14. How To End The Cycle Of Toxicity In Your Relationship

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Relationship isn’t for the faint of heart. It will shake, rock and stir you like no other. It will trigger your most buried wounds and insecurities. Hence relationship is the breeding ground for all your issues/wounds to come up and you will attract and be attracted to someone on the same level of woundedness so you can heal each other….or not.

Many people stay in toxic relationship and are stuck in that cycle of codependency for ages. Till you are sick of it and want to change yourself, nothing is going to ever change. This class will reveal to you how your own toxicity will bring out the toxicity in your partner and it will re-enforce each other in a feedback loop. The same “toxic” man will respond differently to an emotionally healthy woman.

My partner Joe was in this class to drive this point home. Why? Because he was in a very toxic abusive relationship with his ex. And this very same man treats me like a queen. We don’t fight. Same man, different women.  And you, too, can change the jerk that he is by changing your energy.

Whether a man is a Prince Charming or a frog, it pretty much depends on whether you are a ball buster or a feminine Goddess.

You will be mind blown how simple and powerful my teaching is.  My method has helped thousands of women get the relationship they want and deserve.  Just a little tweak from this class will be enough to make a difference in your relationship. He will appreciate and cherish you for getting him.

“Great teleclass last night Kat!  You and Joey are so cute ;).  He provided so many great insights from a man’s point of view.  You brought up a point that really stuck with me. Your man will either be a prince or a frog in the relationship all depending on how you act towards him. Joe gave such great examples on how he is a totally different guy with you than he was with his ex.

Now on my end of things. I found you in the end of July. The biggest thing I’ve learned this week is that we will all have relapses and setbacks. Most guys can be forgiving and will forget if you have a freak out on a rare occasion. I had a disagreement with my guy this week which was of course due to my reacting.  I was definitely not in a goddess moment that day and I kept thinking “Kat would not be happy with the way I’m acting right now”

As we reconciled my guy said the most unbelievable thing. He told me, with tears in his eyes, that when he comes to visit his parents, who are out of town, that his Mom tells him with tears of happiness that he’s becoming a better man and starting to get back to the son she once knew before he went down a bad path of drinking and dating girls that weren’t right for him when he went off to college.

We’ve been seeing each other for six months and I haven’t met his Mom yet. What really struck me is that he said she started telling him this three months ago (when I found Kat!) He told me he wants to strive to do better because I inspire him to do so by working on myself.

He knows about Kat (not that many details about our group though; what’s said here stays here) and sees the changes I’ve made. I know that he’s changed for the better because I’m changing too. And I owe all that to you Katarina Phang ! Having Joe on last night couldn’t have come at a better time for me :).  Thank you xoxo” ~Stella, Chicago

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