3.  How These Women Get Their Exes Back

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Is your heart bleeding at the moment cause you are missing your ex so bad?

Many women come to me cause they are at a loss about what to do after the breakup with their guys.  Lucky, after practicing what I teach usually their exes begin to reappear again in their lives.

Some are talking to their exes again, or start to spending time together again and some got back together for real or their exes reclaimed them.

Rinna is one those who start seeing their guys again.  She said:

“After listening toTricia interview (as a part of Goddess Interview of the monhtly membership, you can get it here) I must post how good things are working out with my EUM. He’s still out of town working but last Saturday came home for the weekend. He had to work at home both days but he wanted to see me Saturday nite.

Like Tricia had suggested I’m open to date others and in fact went for date before seeing him. I asked if he wanted me to come over to his house as that’s normally what we do. To my surprise he wanted to come pick me up and take me to dinner! We did that and I went back to his house after and spent the nite.

It was great as usual. He left next day to go back out of town to work. The next nite to my surprise he called me. He hasn’t in months and months. Then he texts me everyday. Then yesterday he asked me to visit him as I had that day off. I agreed and drove to see him.

He filled up my car full of gas bought me bottle of wine and took me to dinner. He was extremely affectionate. I left this morning. I’m letting him lead and only mirror him. I’m not getting ahead of him either nor asking where we stand, etc. Trying to care less. Thank you, Kat for your teachings. I’m shocked they are working so well.”

Rinna found me as an emotional basket case just 5 months ago. She was on anti-depressants and thinking of suicidal thoughts and has pushed her EUM away with her anxiety and clinginess. She signed up for ALL my programs including the monthly membership and her progress has been remarkable: she halved her meds dosage and now is off completely. She’s happier at work and attracts more clients and tips as a hair stylist and she begins to attract her ex EUM back as well.

She started a new chapter with him just a few weeks ago and each time she reports, things have progressed really well. She’s much more grounded and secure and stops asking anxious questions.

Another happy camper is Nadya.  She reported:

“Katarina Phang, you are a relationship genius! I am eternally grateful! It’s been two months since I found you and your book and began applying and studying your teaching. The best money I have ever spent! The more I have leaned back, the more my ex EUM continues to step up! I am amazed! I have totally focused on myself and my life and he continues to pursue me! He lives out of town, but he visits as much as he can. He recently came into town to take my son to a professional football game that was an additional 3 hours away.

He calls and texts multiple times a day. I NEVER initiate calls to him and I initiate texts to him twice a week, before his football games to wish him good luck (he is a high school football coach)! All other contact is initiated by him, not because of anything I have said, he just does it!!

Tonight, while on the phone, he said that he “absolutely adores me!” He said he is so happy that I gave him a second chance because I am the best thing that ever happened to him, and he was an idiot not see it sooner! He shared that being with me is different than anything he ever experienced! He says I motivate him to be a better man and a better person because I am so passionate about the things that I do! He said he is ready to push all his chips in with me. He shared that he was going to tell me this when came to see me next week but could not keep it to himself that long.

My jaw was on the ground because I had let go of any expectations when I found Kat!! This from the man who was confused about his feelings for me earlier in year! Things were great in the beginning. He was a great guy to both myself and my son. I got really attached to him and I was leaning forward too much. I started asking him about a future together, and was constantly seeking reassurance about where the relationship was going. I feel disgusted just thinking about it now. He accepted a job out of town mid relationship and I clung on even more, he continued to pull away and I continued to lean forward to try to bring him back. He eventually told me that he was confused about his feelings and needed space. We were broken up for 6 months.

Ladies, Kat knows what she is doing, read the book, do the inner work. This is amazing! I would have messed it up with out her! I did the work for me, not to get him back, but I ended winning in the end! Screaming Thank-you Kat, you are the Best!”

And here’s another one, Amanda from Portugal:

“OMG! Did he just invited me to spend New Year’s Eve just the two of us?  He broke up with me back in March. We got back together last month.

Last year, when we were dating the first time we dated, that was a messy subject. He wanted to spend with his friends (as he does EVERY YEAR SINCE GOD KNOWS WHEN) and I wanted to be with him. It ended up being a mix of both which was not what I wanted and I felt like it only happened ’cause I pushed. He was attentive and all during that night but It wasn’t his idea, you know?

Just now he asked about my plans for New year’s and said he had a crazy idea. Went on about a nice place a friend told him about, not too expensive where we could go for two nights. I had to Ask him if he meant just the two of us ’cause honestly I’m beyond surprised. A week ago he said something about going north with just some of the boys, I said nothing and Even started to have some ideas of things I could do with my closest girls…Now this!

This is the guy that left me in March saying he was not ready for a serious thing…

He just used the word girlfriend. First time since we got back together even though he had already brought up exclusivity. Happy! 🙂 “

Now here’s the good news, these ladies plus a three others who are in the same boat were sharing their experiences: what to do after a breakup, how they cope, how to survive the no contact period, how to learn to lean back, how to distract their obsessive mind from their exes, how to heal their painful emotions, how to move on….you name it…in this class.

These ladies have proven to themselves that once they change, their guys also change, and so do their relationships in the class.  So if you need morale support to navigate this very difficult time, you can’t afford to lose this call.

Don’t suffer alone.  Invest in this program because YOU’RE WORTH IT.  You deserve to be happy and to learn all the things that can help you ease your suffering and find happiness again.

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