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rotation dating

“Katarina Phang You are amazing!!  It’s been a year with my guy!!  I won’t call him EUM as he is now mine and all mine.  He has claimed me!!  Rori Raye opened my eyes to getting in tuned with my feelings more and when talking to man express it with feeling messages!!  Honey, you took this step further and with huge differences between you both, as you know the right way of how a woman should speak to a man, the right way to engage a man’s emotions that allows “true connection” to happen in the moment!  You truly understand men and how to trigger them!!  I used your lines and all of your suggestions and that was the magic pill that kept him engaged!!  So happy you told me my work with him was not done, as you were correct I got pissed and ended things!!  I returned stayed feminine and finally accepted the idea of dating rotation which I guess sent off a different aura/vibe to me!!” 


Mia found me about a month ago -actually on another dating coach page- when she had just freshly dumped her EUM in the heat of the moment and was looking for solutions to her dilemma.  They had seen each other for almost a year and he still hadn’t claimed her and she was sick of it.  Obviously she wasn’t done.  And I always advise women who aren’t emotionally done to go back to the “crime scene” and do things differently, according to my method this time.

She went back in touch, signed up for my “Get-Ex-Back” edition of Journey Inward and began to practice what I teach.  She started by removing expectations and putting him in a rotation.  A few weeks into this he began to really respond to her shifted vibe:

“What’s gotten into my EUM today!!  He just text me to do lunch!!  In the year I have known him he has never ever do that!!  I was so shocked I just said sure..  His response was not convincing is that a bad idea or something?  Me it’s an ecstatic “sure” that’s hard to get via text at times (his famous line!).

Like I’ve become his world….as soon as I have started date others!!  I now figured it out too I got some flowers this weekend from my date and my son was smelling them I took a pic and used it as my “watsapp chat” profile picture!  In the middle of the night he called me and wanted to know what I did this weekend!

To which I was on the phone with him till 3:30 am!!  Texted me this morning that he is missing me and he is feeling some strong strong emotions right now!!  And he can’t stop thinking about me and then the lunch invite!!  Why all of this now??!!”

And though he was still seeing other women (at least during the three weeks that they broke up), he got really agitated when he found out that she was also dating other guys (she was having another guy in rotation and had been in a few dates with him).

She shared:  “Drained!! This morning was epic to say the least!!

My EUM went batshit crazy of me!!  Like Katarina Phang jokingly puts it, I told myself that the tampons I found in his bathroom trash can were for his “nose bleed.”  No big deal as I ended things a few weeks ago but was with him this weekend as you all know for his eye surgery blah blah!!  Tell me why is it that this Attorney I went out with a few times called me this morning and this stupid shit of a new phone calls out the name of the person calling… need to get this setting off!!

Anyways he knows the name and loaded questions started!!  Did you have sex with him!!  Tell me I need to know this!!  Me trying to change the subject said, this weekend was about helping you heal, maybe it’s not such a great idea to talking about what we do outside of when we are not together.  We are not exclusive and I assume you date others.  So I remained adamant not answering the questions by insist that’s not something I feel like discussing!!  That’s when the batshitness exploded!

He went off that after being with me for 11 months (we have known each other for 14 months) he has never felt this why about any other woman since his divorce and if I am sleeping with anyone else he is not sure that something he can handle and he needs to know.  So are you dating this guy or what (same questions over and over??).  Me: yes we’re dating!  How often you see him?  Well since our split of three weeks I’ve seen him at least 7-10 times!!

His response “And no sex!!  Mia, you are a very sexual person.”  I said yes when I am with you and we are not there yet! I am sure I did not handle this well at all…I really did not feel like I should have been subjected to answering those questions!!  He said sure you need to answer, so that I can get his emotions and feelings checked…do you think you are the only who has your feeling vested in this, Mia?

He said I know, you know I date others and you deal with it..not sure how…but the way I feel about you, I don’t think I can accept this…you getting this close to another man.  WTF!!  I was piss with that statement, and said we are friends, what I do with my life is none of your business, nor is yours any of mine!  This entire time I was calm!  He said friends I did not know this (that we are just friends!!).  We had sex eight times last week Saturday….which might I add is after you so ended things!!

