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Today I share a story of a client.  She is an example of how my methods work to get your ex back and get your ex to marry you.  And all is done without the generic advice of bringing up the talk, sourpuss attitude (in the name of “boundaries”) and ultimatums.

 She consistently lures him with honey and he is trapped in that ever-flowing of honey and can’t/won’t get out.  And only a very special and emotionally intelligent woman can do that. 

Thanksgiving this year brought so much joy into my life.  Not only that my boyfriend and I got to celebrate the first anniversary of our meeting but also I got the wonderful news that my client Kristie just got engaged on the day.  She came to me after her boyfriend broke up with her in January.  In June she got him back.  Five months later, he proposed.

Here’s her beautiful and moving story shared in the ladies group that made me cry upon reading it: “Ok, I had just broken up with my bf for the 2nd time in a year and half when I came across Kat’s book. I bought the book and it was as though Kat had written this book after watching his and my relationship. I realized all the things I had done that actually pushed him away when I was trying to pull him closer.

The number one thing and pretty much combines all other things in a nutshell was my expectations of him and how I thought the relationship should be once we had moved to that level. Although I was never the one to initiate any serious talk or moving our relationship further at any time in our courtship.

He was quick to “claim” me and move the relationship to the next level. However I was just as quick to move my “expectations” to the next level. When he didn’t meet them I was quick to let him know this. And I basically pushed him away.

We continued to have contact for the next 4 months. And I began to practice Kat’s teaching. It wasn’t always easy, sometimes I would revert back to my old ways, but I just kept on trying. I really began to focus on myself and less on him. He still came and went as he pleased and he dated others while I didn’t for a few months, but I just began to focus on myself.  I got a new job which kept me very busy, joined a gym and starting making goals for myself and my future. I completely leaned back (which was easy since I was so engulfed in my own life). I mirrored him the way Kat teaches when he did reach out to me.

He kept coming around. I began to date lightly.  I didn’t date others at first, although he was, I just wasn’t interested. I had to force myself to date others after a while.  Although they were few and casual I did start forcing myself back out into the dating world. I actually had to turn him down a time or 2 because I already had plans. This was not something he was used to and it really stirred him.

I will have to admit that part was the hardest because I actually had no desire to date anyone. But I forced myself up and out and looked at it all as growing and learning thinking that my man wasn’t going to step back up and “claim” me.  But to my surprise he did. 

This didn’t last long before he stepped back up to claim me. And once he did he was more serious then I had ever seen him.  I didn’t give in at first. I kept my distance but enjoyed the attention he was showering on me. But I didn’t give in completely until he proved that he was serious. Once he said he was going to move back in I stopped dating others.   He moved back in with me and began talking marriage again, but I leaned WAY back, can’t even say I was mirroring him at this point, his actions yes, but not his talk of marriage etc

Then I joined Kat’s Journey Inward class. Because even though I had mastered the leaning back and mirroring, I had really pushed down my feminine side, and I didn’t even realize it. So now I am learning to cultivate my feminine energy.

I continued to try to focus on myself, develop my femininity and let him lead. and this isn’t easy after being single for 10 years, raising kids and running household by yourself, you tend to become a little masculine. So it was a challenge for me to soften myself and let him be the man…more and more.

All his friends and family tell me they have never seen him so happy. He kept mentioning marriage but never actually proposed and I never said anything when he would talk about it. I just smiled or kissed or hugged him.

His parents came in town this past week and his mom had a ring that she wanted to give me. I was truly speechless, I really didn’t know what to say, so I didn’t say anything I just looked at it. Later when they left I put the ring on his dresser. He teased me that I couldn’t have an engagement ring if I hadn’t been proposed to. Then he pulled me in his arms and said “Marry me, I want you to be my wife, I want you to be Mrs. Warner”, and I said yes. Of course.

Turns out they had planned this all along and he was waiting for this ring to propose to me. Sooooo that’s my story.

He just walked in the room and said, “When are you going to marry me, how long are you going to make me wait?” So I guess I need to go give him some attention. Thanks Kat, I will never stop reading your material and working on myself.”

Kristie let her man be a man and he feels like a man being with her.  She is another shining example of my most successful clients how inner work makes her an invaluable wife material in a man’s eyes.  He can’t wait to marry her.  How cool is that? Not only can you get your ex back with my methods, you can get your ex to marry you.

And all is done without the generic advice of bringing up the talk, sourpuss attitude (in the name of “boundaries”) and ultimatums.  She consistently lures him with honey and he is trapped in that ever-flowing of honey and can’t/won’t get out.  And only a very special and emotionally intelligent woman can do that. That’s how I am doing it in my personal life too.  My man can’t get enough of me.  He spoils and worships me and I treat him with utmost respect as a man.  We are both very happy.

Here are the steps that Kristie took that was consistent with my principles:
1.  Focus on what you have and what he does that makes you happy, not lack. Lack makes you antsy and upset. Those are repellent vibes. Better still, date others till he claims you.   You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.

2.  Here’s a very important point I should repeat and you should recite over and over as your mantra: he doesn’t owe you anything so let go of all those expectations, and yet nurture yourself with no apology. This is one of the most important parts of my method: take care of yourself ANYWAY you like without guilt and shame. The self-nurturing will keep you FULL and not bothered by external factors. And that’s the type of women who get the men to lap them up with love and affection. Not the nagging ones because they feel “taken for granted.”

Kristie forced herself to date others and put him in her rotation even when she really didn’t want to do it.  I can’t tell you how often I find this resistance in a lot of my clients.  They feel shame and guilt for dating others yet thanks to that they feel they’re being cheated on for not getting their expectations met by the guy they’re seeing.

3. Never put your life on hold for any man.  Never cling and always in the letting-go or moving-on mode.  Kristie didn’t wait around.  He could do whatever he liked but she was moving on with her life.  Dating others is a proclamation to herself that she was moving on.  And he could feel in her energy that she was moving on and she wasn’t going to sulk waiting for him to come around.  He had to do something if he didn’t want to lose her.

4.  Only when you are full inside, you will feel safe to surrender to your feminine essence as Kristie does.  That’s how she cultivates her feminine magnetism.  She is okay with “what is” so she can relaxed in her feminine (receptive mode).  She no longer needs to fix or direct the relationship and let it unfold organically.  Her feminine radiance is what magnetizes him and makes him want to be with her and only her.

And granted, all this isn’t easy.  It’s never easy to overcome our impulses and baggage.  It takes inner work but that’s what makes me a highly effective coach.  Only personal transformation will transform your love and life in an enduring way.  So it’s time for you now to take responsibility of healing yourself from all your issues and demons.

UPDATE:  You can now get her interview below (it’s over two hours long).

They got married on a fine Saturday morning, December 21, 2013…six months after they reunited!  She said, “This man treats me like royalty!”  Congrats, Kristie.  And my other client Kellie also just got a ring 9 months after she and her ex got back together.  Read all the get-ex-back success stories here.

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