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Don’t miss my first teleclass ever next Thursday, June 13 at 5 p.m PST (mark this on your calendar) on “What Is Convenience Relationship And How Not To Fall Into This Trap.”

I’ll be interviewing my boyfriend Joe who was once in this kind of arrangement himself (convenient to him, that was).  He’ll share how women often are the chasers and hung onto a relationship way pass its expiry date that even when he wanted a breakup she didn’t agree nor believe him (remember, Seinfeld episode in which George was trying to break up with his gf, the gal said “No you don’t”?  It was pretty much the same thing.

It’s FREE and tell all your friends about this because you’re going to learn so much about the Man Whisperer’s magnetic ways to attract and keep a man.

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See you in  class, folks.


UPDATE:  Here’s the podcast.  Enjoy:

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