So are we just friends?  Not sure is this is what mirroring looks like, but I posed the question back at him.  Then he said I know this is not fair to you, but this is what happens when you date and get your feelings vested and you don’t commit!!  No answer from me, and then I said, I need to go I as I’m already super late for work.

I moved over to hug and kiss him he was not having that at all!!  He said he can’t stand to touch with the thought of a next man touching me!!  Men are really two-faced!  Then he said I’m sure your other guy will give you hugs and kisses.  I’m having such mixed emotions right now, but I feel like he’s a big boy and he can deal with however he chooses!  Therefore he will not be hearing from me as I don’t intend to have any drama about this!!  He is sure living his life, it’s so unfair that he wants me to remain committed to him while he does only God knows!!

I advised her how to deal with such situation and she did exactly what I told her to say to him.  A month or so later after she first found me, he claimed her!  This is what she shared in the group:

“Katarina Phang You are amazing!! It’s been a year with my guy!! I won’t call him EUM as he is now mine and all mine. He has claimed me!!

Rori Raye opened my eyes to getting in tuned with my feelings more and when talking to man express it with feeling messages!! Honey, you took this step further and with huge differences between you both, as you know the right way of how a woman should speak to a man, the right way to engage a man’s emotions that allows “true connection” to happen in the moment! You truly understand men and how to trigger them!!

I used your lines and all of your suggestions and that was the magic pill that kept him engaged!! So happy you told me my work with him was not done, as you were correct I got pissed and ended things!! I returned stayed feminine and finally accepted the idea of dating rotation which I guess sent off a different aura/vibe to me!!

Yesterday a man who told him he could not commit, said no way in hell I’m going to allow another man to have you! I am going change my ways for you! I know I won’t find another woman like you! I am going to give you the security you need and deserve! You have captured me, not by playing games but by just being you (So I can and I can give the commit you deserve that to you.) He even proclaimed how masculine he feels around me and we play our roles very well you bring a lot of feminine energy!

Christ, my relationship changed so much in a month of being in this group and doing the work Journey Inwards and has brought out the best in my Journey Outwards!! I am so so happy!!

I woke up to this awesome man telling me how much he loves me!! A man won’t commit until you give him a reason to!! I guess I needed another man in the mix! No more free milk!!

He booking us a vacation today, so in two weeks we will be going away!! i hope it’s will be a sunny destination!!” 

Rotation or multidating is often looked with suspicion and even disdain.  Some women are really against it citing that dating a few different men all at once make them unable to focus on any of them or it only distracts them.  Well, hello…that’s the whole point of a rotation: so you are not over-investing in a man who is feeling pressured by your laser focus on him. You exactly need that distraction to keep him attracted to you cause your leaning forward energy is a kiss of death to a fledgling romance.

What exactly the problem is many women attach way easily and early to a man they are so into, especially after sex.  If they put all their eggs in one basket they will soon act needy and clingy and most guys need to pace the relationship, especially in the beginning, and if these women only have one guy to feed her emotionally their anxiety will begin to set in uncontrollably in no time.  They will start to try to nudge the relationship forward before he’s ready.

And as I see everyday in my job, they are pushing the men away….   Their energy is so anxious it’s a turn off.

There is really no sense to focus on one guy who isn’t reciprocating like the case with Mia when she was just dating him exclusively.  And the center of my method -and why it works like a charm- is on leaning back.  Leaning back as many women have attested is mighty hard unless we perceive options and lead a full life.

Rotation raises your vibration.  When you are being adored by a few different men you also like, you see it firsthand that the world is abundance.  There is never any need to pine for any one guy.  Your energy becomes upbeat, soft, secure and feminine….naturally.  You lean back naturally.

Because you feel secure, you can now surrender to your feminine radiance.  And he’s (or any guy) is drawn to that energy like a moth to a flame.

This is what we see happening with Mia’s EUM (now her boyfriend).  I don’t teach strategy, I teach what really endures: shifting your energy.  And that is what has been proven to work time and again.

