Imagine Being So Totally Confident With Him Wooing And Courting You. Imagine A Passionate Relationship In Which You Never Have To Guess About How He Feels About You. And Discover Why The Man You Love Isn’t Fully Committing Or Shy Away From Labeling Your Relationship Even Though He’s Into You Or Said He Loved You… And The One Secret That Reaches Even The Most Distant Man’s Heart!

YES,You Will Learn The Emotional Hot Buttons To A Man’s Heart That Even Himself Might Not Be Aware Of. The Principles In This Unique Ebook Will Make You Such An Irresistible Goddess That You Will Have A Hard Time Choosing One Out Of Many Attractive Guys Who Are Competing For Your Love And Affection.

Ladies, are you tired being strung along in a label-less relationship because he’s not ready or is not sure if he ever wants to be in relationship? You can’t get out either because you are emotionally hooked on him? Do you miss and crave his presence all the time you end up chasing him…and AWAY? Or are you getting nauseated that every time you meet a new guy he says he doesn’t want a relationship yet he keeps coming back and pursuing you?

Are you left so confused and vulnerable by him blowing hot and cold and giving you all sorts of conflicting messages? Does he display signs of emotional unavailability that drives you absolutely nuts? Do you feel that everything is on his terms and the more you want to be with him, the less and less you hear from him and the farther and farther away he’s pulling away?

Do you know what makes or how to make an emotionally unavailable man fall deeply in love if there is such thing?

If so, you are not alone! Millions of women face the same predicament every day and they are wasting precious time and energy pining for a guy who may never commit to them. It is painful and humiliating.

Every day I deal with women with the same issues, over and over again. They email me privately or ask questions on my Facebook Wall and heated discussions on the subject will start to ensue. Personally, I’m dealing with the same situations myself from time to time.


(UPDATE: It’s been over a year since I first published this ground-breaking ebook. I have talked and helped so many women ever since and I hear RESULTS every single day. The book has been recently updated and expanded with new material so I can share many of the experiences that my clients/readers report back to me. I’m planning to keep updating it and adding new bonuses. If you buy now you will be grandfathered with the current price of $47. After further update and more bonuses added, it will be sold at $67 (still a very reasonable price for the rare kind of CUTTING-EDGE advice you won’t hear anywhere else). So COMMIT NOW and turn your relationship around. And please don’t tell me the ebook is only 96 pages after you purchase it because the bonuses and the ongoing support in my private groups are parts of the program. If you want 200+ pages of JUNK ADVICE, you can get it anywhere else. It’s not about the number of the pages that can easily be propped with fillers, it’s either the advice works or not. And mine totally works like a charm.)


In fact I was a man chaser many years ago. I was young and naive. I thought I could control a man’s interest by showing him how assertive I was by relentlessly chasing him! I could never attract a masculine man with my aggressiveness, no matter how much initial attraction he had for me in the beginning. I always managed to turn him off.

I even managed to really humiliate myself one day when I was stranded in a foreign country for a week because I was so impatient and wanting to be in control of the courting (instead letting the guy do that) I practically invited myself to go there to visit him.

He made a convenient excuse as soon as I arrived that he couldn’t see me right away because he was engaged in “a very important and emergency matter” somewhere “up north.” I was in limbo for the whole week waiting around and kept checking my emails expecting a word from him. We did meet and two hours later he disappeared again into thin air.

Sounds eerily familiar to you now, doesn’t it?

Truth is men don’t like to be controlled or chased. It’s a total TURN OFF, no matter how gorgeous and sexy you are. They will like it for about five minutes before slowly but surely pulling away. If you have been in that situation more times than you care to remember, you have to keep reading because your life will never be the same again after you listen to what I’m going to tell you!

Then one day -through much soul-searching, trial and tribulation- I just figured out what really works in triggering intense attraction in men. One day I deciphered the one key I need that unlocks the secret to a man’s HEART. This is WHY I could never be with a guy I was truly attracted to: the masculine-energy type.

This book is a culmination of all my reflection, work and personal journey with men that have been brewing for years and years, especially after my extremely excruciating split from my ex husband. It’s time to share all I know with all of you, lovely ladies!

Imagine how much time and heartache you will save by knowing all these things at a very young age if you are still in your 20′s or younger! The title might indicate emotionally unavailable men (EUM) as the main target, but the principles in this book WORK WITH ANY MAN. If you can deal with EUM, you can deal with ANY man.

This is the ultimate guide to dating emotionally unavailable men and how to turn that around to your advantage. Hence, this is in fact the ultimate guide to dating for modern women period.

