23. Why You Are Anxious and How To Overcome It

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“My journey goes back a little. We had started dating, going out, having sex, I was a jealous anxious mess. I’d go through rages and hit him when we were out, he let it go, before I found Kat I was doing it all wrong, claiming him before he claimed me, drunk text harassing him, over invest, over give, drove him away to another women and he blocked me from everything, I turned him mean towards me, he couldn’t stand me, I lost all hope.

I let his relationship run it’s course, he came back to me slowly because the other girl was extremely crazy and he cared for me just didn’t like my ways. He claimed me, we’d spend everyday together, but I got too comfortable, then days he’d pull back I’d be an anxious mess, text him like 100 times a day, accuse him of things, not give him space.

I ended things with him, changed my number on him, 2 weeks I returned to try to do things differently, contacted him, we talked, he said the way I went on him was wrong and the things I texted him. I leaned back, after we seen each other, even though I was a mess in this group, Kat told me if I don’t freak out all the time he’ll miss me, he was slowly reaching out again, on weekends, now weekends and weekdays, calling again, texting more. Now we see each other more and he’s so sweet.

He is definitely a different and good guy. I really do love him. The more I’m laid back and lure with honey, he is becoming so much better to me. I do believe that we can either bring out the best in someone or the ass out of them. People respond to how you act towards them.

I’m truly understanding the meaning of unconditional love for a man. Loving and accepting him for who he is. Glad I followed Katarina Phang she is truly a blessing and if my young EUM, ladies man can change to be more loving to me, any man can. He is also noticing me being more feminine too, because he is definitely showing his protective side through actions and when we lay with each other. I know he is a part of my journey to awaken the true feminine in me and I’m here to awaken his masculinity and goodness. I believe in this man now.

There are no guarantees, but I’m enjoying this right now in this moment.” ~Tasha, New Jersey

Anxiety is the one thing I notice in so many of the women who come to me including Tasha and this is the number one repellent and the main reason why your relationship never lasted or even launched.  Anxiety is a stressor for both of you and people around you. It’s energetically draining and of the lowest vibration. The fact is it’s also an illusion, if only you could see it.

This class will explain why and the five steps that will remedy this situation.  It’s easier than you think.


“A word on Emotions.  I just finished listening to the lesson on Anxiety.  Great class.  Here’s what I tell my clients about emotions, that may be able to help others. Everyone has emotions who is human.  It’s a human condition.  

The problem with this culture is that we think that we can resolve emotions with the mind.  But emotions are body-centered, and therefore have to be resolved by the body, not the mind.  If emotions were dangerous, the whole human race will be dead.

So, it’s important to understand that emotions can be very helpful, because they alert us to what we’re doing, or where we are.  Processing them with our body, allows us to see the situation for what it is, and allows us to react accordingly.  When you feel your emotions within your body, just make them sensations.  That’s all they are.

Allow them to be there without thinking about why they’re there.  Just allow them to be, and the body will process them and they’ll disappear.  I teach this to all of my clients and the male clients pick it up much quicker than the women.

One male client told me yesterday that the Allowing Breath has saved him from making some terrible mistakes with unruly clients. Another one said that his high pressure job is now a lot of fun since he was able to focus on his breath and sensations in his body without grasping onto them.

Ladies, please listen to Kat and practice whatever method you find useful to allow your emotions to dissipate. Your life will change! Blessing to a wonderful teacher and mentor and living the example of who we all want to be.” ~Nina, New York

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