And don’t forget men thrive on competition.  They want to win you as the prize.  When you pine and act a one-down (the party that is more invested in relationship) because you arrive before him, he loses the feeling that you are the prize cause he knows that he doesn’t have to work for your love and affection.

That’s why pursuing a relationship with a man -who may or may not be lukewarm in the beginning- will only cause him to lose the motivation and attraction even more.  My method assures this aspect is well taken care of from the get go.

Whatever your situation is with your man, my method will solve it because it’s feminine-energy based and is ever so subtle and gentle as well as psychologically savvy.  Mia is now signing up for my brand new program: Four Components Of Melting His Heart so she can learn how to split-proof and polarize her relationship and keep it passionate.

Join me with 32 ladies in this new program. You can listen to first class on trust upon signing up. You’ll walk away from this program empowered with the knowledge on how to deeply polarize your relationship from the getgo so it blooms an deepens by leaps and bounds naturally so you will never meet another dead end in your relationship ever again. Your man is “commitment phobic?” You will understand how you might contribute to it yourself after this program and stop doing all that.

UPDATE:  “Hey Kat, know I haven’t posted In the group about my own journey in awhile….I write this with tears in my eyes….why? When I look back how far I’ve come and grown. Your teachings have stayed with me since day one and it has changed me in so many ways…it would take forever to list.

Accept or walk away is one of the best things I have learnt from you…I mean it the secret to living my life at the fullest. I walked away from my love back in Oct of last year due to this simple concept.

I marvel in that power to love, not accept, seeing dysfunction for exactly what it is, allowing one to explore his own path or struggles even in knowing that u can find healing in a relationship but not staying expecting the other person to heal just loving them for exactly where they are without accepting the situation.

That was long…lol!! Girl you helped changed my life so much. I have not worked in how many months and I am the happiest I’ve ever been!!

I left New York with my son to Arizona to escape the winter… I left my guy to figure out his life and how he fits into my life. This is same guy from day one. His work stress was taking a toll on him, he started staying out late drinking (drinking is fine, heck I drink too). I could see the dysfunction, he was using it to cope with the work load. It’s a true boundary I set to not have my son exposed to those elements such as “daddy coming home drunk at 4am).

He found another hobby to relive stress…gym lol. Decided that leaving New York city was the best thing for him, as environment affects you. He called up from London (at the visit with his stressful clients). He said “I’m coming to get my woman, my family.”

He came to AZ almost every two weeks, loved his son (not biological) not that you would know:). We’re closing on a home on the 31 of this month in GA ( New York, AZ, to GA hahahah).

He took actions, moved to be with us, and now will be working from home while we both work on our own start up entity. I think he felt what life was like without us and now knows he would rather have his family than a NYC hot roller life lol.

I tell you, being non-reactive is another key concept…did I mention I haven’t worked, his commitment to us is paramount. Giving him space drew him close and gave him time to address his own fears ( yes, he still had those).

Engaged? Mmmmm… not sure if we will ever have that in a sense. We both know we will get married on the beach In a year or so. Kat, he just purchased us a beautiful home, who needs a ring lol.

I see how many of our women being goal driven, I wish they would just “be” in the moment, accepting it for exactly what it is….yes being proposed and getting married is nice but what is all of that with a great relationship/connection.

Katarina, thank you for that journey of exploring of self, the relationship I hold with me and the stories I held to be true. Your teachings has changed me for life. I love you, you’re such a wonderful soul.”

You can now listen to her miraculous story straight from her mouth here.  The interview went so great and as I said in it she’s one of my miracle clients cause she turned everything around only within weeks! It took Mikaila almost 2 years to get to that point (not saying that she’s less of a miracle) but the speed was kinda incredible to me even though perhaps it’s not typical.

MORE: Still In Doubt About The Power of Rotation?  Listen To This Hit Class And Turn Your Situasionship Around.

Have you read my book yet?  If not grab it here because you will learn so much about a lot of things that haven’t worked for you in your love life and how to fix them.  And sign up for my upcoming new cycles of Journey Inward and Leaning Back workshop (Mia is signing up as well so you can learn from her direct).

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