18. What Does A Path Of No Resistance Look Like and How It Paves Success In Both Career And Love

Why are you in pain?  Cause you want to escape from what is.  If you surrender and be one with what is, there will be no pain and suffering.  It’s very simple.

I can’t even relate anymore with average people with problems cause I have none. And it’s all about attitude. I don’t mull about yesterday, I don’t obsess about the future, I don’t think what ifs. I just face and be totally immerse in what is in front of me. No separation, no conflict. Be totally one with what is unraveling in the moment whatever that is. No wanting things to be different. No anticipating anything in the future, near or far. I do what I can when I want. When I don’t want to, it doesn’t even cross my mind. And if I can’t I don’t think about it till I can. That is when your life becomes your meditation.

When you are done with the garbage of the mind, you have this immense intelligence within you waiting to rock the world cause all your energy is focused on creating, instead of worrying that depletes it. Any movement away from “what is” is the depletion of energy. The happiest people in the world are those who know about energy conservation.

This sums it up why I teach a way that makes you the master of all your relationships, because you are the master of yourself.

And this is what the path of no resistance is all about.

The path of no resistance is the core principles that I teach that has been proven to give me and many of my clients the kind of life we want, especially romantically however this is also the principle that has given much success in my career.  How you can get everything without stresses and anxiety? In fact the key of getting what you want is when you live life without all those things. That’s why it’s called the path of no resistance.

So I’d like to share the secrets of my success, how to lean back and become a goddess in both love and career. How you can enjoy the journey and still get to the destination without stresses, pressure and being enslaved by goals. The less you feel distressed which means the less are in your head in whatever you do, the better the result is, that sums up my philosophy of life.

In this class I reveal the seven traits any success, romantically or professionally, some of them are deliberate actions and thinking and being in the state of flow.  What do they mean?

If you love my classes, you will be mind blown by this as well!

“Hi ladies! I’ve been lurking for several months and finally created an alternate account so I can post without fear of being discovered. I live in a tiny town and everybody knows everybody. I felt compelled to share my story after listening to Kat’s class on the path of no resistance. I can already tell this class is going to be life changing.

I’ve done Journey Inward. I’ve read the book. I’ve listened to other classes, including the high value woman class, and they were all helpful. But I kept falling back into old habits and I realized that while I understood the concepts intellectually, I didn’t really “get it” emotionally.

I was using everything as a strategy rather than changing how I think about myself and my place in the universe. No resistance changed all that. Now I finally FEEL Kat’s message and even though I still have a lot of work to do, I’m already feeling more peaceful.

For example, my EUM is out of town and I’ve been determined to not initiate contact when he returns because that’s what we’re supposed to do, right? I wasn’t truly leaning back; I was strategizing. No surprise that I’ve been feeling anxious about my ability to handle the silence if he doesn’t contact me as soon as he’s back it town.

After listening to the class (twice) it finally hit me – I don’t need to worry about this. If he’s supposed to contact me, he will. It’s totally out of my control and I don’t need to do anything to make it happen if it’s supposed to happen. It’s stupid to worry about how to respond to a theoretical text that may never come because I have no way of knowing what he will write, or how I will feel in that moment, or when that moment might happen.

I mean, I’m going to feel very differently if he texts tomorrow versus six months from now. The most significant thing I learned during this class is that what I call daydreaming is resistance and It hurts me.

I’ve been practicing deliberate thinking and action for only a day and I already feel better. When he pops into my head, I tell myself I’m not entertaining thoughts of him right now and it works! And now I am looking back at my notes from all the classes and the book and suddenly everything makes sense to me.

I know I was meant to purchase that class (after I had decided I was done spending money on this stuff) because it was what I needed to pull everything together in my head. I’m so grateful the right message appeared when I was ready to listen.

I’m not naive enough to think there won’t be bad days and weak moments ahead, I’m just not worrying about them right now. I’ll deal with it when it happens instead of making it worse by anticipating it.

This group is amazing and I’ve learned so much about myself and relationships from reading your posts. I’m glad I’m out of hiding and can participate in the discussion.” ~Beth, Iowa


“This class is very good it’s like you are talking to me directly. So true What you resist persists.

I learnt that depression and anxiety comes from thinking and worrying about the past and future outcomes. Outcome attachment robs you of your happiness because you are resisting the process. Future based thinking sets you up for unhappiness if not enjoying the journey to your aim in life.

Really this point I heard before but yours is a very good explanation in this class. I am goal orientated and sometimes I forget to enjoy the journey and get fixated on the outcome which causes all sorts of problems or a certain pathway how I think things should be. Which goes back to what you resist persists.” ~Helen, London


“I <3 this class.

My favorite quote: ‘The mind is like a knife. It can hurt you if you’re not careful, but If you know how to use it, it is a useful tool.  Someone who has realized the illusory nature of the mind can use the knife to create something amazing.’ (paraphrasing cause I’m sleepy.;))” ~Rachel, North Dakota


“Oh my Kat!!!!! I just listened to your class “What does a path of no resistance look like and how it paves success in both career and love” and its like I received a breath of fresh air!!!!!

I thought I was awaken in all aspects of life but realized at work I was letting my mind take the lead.  This resulted in me perceiving outcomes and peoples behaviors and opinions causing so much stress, worry and anxiety.  Just because I allowed my mind to dictate what is true and real at work.

It’s so empowering and freeing when you understand your mind is just a tool and you can use it in any way that benefits you and that you dont have to be a slave to it as you are the master! Our main objective is just to gracefully and gratefully accept what unfolds in front of us and be in the moment with it!

Wow, what a powerful life changing class!!!! Thank you!!! Xxx” ~ Rose, Alaska


“There’s a gem, ladies, in Kat’s recent “path of no resistance” class.  It’s like a mini Journey Inward.  Highly recommended.  What a great class! Can’t wait to listen again.” ~Leah, Wyoming

“Great class today Kat! Always appreciated and always well timed 🙂 xoxo” ~Stephanie, Los Angeles

You can purchase this powerful class for $107 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $499/hr today and it will keep going up!):