21. How To Detach From The Grip Of The Ego And Why Detachment Is Key

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Everyday I read the heartbreaking sobs of the ladies in the group for feeling sad, lost, anxious, depressed cause they aren’t getting what they want…or what their mind thinks they want. It’s a real problem that will actually hinder the fulfillment of their desire. That’s the paradox of life.

When you desire something you attach a thought to that desire or the fulfillment of that desire. The thought whatever it is is untrue. You believe in your thought based on what? Wishful thinking, memories, fantasy, conditioning, fulfillment seeking, ideas…not reality here now.

You glorify the effect of fulfilling your desire but whatever it is never lasts (the great sex never lasts if you think you can prolong the sexcapade by marrying him or whatever reason you have in mind like lifetime romance, maybe?).

This is how people live their lives: buried in thoughts. I don’t live my life like that anymore cause I SEE the nature of thoughts. I’m no longer sold by thoughts.

The minds seeks the extension of pleasure permanently and it will never get it cause nothing is permanent. One can’t just enjoy the fun experience now without wanting more of the same every day. If you see yourself doing it you can nip it in the bud but most don’t have control upon that cause they are duped by this drug called the mind.

One who sees this seeks no more. One just allows things to unravel whatever they are in the moment and observe with a detached yet curious mind: a beginner’s and innocent mind (innocent doesn’t mean stupid). Cause one seeks no more there is no drive to pine, want, obsess. It is extinct (hence it’s called Nirvana which means “blown out, extinguished”). It’s complete equanimity. One is one with the flow of life.

Don’t miss this class cause it might be the answer to your predicament.

“It was very good for me where I am in my journey.  I have an anxious attachment style, and this pulled me out of that almost instantly. I was at peace for about 5 hours after the class.  Heard from my EUM and had a nice light and breezy text conversation (no expectations) where he shared more than usual… family oriented stuff about his son.  Today, I’m feeling a little anxious not hearing from him, but I’ve handled it really well.  I would recommend it for anyone who places too much emphasis on others for their happiness!” ~Melissa, New Orleans


“This was a great explanation of why your mind diverts you with ideas of the future that don’t exist, or warnings about the past that are no longer valid. How staying In the present moment is the only way to enjoy life and those who are with you. No ones life is “normal”‘or “perfect”, everyone lives with all the ups and downs. Anything you really want has in it both the positive and negative aspects. Once you no longer desire, you’re more alive.

I’m still practicing all of this. This was a great lesson in correcting my perception of life. Thanks Kat” ~Nina, Vermont

“I loved it!  I didn’t speak (I was at brunch when it actually ran, listened to the replay right afterward), but there was such a great discussion amongst the ladies that did!  I think it translates well into our non-dating/men/relationship lives as well.” ~Jen, Atlanta

 “I feel amazing!  I have been focusing on myself and got the power back
Yayyyy!!!!!  I’m a goddess mofo.  I took my parents and friends out to dinner and didn’t call or message my EUM even once the whole weekend.

He’s wondering what’s up with me LOL…

Katarina Phang, your last class put things in major persepective for me.
Ladies live as if we are single even though you are involved with an EUM.  Take the power back.

Have a good trip.  Today’s call was amazing and so powerful.  Thanks for sharing your wisdom.” ~Rebecca, Idaho


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