A Brand New Program: Four Components Of Melting His Heart

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“Katarina, I have to say I came across your online articles and book in December 2013 and your philosophy was unique and eye-opening. It has completely changed the way I view men, dating, relationships, and myself. Your combo techniques of doing/resolving intensive inner work plus finding our feminine plus mirroring plus leaning back does wonders, and has created a shift in my life. It is the combination of all these techniques that is so empowering AND effective.  This forum alone has been priceless and it’s amazing to watch people transform over just weeks on here!  Following your philosophy and the advice of everyone here has not only improved my dating life but overflowed into other areas of my life as well. I appreciate what you have developed and shared with so many women who need it.  You deserve the accolades you’re getting . xoxo” ~Sally, Washington DC

We have had fifteen ladies so far signing up for this new group coaching program.  I see everyday how women struggle with keeping themselves grounded and getting their needs met without causing their men to pull away.

This hardship is aggravated by the fact that many of these women are so wounded, triggered and often act on their woundedness.  Hence, instead of getting their needs communicated and fulfilled, what they get is the total opposite.  Often these episodes cause repeated breakups.

This state of emotional roller-coaster becomes a vicious cycle with no light at the end of the tunnel.

These Four Weekly 2 hr Teleclasses will start on March 30 for only $249 will jumpstart your love life or move it to the NEXT LEVEL.  These are four components of melting a man’s heart that I teach all my clients without which your relationship will remain STAGNANT and/or volatile and with which their men become so madly in love with them that they step up to the plate WITHOUT URGING or NUDGING:

  • Week 1: Trusting him.  Trust inspires a man to rise to the occasion.  He feels accepted and connected to you as the result. This class will explore how to trust him anyway even when you are feeling shaky inside.  Without trust your relationship will crumble in no time.
  • Week 2: Thanking/appreciating him.  How to encourage good behaviors that get you more good behaviors and how to overcome your displeasure of things that bother you by shifting your perspective, and thus energy.
  • Week 3: Respecting his leadership.  How to be comfortable in the feminine role of following a man’s lead and respond in a feminine way when you disagree with him and need to veto his decision.
  • Week 4: Communicating to him in a non-verbal way that he understands and appreciates when words have fallen on deaf ears.  Learn the secret of why and how men would listen to you.  Women often follow generic advice out there on how to communicate with guys that do more damage than helping them getting what they want.  This class will reverse that.



These skills are complementary of the inner skills you have gained through my two other hit programs Journey Inward and the Leaning Back Workshop.  This is the nitty-gritty of those broad personal and interpersonal skills translated into actions with detail pertaining to specific situations common to most relationships.  This program will complete your inner power that is going to make you so utterly irresistible to the men you adore.

Good bye tears and heartache and be totally utterly unbelievably cherished…

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  • Hi Kat,
    I received the email regarding ” Melting a Mans heart. ” it’s says it’s 249.00 in the email. But when I go to check out it’s Pay Pal and it says 499.00 then I remembered you don’t expect Pay Pal anymore. And do take payments? I would really like to try this, I feel I really need it…I am off of work right now due to having a bilateral knee replacement.
    Thank you

  • Update: Being brutally honest here!! Also want to make this short too! Katarina Phang, last week I totally questioned why the heck I was paying for those classes, for this woman to now tell me the man that claimed it’s OK and not a big deal for him to have and check his profile and it’s best that I don’t become or be reactive!! Is this woman nuts, then I must get out here, cause I surely am ready to explode!

    Then Tricia had the nerve to tell me that it could be his way to cope with the idea of giving himself again!! I was like this is just a mess!! That was me projecting his behavior as being reflective that I was not this great lady for him, what could he possibly be doing but looking to cheat!! Surely I was upset that he did not honor his word by deactivating his profiles! However I knew from the start that the idea of giving his heart again scared the shit out of him! To think that once be became exclusive those fears were left behind is simply not realistic! So this is my take away:
    1) That I can trust Kat (trust builds sorry!! And I can see my ROI -return on investment)
    2) That Tricia is crazy for still checking her profile but RIGHT as so confirmed by him. Thanks hon and for everyone that entertained my venting that precious day!! I’m sure it was a great use of time
    3) Him checking his profile is not about me…it’s about him
    4) I am always in control of me but I don’t get to control his actions nor do I desire to
    5) I’m great and any man who chooses and I accept to share in my life is a lucky Lad
    6) Knowing the right way to communicate with your mate can yield some great rewards
    7) Men are not perfect and don’t expect them to be allow them to be who they are. When they know that you are in control over your own emotions it makes that much comfortable expressing theirs.
    8) Blowing up never ameliorate the issues but rather exacerbate them
    9) I like feeling in control and I don’t get to control men/people
    10) That is no longer my way or the high way!!

    During our last class on Sat Kat suggested not bring up the issue first allow him to. Surely I agreed and again thought you was nuts. So I should let him come over and then WAIT for him to approach the subject…ok, BE DIFFERENT…BE ONE IN A MILLION. Let’s if this Kat truly is nutty or truly knows what works! Turns out she does, we had a great Saturday evening/night.

    He truly made my mother’s day special even with my bratty comment to my girl-friend response “hope you will get spoiled to” I was like my son is a baby, why would I be spoiled. To get a rise out of him…yes I think they call that manipulation. His response was I will fill his role until you can, which is did a fantastic job.

    Sunday night we were in bed and he turns to me and said. I am not sure why you haven’t said anything to me but I don’t want to pretend like it never happened. He then proceeded to say that he goes on dating site on from time to time to reduce the fear, or maybe it’s out of habit. Then he confirmed what I thought that Monday night he was out with someone.

    So I asked him if he was or has been sexually active he said no and I guess for him it was important to note that he did not meet the person online! He was saying he is sorry and I told him there is no need to be. At times you feel we might be ready for something and once we are in it we might realize that maybe we are just not ready.

    He was in shock by my response! Told me is happy with me and I truly do make him happy and he is not sure why is being trapped by fear. I said to him it’s where he is at in his journey and our past relationship affects our present ones, especially, when we are still hold on to this hurt. He blurted out he loves me and I make him feel strong, he can’t believe I’m so mature about it.

    Today being with my son and I makes him feel like he could really have it all this time. I allow him to lead and let him be the man. He knows he is not perfect and he loves me for being patient with him. He truly wants to make me happy and provide the things I need and then he asked me if I desire to get married and have more children or if I would be ok with not being married and having children.

    I told him I’m not in any rush, however those are my desires for sure. Then he asks my time frame…I told him I did not have any. Then he asks in an ideal world what I would want. I said my son is 30 months old in an ideal world I would love to have another one before he is 5. He was a bit emotional throughout the conversation, a side of him I don’t usually see.

    He wanted to know where we go from here. I told him we should take exclusivity/labels off the table as the no need for him to feel caved. I also what to feel like the person I’m in an exclusive relationship with is secure in that choice. My son woke up and he said he would put him back to bed and he came back to bed we had the most amazing love making session and I fell asleep so ended the conversation.”

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