29. Doormats, You Need To Bitch Up!

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Typically my clients are the explosive cray cray ball busters or doormats. Also, often they swing between the two in a vicious cycle. But many are total doormats as well. You think he’s all that and you’re not worthy. That’s why he isn’t claiming you and NEVER will till you love yourself first. I feel like pulling my hair out sometimes trying to make you see this.

You become a doormat mostly because of GCS symptom, a term that I coin to explain a woman who gets addicted on a man.  What is that?

You’re always walking on eggshells and are too eager to please cause you can’t imagine losing him, even though he’s taking you for granted. So this is a special class made just for you: “Doormats, You Need to Bitch Up.” Usually my advice is about luring with honey, softening of boundaries and being non-reactive but you doormats have no boundaries whatsoever. You’re just as extreme as the crazy ball busters. You need to come to the middle somewhere to be high-value and easy to lose.

In this class I reveal the 3 types of doormats.  Which one are you, do you know?  And how you can be non-reactive without being a doormat?

“A great class – left me with some good thinking- not too much but enough! 🙂  I definitely identified with the GCS and the notion that I really haven’t been emotionally available either since divorce. As much as I thought that I was- I appreciated your acknowledging that in a compassionate way rather than judging during the Q and A session. It left me to accept that and be OK with it rather than defensive. I will continue with JI and just last week went on match. Definitely more open right now so continuing to move forward…. thanks again- really loved that one! :)” ~Robin, Nebraska

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