Image 6In fact, my boyfriend whom I met right after I published this book (it’s surprising how the universe works, right?) is so emotionally available and we have been having the most functional and most fulfilling relationship of our lives. He tells me everyday how much he loves me and how much I mean to him. He’s EVERYTHING I want in a man and vice versa. It takes one to know one.

That’s what the full understanding of key principles to attraction as propagated in this program will prepare and bring you as well. And I call this a PROGRAM because your journey won’t end when you read the last page of the book. I’ll be by your side and personally guide you through emails as well as my exciting private groups. You won’t find the same ongoing after-sale service with any other program out there. I am COMMITTED to your personal growth.

And only when you have truly GROWN as a person, you can truly be happy in a relationship and you will attract the SAME QUALITY of men as well because you will be STRONG, SMART and CONFIDENT enough to walk away from any man and a relationship that doesn’t serve you. No more pining. No more prolonged suffering and heartbreak. Instead he’ll be the one who YEARNS to be with you because you are a HIGH-VALUE WOMAN that any man seeks for commitment.

When I first met my boyfriend I knew early that he would fall for me so deeply. After my emotionally unavailable man (EUM), I just was at the point that I knew any guy who found me attractive would be so hooked on me. That’s why he rushed to claim me because he knew if he didn’t some other guy would. And it’s not because of my looks. It’s my character and personality. It’s because I’m emotionally free and not needing anyone to complete me. I don’t need any man to be other than himself. Intuitively I knew what worked with men thanks to my EUM. As I said, if you can deal with EUM, you can deal with ANY man. Any man after him will be easy. I now have this one-million dollar secret for women everywhere in the world. So again, don’t run away from these men. School yourself…just like I did and stick to the principles I teach in the book. You won’t hear this from any other coach but my method is proven. It works like magic.

I hadn’t even officially launched it when a few women who were my loyal fans were already signing up to read my book. And they all reported something positive just instantly with their men.

Their men began to chase them again.

If you see the pictures below, The women who come to me are mostly very attractive women. If you think about it, how can men shun them, right? It shows that men are very forgiving about looks. It’s not your looks that makes them hooked on you. It’s your feminine essence, inner beauty and the energy that you brings out. Raise your energetic frequency and you will attract any man you like (so long he finds you physically attractive).

This book will reveal the secret how a man connects to you emotionally. Emotional attraction is about triggering a man’s masculinity. And you can only do that when you are strong in your femininity as well.

1487366_10201492951751314_266610171_nENGAGED 5 Months after a breakup, Thanksgiving 11/28/2013…Married 12/21/2013!!!

Ok, I had just broken up with my bf for the 2nd time in a year and half when I came across Kat’s book. I bought the book and it was as though Kat had written this book after watching his and my relationship. I realized all the things I had done that actually pushed him away when I was trying to pull him closer.

The number one thing and pretty much combines all other things in a nutshell was my expectations of him and how I thought the relationship should be once we had moved to that level. Although I was never the one to initiate any serious talk or moving our relationship further at any time in our courtship. He was quick to “claim” me and move the relationship to the next level. However I was just as quick to move my “expectations” to the next level. When he didn’t meet them I was quick to let him know this. And I basically pushed him away.

We continued to have contact for the next 4 months. And I began to practice Kat’s teaching. It wasn’t always easy, sometimes I would revert back to my old ways, but I just kept on trying. I really began to focus on myself and less on him. I got a new job which kept me very busy, joined a gym and starting making goals for myself and my future.

I completely leaned back (which was easy since I was so engulfed in my own life). I mirrored him the way Kat teaches when he did reach out to me. He kept coming around. I didn’t date others at first, although he was, I just wasn’t interested. I had to force myself to date others after a while.

Although they were few and casual I did start forcing myself back out into the dating world. I actually had to turn him down a time or 2 because I already had plans. This was not something he was used to and it really stirred him. This didn’t last long before he stepped back up to claim me.

I didn’t give in at first. I kept my distance but enjoyed the attention he was showering on me. But I didn’t give in completely until he proved that he was serious. Once he said he was going to move back in I stopped dating others.

Then I joined Kat’s journey inward class. Because even though I had mastered the leaning back and mirroring, I had really pushed down my feminine side, and I didn’t even realize it. So now I am learning to cultivate my feminine side.

All his friends and family tell me they have never seen him so happy. He kept mentioning marriage but never actually proposed and I never said anything when he would talk about it. I just smiled or kissed or hugged him.

