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The Journey Inward Audio

The Journey Inward Audio

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Katarina Phang, I am one of your clients and ardent followers..and my life has changed tremendously because of your simple concept (but must come with deep understanding of course)

It’s easy for a man to be masculine (giving, nurturing, providing, protecting) with a feminine woman (accepting, loving, inviting, caring).  It’s like yin and yang.  Yin can’t work with yin, as yang can’t work with yang without any problem.

I speak this from experience (by practicing your tools) hence the above scenario.

I need to state that being demure and accepting that Katarina Phang teaches is about being strong and resilient but with a different approach..

Feminine women also have boundaries and limits but they make their boundaries known to their men in a different way and to my own surprise, it works for me many times!  And he keeps coming back afterwards.

Feminine women would not even be attracted to just any man. They also know when and how to walk away when a relationship doesn’t serve them… but without drama.

Leaning back and mirroring won’t work for me if I haven’t done the inner work. It’s your Journey Inward program that does it for me, how our past wounds affect our choice in men and how we view the world and it’s not even these men’s fault for being who they are because you teach us that we attract men of the same level of woundedness that we are in. Once we are healed and stop seeing other external factors as the problem, we won’t even bother to look at these men twice, everything is within us. That’s the most powerful lesson I have learnt from you and it gives me so much power because I can change ME. And this is feminine magnetism.  I don’t see myself being weak for applying this concept.  In fact, it’s the opposite.

Katarina Phang, I am your biggest fan.  I love your method because it is so easy to follow. My life has changed in just 1 month, not because of miracles happened, but I changed my approach from masculine to feminine to the same situation that was hurting me..and I am happy… and my EUM keeps saying that I am easy to be with..and easy to please so he keeps on wanting to spend time with me 24/7 even though he is tired and always motivated to keep on pleasing me. ~ Arida, Brunei

For the time being, please write me at kat@katarinaphang.com if you are interested in this product or any of my products/programs.  I will send you an invoice.  I have deactivated all my paypal links on this page.

Please read this carefully before you go on.  I have just found out that my website has redirected my sales to Chinese Paypal accounts.  You got the products but I never received the money.  That means I constantly work to help you but I never got paid.  

These thieves use many different paypal accounts.  Some of them are:

sales@katarinaphang.top (or any name using katarinaphang), prhrkmrar@hotmail.com, prjximeme@hotmail.comhyoidbckwce@hotmail.com.  And their names are Chinese names in Chinese characters or roman alphabets.

So before you proceed to purchase my ebook or any of my products/coaching services, please make sure before you click submit to check the name of the vendor.  It has to be Katarina Phang Inc AND (this is important) with the email of kat@katarinaphang.com.  If it’s only Katarina Phang Inc but the email isn’t my email it is A SCAMMER!! 

Any other name is not my account and your money will go to these thieves.  Please write me if you have any doubt so I can help you prevent further damage to my business and ability to help you.  Thank you for your kind co-operation.  I’m working on my end to secure my website but I have to do this in the meantime.

This group coaching is a hit.  One participant went though a “withdrawal” when it was over and she resigned-up for the experience.  If you don’t think you are up to experience this amazing self-improvement program alive, here’s your chance to listen to the replays of the fourth or fifth cycle for $359 only.  Or the latest cycle 6 for $559.

I say “only,” right…cause the information here will change your life forever.

And no, it’s not the generic relationship/self-improvement advice you hear or read anywhere else.  You may not have ever heard the things I teach you in this program….at least some of them.  Read the testimonials here, some of the ladies resign-up like Kimi above.

It’s an 12 or 18-hours worth of personal transformation journey separated into 6 or 9 weeks of teaching (one subject per week) you can replay over and over till everything sinks in before you move on to the next class.  You’ll become a more effective person that vibrates from a higher frequency in a month if you are truly committed to the practices that are taught in the classes.

You will also be included in all my support group on Facebook, so please add me there upon purchase.


