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how to flirt with a guy over textIf you know how to flirt with a guy over text you have a great advantage in the dating world.  Your text appeal or lack of, can have an affect on if a relationship progresses or not.  Texting or rather flirty texts if done right can build attraction for a guy.

Your texting skills with guys can make you stand out.  Do you know how many women don’t know how to text guys?  Many think that to flirt with a guy over a text message is about sending sexy pictures.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

To flirt with a guy over text, it’s about being subtle, mysterious, a bit illusive, teasing him, being playful and building some anticipation.  Flirting is about giving a man just enough to to get his imagination doing the attraction work for you!

When to Flirt With Text Messages

Timing is everything!  The best time to flirt with a guy is when he is already texting you as in you are having a texting exchange already.

To just randomly send him a flirty text message screams notice me please!  It’s you putting in more effort than he is.  Women do this usually when men aren’t texting them much.  They think oh, well I will just remind him that I am alive.  Trust me, he knows you are alive.

Another risk of just shooting a flirty text out of the blue is you have no clue what he may be doing.  Men compartmentalize.  If he is at work or in a meeting he won’t be able to just switch his focus to you.

A friend of mine made this mistake not too long ago.  She sent a guy she was casually dating some sexy pics unsolicited by him by the way, just out of the blue.  She hadn’t heard from him in a couple days.  Turns out he was at a funeral.  Man oh man.  They aren’t dating anymore by the way.  He never answered her, ever.

So if you are going to flirt with a guy with text messages, make sure you are already engaged in a conversation please.

How to Flirt and Text With a Guy

How to flirt with a guy over text is about a little teasing and playfulness. While women connect on an emotional level, men tend to be more visual.  Think about the texts they send to you.  Things like hey sexy for example.

As women, we might roll our eyes at a hey sexy, but guys are a different story.  If he texts you hey sexy, answer him with “well hello handsome”.

it’s all about playful banter so use your imagination.  I went on a few dates with a guy a bit younger than me.  He called me Cougar in a text, I replied with :”Meow”.  The beauty of texting is you have time to craft your reply.

I have called another guy Rhett as in Rhett Butler in gone with the wind.  We all know he was known for his masculine qualities and what guy doesn’t want to be referred to as masculine.

If you can flirt and make him feel like a man at the same time, you got it going on.  FYI, sexy pics may turn him on.  Turned on doesn’t build lasting attraction. Making him feel good and like a man does.

Flirty Text Messages to Send to Guys

I could list a ton of flirty messages to send here, but it’s pointless really because each conversation or situation is different.  I will share with you a very powerful tip.

Use his name.  It makes it feel personal.  “oh John, you didn’t” has more of an impact that just “oh you didn’t”.  Don’t use it in every text, but do use it, especially when you are being flirty.  Ever had a man want you to scream his name in bed?  You get my point right?

In summary: 

Less is more.  Don’t over do it.  Leave him wanting more.  Don’t try to prolong a conversation.  Be fun and flirty when he texts, but don’t be overly available and start initiating flirty text messages to guys.  He already knows you are alive.

The best place in the world to get great texting ideas and learn how to be the woman that is simply irresistible to men is in Katarina’s group on Facebook.

If you are using texts to try to get a guys attention or trying to get him to like you more, you will want to get her book, He is really into you, he’s just not ready.   And you will become a part of her growing enlightened community with purchase in which you get relationship advice for all your relationship issues 24/7.




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