages for less than anyone else. I held my ground. She’s got a good job and I’m not a charity. Thank Kat for your insights on that. I take care of her, now she has to take care of me. Exactly.

I’ve been wondering if I’ll be alone for the rest of my life. So what? I have wonderful friends. We’re interwoven o helping each other. Why should I be worried?

My dog has been really sick, so he has a piercing bark and whines loudly a lot. It was getting to me. Now I know that he’s just expressing his discomfort, and it’s not about annoying me. I am there for him, and eventually the meds will kick in and he’ll be quiet again. He’s here, and that’s why I have a dog as a companion.

I’ve had a lot is setbacks financially recently. It’s time to reassess what I spend my money on. This is a good energetic time to do that.

Yes, all is well. Thank you Kat for allowing us into your personal experience.” ~Nina, New York

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