His parents came in town this past week and his mom had a ring that she wanted to give me. I was truly speechless, I really didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything I just looked at it. Later when they left I put the ring on his dresser. He teased me that I couldn’t have an engagement ring if I hadn’t been proposed to.

Then he pulled me in his arms and said “Marry me, I want you to be my wife, I want you to be Mrs. Warner”, and I said yes. Of course. Turns out they had planned this all along and he was waiting for this ring to propose to me. Sooooo that’s my story.

He just walked in the room and said, “When are you going to marry me, how long are you going to make me wait?” So I guess I need to go give him some attention. Thanks Kat, I will never stop reading your material and working on myself.” ~ Kristie Graham, Louisiana

Newport TripShared on 1/28/2014

Kellie is one of my most committed clients.  After breaking up for a second time within a year and her doing my programs the last 7 months, they got back together the end of January and their relationship is stronger than ever.

“Tonight: he laid right back to where we left of finally.  He said it.  I love you.  In the most sincerest way. How about that……. you want nothing.  You get everything.

Lol.  I can’t believe it.  It took all year long. But so far it’s a night and day change.

I now support his hobbies. He does all this high end desert racing I had zero interest in. It’s very expensive and I would make comments. He was very defensive about it. That pissed him off. Now, I encourage it. It makes him happy. He asked my opinion about this race in Mexico he was considering. Told me the cost. I replied he should do it. That was a good opportunity someone offered him to use their car. And the price wasn’t bad. He was in an accident in this same race last summer.  Very bad.  So I hated it. But, he’s going to do it anyway. So, just go with the flow. 

And you should see how he dives right into it with this honey. OMG. It’s like math as you said, 2 plus 2 equals 4.

I swear I wish you could have seen his face. He was in SHOCK. I had to tell him I was serious when I said “this is a good opportunity”” ~Kellie, New York

1597441_10203231701096008_986645844_oAs shared on 2/10/2014

“Hi Kat, I just came back from a fantastic weekend getaway with my new man. Every moment was wonderful. He was very loving and attentive, concerned about meeting my every need and desire, making sure I had a fantastic time and I did. It’s hard to believe that we met only a short time ago and that he has already claimed me. Only two short months ago it felt like I would never meet anyone I could have such a deep connection with, but I see now that all the hard work I have been doing has paid off.

I discovered your ebook back in October, after breaking up with my EUM. I was devastated by the end of that relationship and wanted to know how I could get him back. More importantly, I recognized that a pattern was playing out in my love life and knew I needed to change it. I couldn’t understand why I kept dating the same guy wearing different pants. Reading your book made me see the relationship with my EUM very clearly, especially my role in its demise. I had read David Deida but never understood how masculine-feminine energy dynamics were playing out in my relationships specifically. I thought I was such a feminine woman because I wore high heels to take out the garbage. I saw myself as accepting, warm and receptive, yet I had no idea how much I was leaning forward with my anxious energy, my mothering and smothering, my over giving and overall over-functioning in the relationship.

Your group first introduced me to the concept of raising your frequency, and that you basically attract what you are. I’d had no idea that the reason I kept dating these emotionally unavailable guys and had even been married to one was because I had this characteristic in myself. Just this simple recognition was enough for me to start making profound changes within myself.

I won’t lie–I worked really hard. I spent a couple hours every day on the process and the various exercises and learnings that went along with it. I took the Journey Inward and Leaning Back workshops, which were invaluable steps on my journey–especially Leaning Back, as it showed me exactly what actions I could take to turn things around.

I recall that in one of the classes you referred to me as one of your most committed students and I believe I was. I knew I had to change but also recognized that if I changed my behavior superficially the results would not be long lasting. I had read a lot of self help and relationship books in my life, but nothing ever worked for me until I started doing deep inner work.

Between October and December I cried every day, but I kept working on myself even when my mind seemed stuck in the same obsessions about my EUM. I knew I had to keep going.

I tried to get out there and date but no one remotely suitable was showing up. Most of the men who were messaging me were at least twenty years younger, looking to hook up–which I wasn’t into. I kept working while staying open to opportunities at the same time; I just didn’t go looking for them. One night I checked my online profile and there was a message from a man that really grabbed my attention. I felt this little pop while I read his profile. It was as if he had written it especially for me. We met a few days later and the connection was instantaneous.

Ever since my divorce from a controlling, domineering alpha male, I have been attracted to guys who are more of a sensitive artist type, or who work in helping professions like counseling or teaching. They are givers and pleasers, and have made it easy for me to step in and try to drive the bus. Now that I’m much more grounded in my feminine energy, I have been able to lean back and let my new man do all the planning and executing, without my trying to do his job for him. It’s been so liberating and I feel very feminine and cared for in his presence.

