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You Are In Despair And Have Nowhere To Go To Talk About Your Relationship Problems???  Now You can Find A Safe Place To Process And Find Enduring Solutions To Your Issues With The Help Of Some Experts In The Fields Of Dating/Relationship And Personal Transformation 

My private group is one of the most vibrant and hyperactive discussion groups on Facebook.  It is part of the support system for my coaching clients and readers of my book.  Because I have so many requests from ladies to want to be included in the group, I now offer the lifetime membership of the group separate from my book purchase for $40 (This price will be increased to $99 soon and if demand is high as it is now it might also become a recurring monthly membership).  And if you are a man, this group will also work for you if you want to learn more about women.

What can you expect from spending your hard-earned $40?

1.  You will talk personally and PRIVATELY with me and a few other male/female coaches in the business as well as other BRIGHT male/female members who will be more than eager provide you all ears to your relationship problems and provide compassionate solutions to them.  If you are in doubt of what to do with your partner, you definitely should come here first for advice.

2.  You will learn from other members about emotionally unavailable men, how to avoid or deal with them.  You will also know what to do in case you face the same issues in the future in your relationship.

3.  It’s a therapeutic place for your heartbreak, emotional pain and relationship discontentment so you won’t bring them too much into your relationship by processing them with the help of our wise members.  If you currently have just broken up with your beloved, this is the place for you to help you heal and even try to attract him/her back.  This  moral/emotional support is INVALUABLE because I know how much I need to talk to an expert who can give me a detached objective advice of my situation when I was going through that phase after my breakup.

4.  There is no subject that is too much of a taboo so you will learn so much about ANY relationship issue.  This will equip you with necessary knowledge for your current and future relationships.

5.  Believe it or not, it’s also a fun place in which members share about EVERYTHING, laugh and enjoy the company -if only virtually- of some most entertaining characters on FB.

6.  I also share my personal experience and relationship challenges.  I have a great relationship with a great man, but just like any other relationship 5% of the time there are glitches we need to iron out.  And I explain further the points and tools in my book that you might need elaboration and real-life examples of.

Click the button below to proceed (before the price increase to $99):


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Please add and contact me through Facebook when you are done showing receipt of your purchase and I will add you to the group and you’re ready to go.

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