Kat, we ALL owe you our gratefulness for showing us that WE can have the love and relationship we SO deserve just by shifting how we think, feel, allow others to treat us, making ourselves happy first.., and then love will COME TO US!! Who would have ever thought it could actually work If you just be your TRUE SELF, and love yourself enough to protect it, from men who try, and make us feel… We should just take what they say, we should settle for!!! I have a feeling Kat is going to end up with MORE people, women and men wanting to be in this group, that you may have to hire some to help you handle all your letters, comments, coaching, etc.  You my dear are one smart lady to be able to explain how we All need to redo our thinking, feelings, and habits.  We all need to change how we use our feminine magic, to get our male genie out of our bottle… And our wishes, all can come true!!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, you’ve been thru, and how we can benefit from it and have a happy healthy relationship with a great guy, once we find him!!! I’m looking SO forward to the next sessions, we can never learn too much!!! We can tell, you put your whole heart into helping others, have the relationship we deserve!!! Thank you SO much, Kat!  ~ Kimi, Michigan (resigning-up for 2nd cycle) 


Who Will Benefit From This Program:


1.  If you have just recently had a relationship breakup.  You need tools and support to move on with your life whether or not you want your ex back.  I have reunited women with their exes on the virtue of moving on.  So if you still want that possibility you need to learn how to let go and move on.  Moving on is a very attractive energy.  Like leaning back, it causes space for personal growth and reconnection.

2.  If you are currently dating one or a few men and you need the tools, support and inspiration to help you lean back and tame your anxiety.  If you don’t know how to lean back, you don’t know how to attract a man and keep the attraction alive period.

3.  If you are in a stagnant or troubled relationship in which he’s pulling away, not stepping up or not showing you the affection and efforts he used to or you fight and argue most of the time.  You need the inner shift to inspire him to become your Prince Charming again.

4.  If you are single and have been single for a while and trapped in a rut of singledom and aren’t too happy about it.  You need the program that can awaken your inner Goddess and become more magnetic to guys.

5.  If you are depressed and feeling stuck in a rut in every aspect of life: career, money, relationship.  This might be something you need before going on medications or to supplement your medications.


OMG our date was incredible. Didn’t make it out the front door without a kiss. He wanted to talk immediately when we got to dinner. He told me he was in love with me that he just panicked because things were going so fast and he was stressed over other issues in his life at the time. He asked me how I had been and I told him about my life change, doing meditation and self-care but I also told him that he had really hurt me. He didn’t really get that because in his mind it was just a break.

I told him if there had been some discussion about what we were actually doing that it would have been easier. He wants to move forward and his 5 year plan is now a 2-3 year plan lol. We are just taking it as it comes. He told me how much easier and better his life is when I am in it how much he loves me, told me all the amazing qualities I have that he loves, that I can completely trust him, how fun I am…I was just gobsmacked.

We had a great time at the concert. He told me how beautiful I am, how amazing I looked in my dress (remember the brown and white polka dot dress from Pretty Woman?). I wear dresses usually anyway, he always liked that. I am still protecting myself but was able to sit back and listen. The sex was amazingly tender and loving.

I see the 2-3 year plan shrinking but I am in no hurry. He is so proud of my business and doesn’t want to hold me back from that. He had asked me to meet him at his house to go to the concert but I said I would like him to pick me up, which he did. I am guardedly ecstatic. Guardedly. I am so busy he will have to fit into my schedule.

I did meditation daily….and checked with Kat when I wasn’t sure about something. She always responded right away. It is really difficult to get going, but with the practice your mind starts clearing and you get begin to get control of yourself. When I started I was all over the place and had absolutely no self-esteem, was so anxious I though I was going to explode…I can’t image being like that again. When I listen to myself in the first class I can’t believe what a mess I was, how weak I was and how I didn’t believe in myself. I couldn’t do anything but the fetal position in my room for days. The change is incredible. I feel great and my guy is back for good I would bet!

Bless you, Kat. Have not signed up for your leaning back workshop yet. Still on the roadmap hopefully can get to it today. Hugs and gratitude!” Jessica, California, participant of Journey Inward group coaching


Week-To-Week Program Breakdown:


Week 1: Introduction (With Interview With The Guest Star).  You will learn from those guest stars how this program changed them and their relationships for the better.