This man is the most emotionally available man I have ever known, and I know he is in my life now because I am more emotionally available now as well. I recognized what was causing me pain in my life and began healing it. The old me would have run for the hills when he started expressing his feelings or tried to claim me so fast–I would have thought him as needy and clingy. He’s not, he just really likes me and let’s me know. Being with him has made me feel cherished and adored for the first time in my life and to see that I deserved more than what my EUM was giving me.

It’s early in my relationship, so who knows how it’s all going to turn out, but I am confident if that this man isn’t the one, someone even better will come along. I’m no longer the crumb grabber, dependent on approval from a man to make me feel whole. I have everything I need within me to attract a great guy and keep him investing in me. Thanks Kat, for your great group and the support you give your clients to become their best feminine selves.” ~Daisy, Vancouver


As shared in the ladies group, 12/27/2013

“Hey ladies, I am so happy… He messaged me and said he can’t live without me anymore. He loves me a lot and said sorry for what he had done. I am so happy we are together again but it can’t be possible without you Katarina and all the group members. Thank you so much for helping me out.” ~Salma, India






1556278_10203448399276617_1926107940_oShared 1/14/2014

“Michael made this comment on Facebook the other day

“That woman, Paula is something I’ve never experienced!! Best girl ever!”

While we have known each other 30 years and growing friendship to be best friends the last 5 or 6, I never considered him romantically. I think he may have considered me for a little fun though. 

I truly believe that is due largely to Katarina Phang and her guidance and teachings along with all the amazing woman (and few men) in this group that guided me to change to the best girl ever!!!

Thank you everyone for your support, advice and guidance, not to mention putting up with and reading all my never-ending posts!!

Much love and peace to you all!

Paula, Newport Beach”


As shared on 1/25/2014

“Guess who just got claimed!! My EUM and I went on a date last night and he told me he wanted me to be his girlfriend, to be “his” only and no guy can get near me. He asked if I had been on dates since we started dating and I told him yes. He was really jealous asking if I got physical with them.

He said he’s crazy about me and will never let me go, that me being busy and not around as often as I was caused him to get scared he might lose me.  We were incredibly open with each other about what we wanted out of life with no pressure on him but given the age difference I told him I would eventually wanna get married and have kids.

I said he’s free to do what he wants but that I didn’t wanna get hurt if we didn’t have the same intentions in mind given he has already had kids whereas I haven’t.I told him I didn’t wanna hurt him intentionally or not and I don’t wanna end up hurt so that’s why I wanna start the relationship without any assumptions or expectations. He said he still wants all those things and that he wants me to be his “forever”.

We had a very sweet and affectionate night and I’m so happy we were both finally able to get these things off our chest and realize we both want the same things in life and within a relationship.

He said he’s never felt so supported and accepted with anyone else but that it took him awhile to step up because he was worried about me and what people would say about the age difference and also fear of getting rejected by me down the road given i’m much younger. He could hardly let me go at the end of the night.

And now I am officially off the market thanks to Kat’s teachings. I couldn’t have gotten here without all of you wonderful ladies advising me along. Thanks so much! I plan on sticking around and continue learning with everyone here;))” ~Sheryl, California

1500780_1433627813537173_1065996237_oShared 12/31/2013

“Here’s my update: I’m off the market. =] Yes, I’m in a relationship and best of all, I was the one “caught”. 

Thank you Kat for everything you taught me but most of all, thank you for placing a mirror in front of myself that allowed me to see just how beautiful and worthy I am.

The man that I’m with is very masculine and quite the alpha. He can pick me up with one arm and finds my quirks adorable. He looks after me. I feel protected and cared for. It’s an amazing feeling. 

So all you ladies, please join Kat’s programs and truly listen to what she has to say. There is a great healing that takes place.

Kat, if I could hug you, I would. 

All my love,


Update: 1/10/2014

“Status Update? He asked me to move in with him. =]  He’s a very masculine man who knows what he wants and goes after it. 

I said yes however, we both agreed that I’m going to slowly move in. He said this was the first time he’s ever done this so it’s a little foreign to him.

Him: “You know, I’ve never had a woman sleep over. I wasn’t too big on cuddling. It was more about sex. But with you… I don’t know. I really like waking up next to you.” *

His place looks like a bachelor’s pad. Go figure!

And a major part of my thanks goes to you. Oh gosh Kat — I showed him some of your recent posts and he was intrigued/ he really liked them! He agreed completely about the whole not forcing a man to commit. 

