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Who Is This Man Whisperer, Anyway?

Katarina, as a “red blooded” kind of guy, I would credit you with more insight into us guys than ANY woman I have ever encountered in my entire life. You are spot on. I would go so far as to say that you have a gift in terms of your capacity to understand us guys. We live in a world where – it seems to me – so many women don’t want to understand men, they just want us men to think like women. Presumably this would be convenient because it would make us guys easier to understand, deal with, and control. So we spend a lot of time getting our asses shot to pieces for no other crime than being men and thinking like men. I have to congratulate you for your unparalleled and phenomenal ability to realize that we males are what we are. We are not evil for our failure to function like women. We retire to our man caves occasionally.

It’s the way it is. ~ Christopher Akenfelds, Australia

Katarina Phang is a Feminine Magnetism Expert who has helped thousands of women turn their love lives around, get into a healthy relationship, get their exes back, get their guys to step up, amend their broken relationships and give birth to an average of one engagement/week since the publication of her first e-book

He’s really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready: The Ultimate Guide of Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men or Guys Who Want To Take It Slow.

Her very successful method is based on inner work instead of focusing on the men. Once a woman surrenders to her feminine energy, focuses on her own happiness and drops all expectations when it comes to men, everything else will take care of itself. She is now finishing her second book “Feminine Magnetism: The Art Of Being A Woman That Enraptures A Man’s Heart.”

She receives daily testimonials and success stories from happy clients around the globe, something unprecedented in the niche. She’s today one of the world’s most highly sought dating/relationship coaches to provide definite and fast solutions to every relationship problem most women have. She is in fact the last resort.

She, however, didn’t start as the “know-it-all” of the dating world and how men think though she has worked as an author of self-help books/articles. In fact she has made mistakes with men in the past working too much from her masculine energy. She was attracted to masculine alpha men and vice versa but didn’t know what held their interests. They ended up dating less physically attractive women who obviously knew how to position themselves vis a vis a man. She ended up dating a beta male for nine years with her undoubtedly as the one who wore the pants till the relationship ran its course.

She married a dominant alpha man with skewed expectations thinking men in love should have behaved the way her beta ex did (be always there for her and talked to her about anything like a girlfriend). No surprise the marriage went bust 4.5 years later.

Through much heartache and reflection, she learnt everything a woman needed to know about men. She dated up a storm and learnt from every interaction with men. Her awakening in 2015 sped up her understanding of what truly works in relationship and in life in general. Her teachings and wisdom not only benefit any woman’s romantic life but every aspect of their life as well.

She is now coaching thousands of women all over the world on “how to become a woman” in dating and relationship and captivate her man’s heart forever. Some of her clients are men too.

Nowadays most of her male audience commends her acute understanding of how a man thinks and acts. They like what she has to say about men without the blaming and shaming they often hear from women.

Her daily nuggets on men and relationship can be found on her facebook page and the book’s fan page. Her forum is a gathering place for both men and women who seek answer to their broken hearts.

Her writing, thoughts and articles are scattered throughout the net but she also caters to the subscribers to her newsletters.

She can be reached at kat@katarinaphang.com (please BEWARE that you have to click the one-time anti-spam verification link to be white-listed or your email may not reach her). She is still accepting clients and her coaching packages can be found here.

She is finishing her ultimate program: Feminine Magnetism – The Art Of Being A Woman That Enraptures A Man’s Heart.

She lives in San Diego area but coaches people from all over the world. She is now one of the most sought after dating and relationship coaches.

Katarina Phang, The Man Whisperer www.katarinaphang.com


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