Week 2 Understanding Yourself and Clearing Your Mental/Emotional Blocks.  This week we will solely explore the nature of thoughts and emotions and how they can become your greatest alley or your greatest stumbling block.  How your fear, resentment, anger, feeling unworthy, worries, limiting beliefs, preconceived-notions, expectations and hard-dying habits prevent you from owing and unleashing your personal power and being okay with what is and not needing anything to be a certain way.  This week meditation is on mindfulness, going with the flow, allowing love to manifest in your life and becoming the creator of your reality.

Week 3: Understanding And Healing Your Childhood Wounds.   All our relationship issues stem from your unhealed wounds and we all relive the relationship we had with our parents/first care givers (especially parent of the opposite sex).  This week’s past life regression hypnosis will take you down the memory lane and uncover all your childhood wounds/traumas and heal them.  It’s a powerful session, be prepared to gain a deep insight into yourself: your fear, insecurities, prejudice, anger, dysfunctional habits in relating with men like the first cycle’s participants did.

Week 4: Healing Anger and Cultivating A Compassionate Heart.   A lot of us deal with buried anger and resentment issues.  Anger is poison to your emotional and physical health and all your relationships.  Our new ways of thinking or seeing things will help us deal with this.  It’s also fear of getting hurt that causes us to lock up and erect barriers.  You might not get hurt that way, yet you also block the flow of love in your life.  This is how you get trapped in a rut and can’t get out.  This week meditation is on anger and its antidote (compassion).

Week 5: Letting Go Of All Those Things That Hold You Back.  A lot of us can’t let go hanging onto the things we thought we lost or the things that hold us back so much, be it lost love, lost opportunities, anger, baggage, painful memories or loved ones.  We think in the “could’ve, would’ve, should’ve” mode that doesn’t help us move on.  It’s a complete illusion that doesn’t bring you peace.  This week we will crush this predisposition once and for all.  The meditation will make you see that you can’t lose the things you never had in the first place.

Week 6: Metamorphosis to Feminine Goddess and Celebrating the new you!  This week is focusing on creating a new you: the one radiating positivity, joy and attracting more abundance in every aspect of your life.  You’ve been a caterpilar and struggling all your life and this is the time you break out of your cocoon and become the most luminous beautiful butterfly.  You will love the Metamorphosis Guided Meditation that I created.  This week is all about how you can lean back into your feminine power.  Feeling it with every sense of your being that leaning back works WONDER and it makes you see your inherent worth as a woman.  This week we will explore ways to tame your anxiety that is the biggest obstacle in why women find leaning back so challenging.  Relishing being in a new, more empowered state of mind and a higher energetic frequency that attracts more of the same in a feedback loop.  This is the state of flow that makes you simply unstoppable.  You have created the momentum and you will keep going.  This week is also about how you can make sure that you don’t go back to the same unproductive old habits.  And how being a soft, secure, high-value woman is the KEY SOLUTION to all your relationship problems.  The guided meditation and Goddess Affirmations will help you go through this process.


Cycle 6 Audio (the most complete and insightful with 9 weeks/18 hours)


For payment plans click here

Cycle 4 Audio With Keisha as a guest star (The “Get-Ex-Back” Edition)

Cycle 5 Audio With Kristie as a guest star (The “Awakening” or “Marry-Ex” Edition)

Note:  Even though Cycle 4 and 5 has “ex” attached to it, it doesn’t mean it only gears toward those who what their exes back.  It doesn’t matter what your situation is what I teach works in ANY situation.

For Your Collection

(These different cycles are with a different group of people, different dynamics and different issues to address so you learn more even with the same subject) :

Cycle 1 & 2 Audio (16 hours) $399

Cycle 1-5 Audio (50 hours) $899

Cycle 4 & 5 Audio $ 599 (24 hours)

“I really just feel that I need to commend Katarina Phang on her programs and being on here to help us.

