A Divided Mind Is The Source of All (Relationship) Problems

Split Mind

Heal your divided mind and you will heal the division within yourself. When you heal the split, the mind dissolves. As the mind dissolves, problems dissolve. The projector is officially broken.

Life isn’t easy.  And if you don’t operate in life with a functional frame of mind life will even be doubly, triply or quadruply difficult.

A typically dysfunctional frame of mind is the one that sees everything through the lens of bad or good, right or wrong with very little room for shades of grey or nuances.

This mode of perception creates a lot of unnecessary tension and frictions in our lives.  And this is what being judgmental is all about in a nutshell: when we’re so stuck in one way of seeing things.  And judgment and inner struggle are one and the same.

We as a human race is conditioned to perceive according to societal dictates.  And while at some point this was pertinent to our survival, as we grow and evolve this basic make-up when not included *as well as* transcended will create our bondage.

Perception of right or wrong will create fixations and in turn place us in a reactionary mode because the natural predisposition of the ego mind is to establish what is right (or wrong) even when it’s not possible to do that 100% of the time with 100% accuracy and precision.

People who are fixated on a position that is believed to be absolute will have a very hard time not to react to anything they perceive as a threat to what is right in their mind.

Their mind has become so polarized it reacts violently to anything that is perceived as a threat to this fixed identity.

This is the matrix the vast majority of people live in: the matrix of a divided mind.

A divided mind is a hypnotized and an unconscious mind.  It’s also called a split mind.

The divided mind will thus fight itself. The very definition of schizophrenia is something we all can observe within ourselves.  It’s a phenomenon of a divided mind in action trying to kill its own reflections which arise from aspects of itself that get trashed, oppressed and disowned.

The process of disowning will be followed by projections because energy can’t be created nor destroyed.  It can only be transformed and channeled into the proper or improper outlets.

Divided minds will start creating blockages and leakages that poison every space they inhabit and in the process contaminate the entire ecosystem.  Needless to say societal issues stem from individual issues, from a collection of individual minds that are divided and unwholesome interacting and feeding into one another’s dysfunctions.

To know this, to be able to see this within yourself is what transcendence is.

To transcend is not to react on every movement of the mind but rather to observe in a detached fashion.  The mind will always judge, condemn, anticipate, distrust, reject, grasp and idealize.  Observing all these phenomena without fixating on a position is what an enlightened mind does.

An enlightened mind, thus, simply mirrors because it has lost its attachment to a self-concept that is maintained by a strong identification to a position.

Love Is A Healed Mind

An enlightened mind is a unified mind. The division or split has been healed. It only reflects, instead of projects. It functions as a mirror because the projector is broken.  The projector is the hypnotized mind with all the one-sided stories of the I.  It’s the mind that runs amok uncontrollably like a toddler without parental supervision or guidance.

Equanimity is when you feel dispassionate about either side of the arguments because both are simply noises that arise within your own field of awareness. Both are the pull and push you yourself experience within yourself. Both are two sides of yourself. You have seen both in yourself. That’s well-roundedness. That’s equanimity.

Those who look outside dream, those who look inside awaken.

When you become “the parent” of your own mind you will be able to manage whatever disturbances that will arise from momentary “loss of consciousness.”

Some of those disturbances are fear, anxiety, anger, resentment and all their derivative emotions.

In one of our Satsangs (soul nourishment) in the fan subscriptions, I dissected anxiety: why it is an attraction killer and how to self-sooth you when you plagued by its debilitating tentacles.

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Increased awareness result in more happiness and contentment with life, less friction, resistance and more inner peace.

Understanding of the nature of the mind is the heavy focus on my Coach Certification Program as well, currently with 4 spots let and at $500 off till Sept 31.  One can’t begin to unravel the issues and problems one or anyone else faces when the roots of those very problems aren’t even identified thanks to the state unawareness vast majority of people are in.

And the roots are embedded in the state of mind divided within itself.  Any coach who hasn’t transcended this state of mind is going to give very partial and inaccurate advice that not only that it doesn’t work, it will also further exacerbate the situations their clients are facing.

That is why I’m so passionate about coaching future coaches to have the level of discernment this profound self-discovery -and self-dissolution- has afforded a very minuscule number of people in the world (yes it’s so elusive to the vast majority of people, the matrix is THAT impenetrable).

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The focus on Bali retreat is to understand how living in the mind is what neuroses are.  The mind is misery, misery is the mind.  And you’re going to project that misery on people around you, especially your partner.

How so, you ask.

Because the content of the mind is simply thoughts of the past and the future.  The past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived yet.  Only the present moment is real and there is no mind needed in the present.

Huh? (I get it, you’re probably scratching your head now 🙂 ).

When the mind is dropped, the sense of time evaporates and fear and anxiety leave your body.  When you less and less rely on the mind, one day you’ll notice that the DOER has also disappeared.

There is no more you or anybody (a self-image or self-concept) inside of you.  Just this spacious lightness of being.

I call it EMPTINESS (well that word obviously has been used by so many sages before me).

Whatever you do, you do out of natural necessity and as such it is EFFORTLESS.  With no involvement of the mind, you have simply become an empty vessel.  You’re just a Witness, not knowing where life takes you yet you’re so magnetic and powerful without even trying.

You’re out of your Neuroses Zone and permanently dwelling in your Genius Zone where burnouts, stresses and depressions can’t happen.

Your energy is radiant cause it’s free of mental defilements which are the main and by products of the mind.

People -and men- are drawn to you like a moth to a flame.  And you’ll be a person for people to go for counsel (and yes I’ll teach all these in my Coach Certification Program).

Are you visualizing that?

Welcome to Goddesshood.  Men will worship the ground you walk on.  They’ll eat out the palm of your hand.

A goddess is nothing inside yet she’s everything she sees around her.  She’s nothing and everything, she is the embodiment of WISDOM and LOVE.

She’s mighty powerful indeed because she operates from the highest frequency of inner freedom in which she has NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

To teach this is to be IT first.  To be BOTH.

And I can teach you that, no doubt about it.

Can you actually visualize it?

When the mind disappears, division disappears.  The split has been healed.  What’s left is deep compassion for all.

What is left is LOVE.

A compassionate mind is a unified/healed mind.  A mind that sees everything in utter clarity because it’s no longer beholden to egoic agenda.

A mind that is no longer confused because it’s capable of seeing things as they are, not as the projection of the I-stories.

Nurture A Healed Mind

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  • This is literally the BEST marriage & relationship community anywhere. I read it everyday, and I’m also so grateful I found it, it helped me in my relationship with my husband and has made our marriage so much more spicer, hope it helps some others!

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