Him: “That’s true. A man wants to feel like HE picked the girl.”

He literally said to me: “I want to take care of you.” 

And he does. 

He still lets me have my independence and freedom (and I do the same) it’s a mutual respect, trust, and communication thing we have going on here. Speaking of which, he really liked your post on trust. 

Being a masculine man, talking about relationships isn’t his cup of tea but because it’s so important to me — he even gives male insight to my girl friends and their relationships.”

1381796_10201130630965318_344861713_nChristine moved to NZ to be with a guy who turned out to be not ready for anything serious. Here’s her recent story after practicing my method, as shared in the ladies group at 12/7/2013: “Ladies, so many things happening lately! I got caught between a rock and a hard place, and ended up having to move in with my ex again because I had no place to go. The first couple days I moved in with him, he started making references like I was his girlfriend, and it left like we were headed somewhere….but nothing was said. I still had to assume that he didn’t want to be in a relationship and so I didn’t bring up any conversation with him and was just trying to stay present. But then he started to pull away and I got frustrated with his mixed message. So I started to pull back from him.

I started to avoid his affection more and one night he even found out that I went out with another guy while he was at work. The guy was very nice and we had a good date. He wants to see me again, and couldn’t bare not kiss me at the end of the date.

I got home and Tyler saw how I was dressed and asked if there was anything he needed to worry about with this guy. He asked me to watch a movie with him, his hand on my leg…and eventually we were starring at each other. He asked me what I was thinking and eventually we were pulled into conversation.

He said he realized I had been pulling away the last couple of days and he wanted it to stop. He also said that he recognized the energy of wanting to know where our relationship stood has come up, but he just thought it would be nice to let it flow naturally.

We talked about so much that night, it ended pretty sensitive because along with him telling me he wants me and loves me, he also wants the freedom to have sexual experiences with anyone and not be cut off from anything – it makes him feel less free. He has sort of a rampant sexuality that he’s trying to understand and get a hold of, including bi sexuality. Anyway, I was being accepting. But I was so crushed realizing that I needed to let go of him, get out of this house, and figure out my next move in life because that doesn’t work for me.

I realized all the reasons why I wouldn’t want to be with a man who didn’t want all of my magnificence. I deserved so much better than that.

He took me to breakfast this morning and as we sat down, he said “Our relationship has been a hot topic for everyone lately.” He mentioned he noticed the attitudes in his friends changing towards him, some of them in frustration about his behavior with me. I ended up basically telling him that my desire for him was starting to die. I told him what I deserved. I also told him my frustrations and relatively negative opinions of his behavior in the most kind way I could.

I told him if he is willing to give up our love for the chance of a random fuck than he’s not the person I thought he was, and I needed to redefine my idea of him if that’s who he is. I deserve to be claimed by someone who wants all of me, and I do not want an open relationship. He mentioned that he was hurt because he was trying to open up to me and redefine a new relationship once I moved into the house – he just wanted it to progress naturally and didn’t want to have to talk about it…but then I went out with another guy and he didn’t know what to make of all of it.

I told him that I broke down yesterday because of the decision I potentially had to make. I expressed how torn I was because he is my family here, including all of his friends…and how we’ve been all becoming closer since I moved back in this week. I said I don’t want to be anywhere else but with family here, it feels too lonely any other way. I’ve been living away from them for months and it’s not the experience I want. I expressed the pain I was having in being torn between going home – or staying – and how if I was going to stay it likely meant I had to move away from him and all of this support.

Somewhere mid conversation, he had a huge smile and asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. He said you don’t have to answer now, and I didn’t. But a bit later, he said “So what do you think, do you want to be my girlfriend? You always were my girlfriend, we just had to take some time to figure some things out.” I ended up saying yes I feel hopeful, and grateful for this creation of mine.

Thank you Universe and Kat. I must admit though, there is still a slight residue of fear in the air for both of us just because it’s a total new angle we are taking. We both know we don’t want to make the same mistakes. He wants to learn to trust that his love will be received and not shoved in his face. He wants to trust he’ll be respected and seen, and wants to lead. And I want to trust that he can lead, that he won’t want to run off in mind fantasies with someone else.

He mentioned he needed to figure out something to do about his sexual urges. He has been open about them with me, which makes me feel more comfortable than keeping it a secret. He also said that most of the urges he had when we were together we mostly fueled by his unfulfillment in our relationship. Most of all, I want to trust in myself that I can nurture myself even if I get triggered and show up for him and myself happily.

