1. You Are The Powerful Creator Of Your Reality

The basis of all great relationships start here: recreating your personal narrative and clearing up the fog off your glasses.

This class addresses how we create our own reality.

You see, according Quantum Physics, we create the universe we live in. How so?

It’s because without our brain/nervous system this universe is a sea of nothingness. There is no physical reality to our universe. Our universe is made of 99.999% emptiness/space. There is only energy vibrating on certain frequency. All is created in the mind and our belief and expectations of what reality is help shape it.

In other words what we call our reality or what we see are simply projections on the back of your brain. Yup, we are practically watching a movie. We literally live in our head. But the illusion is so consistent and consensual, we are duped to believe this is real, that there are solid objects, there is matter.

But as a matter of fact, there is no matter outside our perception. When we don’t look at the moon, the moon is merely a wave function. When we see it, the wave function collapses and it becomes the moon as we see it. And when we sleep there is no universe. There is no bed and bedroom. When we are waking up the bed, bedroom and the universe are rendered again. And when we look away, the bedroom disappears into nothingness again.

Our reality is pretty much like a computer game.

Utterly shocking, isn’t it?

The good news is when you realize this, you become free. Life is an illusion. Everything you see is an illusion. Even *you* are an illusion. Now you know this you can play whatever role in life you are playing now and make it fun without the emotional entanglement.

You are a being of light, not of matter.

If everything is an illusion, your suffering is an illusion too!

Are you mind-boggled yet? If yes, this is the program for you and I will touch more on the subject on today’s class and how this can have a magnificent effect on your love life as well.

My client LaToya said this about the classes she listened to in our ongoing program Four Components Of melting His Heart which you can still sign up: “Katarina Phang….I finished listening to the second class tonight and it was AWESOME!!! It is your book x 10. Looking forward to next week’s class. So far I have been blown away. Love it! Trust is a real hot button with men. My EUM mentioned how lack of trust and verbal disrespect were a problem in relationships he’s had.”

And what’s more exciting is you will also learn from my star clients -those who get my method and practice it perfectly so they are in great, healthy relationships in which their men are completely smitten by them. You see, I’m interested in results and if results are what you want you can’t do no wrong by working with me as long as you don’t resist me.

“I Listened to the teleclass 3 times now. Wow…my mind is still blown.
Your paypal email should be Morpheus, not Orpheus lol… Cos you are teaching us to break the matrix” ~Melinda, UK

“Katarina, I’m still reeling from that class. Wow! Thank you!” ~ Maria, Colorado

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