25. Goddess Interview: Wendy, Relationship Timeline: When His Is Much Slower What To Do?

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Many of you come to me cause your and your guy’s timeline don’t match. And you read somewhere else how if a man doesn’t commit within 3 months he never will and you get all anxious. He responds to your anxious pressure by pulling away. You, in effect, slows down his timeline even more. Whitney (or Wendy in this article) did the exact same thing and caused them to break up.

With my method she got him back months later and slowly but surely he felt safe to lead the relationship again without her constant emotional outbursts. Two years since the day they met, he finally claimed her. It would have been much faster had she been a Kat girl since day one. Don’t make the same mistake, attend the class tonight and learn from Whitney.

They’re now expecting a baby girl!!  Congratulations, Whitney.

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