I’m hoping that as I stay in alignment with my feminine essence and cultivate a happy, relaxed relationship his urges will decrease. Does anyone have experience with something like this? Does anyone have some words of encouragement as I open my arms to this new relationship? I really want to make it magic this time.” ~Christine, Auckland

10/9/2013, as shared in the ladies group:

“Hi ladies: update on my situation. So he filed his divorce. He said” I love you and need you to be patient with me through divorce process, I’m not letting you go, you’re mine and I will not tolerate you seeing other men”

He stayed the night holding me and kissing me all night and he’s taking me to the airport this week.

His wife wanted a divorce too, they’ve been done for couple of years now, just dragging it you know.

He’s in love with me I know but this is a tough road being patient for him to finalize the divorce. Now he said he has to look for a place and move out by the end of this year. Amicable divorce both parties wanted it long time ago.

But thanks for your advise, opening up to him and telling him my fears and concerns by being vulnerable helped. Thank you!

I asked him what made him fall in love and he said “I just enjoyed my time with you, you had no agenda like most other women, you were always in the moment just going with the flow, no expectation, never pressured me with anything” so I was exactly how you teach women to be and that’s what made him fall in love.

I was like that because I wasn’t really taking this relationship seriously so I was totally laid back and he was pursuing all the time.

Except the last couple of months I started complaining and having expectations and giving him a hard time but he was already attached by then.

So I believe what you teach works!” ~ Marianne, Los Angeles


We have just finished the Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique Workshop when that news arrived. Katarina’s ladies are being told all the time how different they are from other women. That’s why men are stepping up or committing effortlessly, when they see that they can’t afford to lose a RARE woman like that. And I teach on how to become that woman. My method works like a charm ’cause I understand what moves both men and women on the most fundamental level. It’s psychologically savvy.


10/8/2013, as shared in the ladies group:

“Update: My EUM and I had a nice weekend cooking for friends and had a great time. Tonight I came home and he was outside with one of his good friends. After his friend leaves he tells me had a good time with me this weekend and tells me he has fun with me now. I asked him what’s changed and he replies he’s not sure but I seem less up tight and more open. He asks me what are we doing here and asked if I wanted to give it a try again. I said sure lets try and if it doesn’t work . . . He interrupts me and says no it’s gotta work. He tells me he asked all his friends including the one that was over to ask them what they thought and they all agreed he was a better man with me in his life. I was smiling on the inside as I realized the quick shift doing the inner work Katarina teaches made in this relationship. Tonight he’s in bed with me and not the couch. :)

He’s my ex, well was my ex. We have two children and we have been together off and on for 12 years. We had a terrible break up over a year and a half ago. He was staying on my couch platonically for the past two months and convinced himself we were done..LOL.

He lost his well paying job at the same moment I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd child. He turned towards the bottle I turned super critical and emasculating. I moved out of our shared home and we spent a year apart.

I love him and I’m enjoying each day as it unfolds the less expectations and pressure I bring to the situation the easier and happier he and I become. Let me tell you if Katarina method works on him it will work on any man. Lol! ~ Tracy, Arizona


Tracy is also a participant of my hit very affordable group coaching Journey Inward: The First Defining Steps Toward Feminine Magnetism, which I highly recommend after you familiarize yourself with my method.


From Natalie, 7/10/2013

“Omg! Kat! I just want to hug you right now!!! My EUM actually CALLED, which never happened before, and told me he’s purposely was not giving my watch back so he could see me again! And he asked if I want to go to Dave & Busters on Saturday! Whaaaat??? That’s just soooo unbelievable…..!

You are not only a man whisperer, you are women’s brain changer! Yep. You can put that on your timeline! Lol”



“Hi Kat! I just signed up for your program. I am your fan for life, and want to know more. You have no idea how many books on relationships I’ve read in the past year, and nothing seemed to be working! After purchasing your book, and seeing results right away, not signing up for your program would be dumb! LOL. I just got a text message from my EUM “YOU ARE AMAZING!” Dang, of course I am. ; )

Remember how he was all jerk about my watch? You were right! He got the kick! When he called, he said, “You can can have any man you want in a heartbeat, but right now I AM talking to you. Am I special?” Seriously, this kind of conversation is out of this world! HE asks me if he is special to me. AND I was the one chasing him!

I said, “Of course you are special and unique, but let’s not put any labels.” And then he said, ”I just miss you so much!”

Crazy, huh???