When I found her online in December, I didn’t know what to think, I was in and out of very short term dating situations that weren’t going well, I was leaning forward and didn’t understand why men were running for the hills, I thought it was so because of them and not at all to do with me. I searched for literature on what to do because clearly something was wrong.

I got her book and read it so many times, I had recently had two men give me the dead relative excuse after I told them off for not contacting me. No wonder…..

I had trouble entertaining the idea of rotation dating, I felt that it was cheating. But I knew I had to venture out of my comfort zone if things were to change. And I really tried to let go of my expectations as I really did have an agenda with dating. Every time they faded I was devastated and I still was for a while. I was taking things so personally. I was so involved with the idea of being with these men that I would literally leave work, take a couple sedatives and sleep for a day in hopes that when I woke up, they would have messaged me. Like how sad is that?! Ugh…

At first I had some miserable dating experiences as I was practicing letting go of expectations. It was hard, I admit it. Like really hard but I could see the ultimate point of it, I just had to get used to it. I posted on here about a couple of my dates and their lack of response after and over time I was less and less upset about it. I was severely hung up on a customer at work as well, and it was affecting me at work and while dating James.

I saved up to do the Cycle 4 Journey Inward replays as I knew that I still needed some extra help beyond the group and book. I was able to do that eventually and at first I was a little skeptical about whether it would help but I kept an open mind. Kat recommended the cycle 4 replays, and I wasn’t sure if it was the right one because of the subject of getting an ex back. I never wanted an ex back but the messages contained within really can apply to just about anyone. I listened to the replays and wrote out the lessons and let my mind wander until I had written pages and pages. Initially I didn’t think any of applied to me but it really did, more than I thought possible. It was an immediate release, like I had just let go of the biggest self esteem burden possible. I could breathe easier, I was crying, I felt such calm, I felt happy. The first two classes I listened to while washing dishes and floors, so there is always time to do this.

The most crucial bit was the part about identifying and labeling. Once I could do that, I could let things go and that has always been my problem. I could never let things go and release. I could not accept initially that I was going to keep meeting the same guys and that it had anything to do with me at all. I realized that came from a place of lack and that although I thought I was confident, I was not. 

I relied on a guy for happiness and would worry that I would be single forever. I journaled all the lessons in cycle 4 and at the beginning I struggled to figure out how they applied to me but I just let myself release what came to mind and before I knew it, I had pages and pages of stuff written out that I had not even remembered or thought of and I was very emotional over it. That release and “eureka” moment was sudden and cathartic. Since then I have barely thought twice about if a guy is avoiding me, they don’t! I had so many men from my past appear again and many online that I practically needed a secretary! I have to beat them down with a stick. I credit Kat completely for this.

Within a few days, the energy shift was noticeable. Co workers commented, men started flirting with me, I was getting twice the amount of messages, I couldn’t keep up. Multiple exes came out of the woodwork asking me out. I went into rotation dating with a vengeance and I felt such power in my femininity and vulnerability that I became irresistible. None of my dates ever faded away after that either. I had one potential date fade and then Rudy was sort of wishy washy but I had no problems not messaging him because I was busy with Eric and Sean who both picked up the pieces.

Eric started messaging me on Tinder (yes, there are good men on Tinder!) and the rest is history. He has pursued so heavily, it’s the stuff out of movies. He even says it’s the mans job and that his own mother turned his dad down for a year before she accepted a date with him. Men will go after what they want if they want it bad enough. Eric tells me “without the personality and confidence it’s only steak without the sizzle” and it’s true.

I was dedicated to doing the inner work and being grateful for the advice on here. The one time I went against advice, it blew up in my face. So ladies, please know that when we respond, we have been there, done that and bought the t shirt.

I totally credit Kat for this transformation of mine. I never imagined being at this place mentally and being able to put my phone away and being happy and optimistic about life and the future. When I changed my profile picture, there were multiple comments about looking happy, which is a big change from the “looks like someone died” look I used to have.

So thank u Kat for responding to my posts, from the ridiculously pathetic ones up until now .” Jenna, Vancouver