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how to be a feminine and high value woman

Being a feminine and high value woman is neither a ticking time bomb or a doormat.  A goddess knows when to stand up and put her foot down.

“I turned my man from EU to EA by leaning back. A year ago he was unsure about me and yearning after other women, which made me an anxious mess. Only when I TRULY gave up on trying to hold onto him did things change. He chased and chased and now he is devoted to me and constantly gives to me and makes me happy. I enjoy the moment with him and am not thinking long term. You can’t fake leaning back and being happy. You HAVE to do the inner work.

Katarina Phang proves it that if I can go from crazy to a goddess and high value woman, ANYONE can!!

When I first met him, he was crazy about me and I wasn’t that interested so he chased and it was just fun for me. We started seeing each other and I instantly became dependent on his attention and asked about exclusivity straight away.

We became exclusive but he was uncomfortable. He started yearning after women who were the fun, carefree spirits like I was before I changed. He kept initiating with me but I could tell other women were on his mind and one in particular I could tell he liked more than me but would go home with me and sulk.

Being in that situation killed me but it was the best thing that ever happened to me because then i found Kat and became a better woman, which was clearly something I had needed to do anyway.

I have the book, did a few weeks of private coaching, did one cycle of Journey Inward and one cycle of Leaning Back and Cultivating Feminine Mystique. I also bought the class ‘You Are the Powerful Creator of Your Reality‘ as a one-off class. It was mind blowing.

So, wanting to stay mysterious and goddess-like, I stayed with him and said nothing, smiling sweetly but dying inside. I never pressurized, never nagged, and never mentioned his clear attraction to other women.

However I was constantly panicking and making sure I was always everywhere he was so he wasn’t left alone with other women. It was exhausting. And with all the pain brewing inside, my energy was daaaaark. This is why you HAVE to shift your energy, you cannot fake it!!! My smile did not fool him and my energy was draining to be around.

THEN, I did a long and thorough process of inner work. You have to do this. To literally change your life and let go of all your anxiety and attachments and make yourself happy NO MATTER WHAT.

I thought in my situation it was impossible to make myself happy. All I could do was look at another woman and see everything she had that I didn’t have, and how inadequate I was. I was driving myself insane. I went deep and learned about the transient nature of life, and the most important thing, to be ok no matter what.

I had so embarrassingly jumped through hoops for this guy, trying to compete and be ‘good enough.’ Eventually I learned to simply be happy with my life and the fact that I am alive, young, attractive, healthy, free to do whatever I like.

One night when we were out and he reluctantly had his arm round me while all his attention was on someone else, I decided to leave, as i was turned off. No drama. As he followed me out and asked where I was going i just said i feel like taking off, it was so great getting to know you and spending time with you, I wish you well. I hugged him.

He chased me across town all night and said i don’t understand you but you are the only person in the world I would chase through town all night because I fucking love you. I didn’t really react. I was at the place where i was just enjoying life and getting on with it.

So after that night he kept chasing and initiating and I continued enjoying and basking in my feminine energy and happiness and allowed him to join me. I would literally lay back and enjoy my feminine radiance and he would come to me like a drug. As I stopped focusing on problems, they fell away. Then I put myself in rotation energy. That was the last piece.

We are exclusive, but as he was so lukewarm about being exclusive, I thought I am not going to pressurize myself too much on that front. If other guys are also going to be drawn to my feminine energy (which they are), then I am gonna enjoy the attention and the flirtations. So my energy is free and open and someone may put in an even better claim.

Meeting other guys who fight for your attention is essential.

Yeah, I was misunderstanding leaning back at the time, and thought I shouldn’t be feisty, I should be sweet and feminine. But I took it too far! Eventually I just had enough crap and felt turned off, I think also because my value was becoming higher from doing the inner work.

Yep thats the bit i found the hardest. Being honey but not standing for any crap.” ~Maddy, London

Maddy was one of the toughest clients I have had. She was a hot mess: very anxious and nervous and was smoking like a chimney. For weeks I tried to get through to her and tell her to embrace her feisty side cause she was so scared to rock the boat.

There are two types of women I coach: on the one hand, the majority are explosive and reactive with very hard boundaries.  On the other, there is a group of women who are the opposite, they are so concerned about being a “Goddess” at all time but they end up acting like a doormat cause they’re too scared to rock the boat. They don’t know how to use their feminine energy.

Some clients like Maddy take my advice to the far end and are forgetting to embrace the other side of the spectrum.  She was worrying all the time how she might come across to her guy and she tried so hard at all time to be her “best self” she ended up repressing everything.  She was too scared to even point out the 500 lbs pink elephant in the room cause she thought it wasn’t the right thing to do. Thus she was becoming a doormat, not a high value woman.

She would rather pretend everything was okay even when it cost her her mental sanity.  She was lost in her busy head and the cigarette smoke.

A goddess is neither a ticking time bomb or a doormat. A goddess knows when to stand up and put her foot down.

How to be a high value woman is about balance and femininity

I teach balance and being a well-rounded person which means you have to embrace every bit of you.  I’m not all saint and all feminine either.  My clients know how feisty I can be (envision your 5th grade teacher) when I need to be.

When you are soft, it doesn’t mean you have to walk on eggshells all the time or that you can’t stand up for yourself when you need to.

I don’t teach accepting abuse in any form, wittingly or unwittingly.

That’s what I teach in the shadow work of the last cycle of Journey Inward.  With my method you keep your standards high without hardening your boundaries and become a high value woman. Your boundaries remain soft and the energy that emanates from them is mesmerizing.  And this is why what I teach has been wildly successful and it’s not taught anywhere else.

If you are sick of being stuck, it’s time to invest in yourself because you’re worth it.  Delve into all my programs and see yourself transform before your own very eyes.

And of course if you hesitate to read my book, please start there right now!  It’s going to be the best investment you’ll ever make as far as your love life is concerned.  You get to work closely with me and that is a privilege cause you won’t find this offer anywhere else and my time is getting more and more limited thanks to my Midas Touch. 

So get it here:

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You will get 2 week email coaching from me or email coaching and 20 min Skype session with a small investment that makes a difference to your love life!  These prices will always increase in time cause won’t be able to accommodate everyone who comes to me for coaching.  You’re not only buying an ebook like you have been doing but you get to work with the world’s Top Fixer of any relationship issue with a solid track record to back her up.

MORE: Be A True Goddess Who Will Never Be A Doormat For Any Man With This Affordable Program

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