He just sent me text you are so sexy! What should I say? Thank you? Lol?” ~Natalie, Arizona



UPDATE on Natalie, 9/27/2013:

I woke up to a message from Natalie to check her wall. And sure enough she is now in relationship. A week or so ago she still asked advice on some of the other guys in her rotation, according her EUM. She joined my Journey Inward group coaching and Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique workshop (still ongoing), during which time she has transformed herself to become such a high-value woman she had problems with men going gaga on her, including -again- her EUM. Finally the right man stepped up and claimed her. There was “no talk,” no ultimatum, no timeline, none of that traditional junk advice. She doesn’t stay single for long because a woman like her is RARE. That’s how my method works like a charm. It shifts your energy and makes any woman UTTERLY irresistible.

She said, “Thank you, Kat! You taught me so much not just about relationships, but about myself. All we really need to do is stop chasing pavements, use a little patience, and the right one will come and be right there for you. I didn’t ask to change FB status, HE did! And he was proud to announce that. He wants to show me to the whole wide world that I’m HIS woman.”


comp (3)

9/26/2013, as shared in the ladies group:

“I’m still leaning back from everyone (my EUM and other men I’ve been getting to know) and putting all of my energy into making myself full (spiritually and emotionally). After a long day at work yesterday, I fell asleep super early. When I woke up this morning I had a crap load of missed calls and texts. Six of the missed calls were from my EUM. The others were from other men I’ve been getting to know. Of course I was most happy about the calls from my EUM. It hasn’t been like him to call so many times back to back like that, and the fact that he did let me know his state of mind. But I had to remind myself to not get too excited and over-eager.

I’ve been SUPER aggressive with my EUM in the past so I had to remember to play it cool. When I returned his calls this morning, he wanted to know my schedule for today. I let him know that I had things going on – cocktail party later at a country club and also linking up with a friend visiting from out of town. He asked me to call him later today and I said I would. Still debating if I should or just wait for him to lean forward again. It’s not so much about playing games, but just me making sure that I continue to put myself first and not expend my energy trying to control things. This is definitely a bit of a tricky time for me, but I think leaning back is the smartest thing to do! This is definitely a training ground for me.

I didn’t have to call EUM yesterday. He called me. I didn’t question him on his intentions because as I said earlier, I think that would be leaning forward, which I won’t do anymore. I just talked about how much fun I had at my cocktail party. He brought up the conversation about us on his own. He wants me to be his woman again.

I teasingly (though I was serious) said, “If you want me back you are going to have to earn fed my shoulders and forehead until we fell asleep. Just Divine.” ~Michele, Phoenix, AZ


UPDATE on Michele: She broke up with him a few weeks ago because she got tired with his continuously calling her a “friend.” Two weeks later he reached out to her and they began to see each other again. This is what she posted on 9/3/2013:

1237835_10151583038571932_955897595_n“Such a happy girl! Got to spend the day yesterday with my sweetie. He had to fly out this morning for the entire week (BOO). He told me he told his family about me and I’m meeting his brother and Dad in a few weeks when they come out. He told me that when his brother asked what I was like, he told him I had an incredible personality, was really funny and we got along great. He said, “I purposely didn’t tell them how beautiful you are because I want their jaw to hit the floor when we walk in.” And yes….he is officially calling me his girlfriend now. Can’t stop smiling… :)”

And here’s is from Roxanne, on 7/10/2013:

“I discovered yesterday that I have a boyfriend! A guy who I’ve been on a few dates with (yesterday was date no. 3) said at dinner yesterday that he’s not had a girlfriend 7 year youngers before (he’s 41 in August) and that I’m the cutest girlfriend that he’s ever had. So I guess that makes me his girlfriend! :) Its funny because I had leant back without realising as I’ve been focusing on my dance comp but he’s been pursuing me a lot. He emails and texts me everyday and actually prefers speaking on the phone. I do also want to thank Hillary for posting something the other day in Kat’s other group that made me think as I almost turned this guy down. Hilary said that we need to readjust our egos if we keep thinking we’re better than the guy who likes us. When this guy kept chasing me at first I felt a bit so so but I thought I should go with it and he’s actually a really nice guy. :) Funny thing is that because I’m super busy at the moment, all of my other stuff has preoccupied me which means that I’m not obsessing about him. I guess this is giving him the space to do his thing.” ~Roxanne, London

From Shania, 9/27/2013:

Well, I’m now officially in a blossoming relationship with Camera Shop guy I believe his hesitation was that he was working his feelings through. He mentioned to me last night on our date that he likes to take things slowly because he doesn’t want to invest in someone until he feels that they’re worth investing in. I think he’s curious to see how the age difference will work out (he’s 15 years older) but he’s definitely pursuing me now. He said that I fascinate him because I’m so relaxed, feminine and I make him feel comfortable so he feels that he can be himself with me. He said that he enjoys spending time in my company and that I’m also happy for him to do his thing.

