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Shadow Boxing

How The Election Displays Your Shadow and The Areas You Need To Work On

Not being able to come to terms with every human side you consider dark and ugly is why you’re fighting. When you’re divided within you’re going to bring that division into the world. It&


the nature of the mind

Six Important Messages About The Mind That Will Change Your Life Forever

If you have followed me a while you will notice that I don’t actually dispense love advice, rather mainly how to be love itself.  This is what makes me stand out from the rest.  To immerse in and b


Relationship Coach in california

You Deserve These Holiday Gifts For Yourself Cause You’re Worth It

“This morning, my BF refilled my glass of water and brought it up to bed like he does most mornings. We were quietly talking and snuggling as I woke up and he said, “I know I should say it more