I’ve been in Kat’s groups for almost a year and it’s really made a difference. Previously I would end up in situations where I wasn’t quite sure if I was properly seeing a guy. I would be walking on eggshells and would be anxious about doing anything to upset the status quo and was too afraid to ask about what we were doing. Now this year, I’ve had 3 actual defined relationships. Yes 2 didn’t work out because as we got to know each other, we realised that we weren’t compatible but the difference for me is that these guys have actually wanted to have a relationship with me and they pursued me. I wasn’t left in a weird limbo land unsure of the situation. I’m slowly learning to accept that not every date will lead to a relationship and not every relationship will last but I should make the most of now.


From Evie, 7/13/2013:

995709_10151437867495826_754198620_n“I was originally a goal-oriented person (not for career tho only act like this in a relationship) and I have gradually transformed to process-oriented after reading your book and all the comments you haven’t given to me and others, and I should say it really works! I know I’m not there yet and still have to work on myself more but I have to say you’re the only one that gives advice that really works!

I should say thank you! I have read a few relationship coaches books since 2 years ago and nothing works only except for your technique! Just to borrow someone else’s word – I’m your life time fan!” ~Evie, Australia


From Vivi 8/21/2013:

“I’ve signed up for your Leaning Back Workshop. I also want to thank you for your amazing method. It works wonder. I mean I bought like 5 books from many different big names in the industry, but nothing compares to your teaching. The way you put together things, word to word is magic. I did what you told me to do, and just yesterday he called me, twice in 1 hour, he comes back to his old ‘loving me’ self, and he asked me to have lunch with him today, which I didn’t answer right away, I subtly change the topic, I guess I still not sure what to do. But then 5 hours later I text him saying that I would love to have lunch with him and that I’m glad he asked me.” ~ Vivi, Indonesia


From Marina 8/20/2013:

“Different insights always came out after re-reading Kat’s book. Also being part of this group has helped me to see how powerful and vital for me to cultivate my feminine energy. My three months of leaning back experiment has been an eye opening experience for me. At first the beginning of this journey was to how to get my ex back and now it is how to embrace my feminine essence. The results are being a cool and relaxed woman. Unlike before: I would be a highly anxious, angry and masculine driven woman who wanted to demand, chase and pin for a man. Now I feel at ease with my being, open to what the universe brings, happy under my own skin and no lack. My three months journey has been an amazing one–rediscovered my creativity, reconnected my spiritual root, met amazing women from the group and finding my own feminine essence. I thought that I could not find it and in reality my femininity has always been within me. Kat just gave me the tool to tap into it. I am totally amazed by the feminine power. I feel I can thriving in this wonderful energy and loving it. This is coming from a woman who is a very logical thinker and 100% masculine energy driven woman. Wish I know that when I was in my 20s.

I found Kat a few years ago and I wasn’t even ready to hear what she was teaching. I was in my full masculine mode climbing the corporate ladder. Now I am open and ready to take in her lessons. With my ex, I was trying my best to be in my feminine mode but I felt there was a lacking from my side. After reconnecting with Kat, she gently guided me in my process of being in touch of my feminine essence. Leaning back has helped me to keep my mind sane, see my dynamic with my ex clearly, nurture myself and mitigate some other life issues.

This three months of leaning back experiment has my ex writing long emails and calling me. I just keep leaning back and mirroring him which is very unlike me. In the past, I would chase him, over-analyze and fantasize that we will work it out. Now, I just quietly observe and don’t put much thought about what he said. All are just words, noise and no action from him. In the meantime, I am discovering, experimenting and appreciating my femininity. Don’t beat yourself up just take this period of your life as your fine-tuning process!” ~ Marina, San Francisco

Oh no, don’t be surprised. Women who graduate from Katarina Phang’s School of Feminine Magnetism will get picked left and right over any other woman because they are real women who know how to act like a woman.


Hi Katarina, I got your book last night and read most of it in one sitting! It’s really great and I like how it focuses on the cup half-full approach instead of what I’m not getting. This starts to change the reader’s perspective making it more about the reader than clinging on to what the reader isn’t getting. Most dating experts tend to focus on the outcome and what the woman isn’t getting at the time. That causes a lot of anxiety for women and pressure to move the relationship along. Your approach is a better fit for me. Thank you!” ~ Jenny, New Jersey

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