How To Get Him To Marry You by Melting His Heart

how to get him to marry you

Melting a man’s heart is how to get him to marry you, but how do you melt his heart?  It’s not by over giving, nagging or hinting.  That does not work.  What works is for a man to see your value.  A man will value you about as much as you value yourself.

So not only George Clooney is in a rush to marry after only dating his new squeeze Amal Alamuddin for 6 months, my client Chrissy is in Alamuddin’s seat at the moment and sees herself in a dilemma…a good one that is.  “Ok I’m freaking out. My boyfriend proposed! Great you’re thinking. What’s wrong? We’ve known each other 6 months. Four of those as an exclusive couple. Too damn soon! This from a guy I was chasing and leaning forward so much that I almost chased him away until I found this group. I suggested we revisit this the end of the year. When it’s been longer. But now I’m wondering what the heck is wrong with him to want to marry me so fast! Am I creating a problem where there’s none or am I justified in being a bit freaked out?  Most women are searching for how to get him to marry you, and here I am with a smitten man and unsure. 

I turned him down!! I said ask me to marry you again after a year. Yeah I freaked out. I just don’t want another failed marriage and it seems rushing into something so fast wouldn’t help.

And it’s not that I don’t love him very much. And this has been the easiest relationship, with the least amount of friction I’ve ever been in. I just need to see that continuing a bit longer to know 100% this has a chance of working for long term, since I really do want to minimize as much as possible the chance of another divorce. So it’s not that I don’t have the feelings, I just want to make sure no crazy comes out in the next few months. lol

The next day she updated her situation:

“Update. Called him just to talk things through. I told him I didn’t want him to think I didn’t love him or didn’t want to marry him. Basically just scared of failure again. We agreed to a longer engagement and are getting married on January 16, 2015. Nothing big just a simple trip to Reno or Vegas. Lol here’s the text I got after our talk. I’m the blue. Ignore the boring food stuff lol so guess I’m engaged now!!!!!!

I met C online on OKC about 6 months ago. He’s younger than me, so I resisted at first. Turned him down for a date a few times, which seemed to make him want to go on a date even more. He insisted it wasn’t about a booty call or fwb, but I was still super hesitant. I let him know I wasn’t into that and was eventually wanting a relationship.

So it started out with him really chasing me. Well, we started going out a few times and he was still in total chase mode. As happens, after about 6 weeks, I started liking this young guy more than I thought I would and I started leaning in big time. Which I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, it’s what I’d always done in the past when I really liked someone.

The more I started texting him and calling him and asking when I could see him, the more he pulled back. He started canceling dates, making excuses, once not even showing up and texting later with some lame ass story. This in turn caused me to lean even more in. I started the whole where is this going talk. Oh boy, everything you shouldn’t do I did. And of course he pulled away even more.

We went from seeing each other a couple nights a week to I didn’t see him at all for two weeks. I was texting first and he would respond hours later. I panicked and he withdrew even more. Common story we hear around here.

I thought it must be the age thing, because he’s younger. It can’t be because of something I’m doing. It must be him. I started googling how to keep a younger guy interested, how to save my relationship, etc. and somehow stumbled upon Kat’s site. I bought her ebook and read it that same night. And read it again the next day. I saw everything I was doing was the opposite of what she said to do.

From the ebook I got into this group, and posted some things. I almost immediately signed up for the Journey Inward program – the replay version – and after going through that realized I was making him way too much of my focus. I went back to dating others again, since we weren’t exclusive at that point.

How to get him to marry you using Katarina’s methods

I leaned way back and stopped texting, calling, asking to see him. I began focusing on my life, started making plans with girlfriends again, and began chatting with other guys besides him. After a few days, he started texting me every morning and throughout the day. I’d keep my responses sweet but short, and let him have the last word.

At that point, I was doing 100% him texting first, since I had leaned forward so far. About 2 weeks later, he asked me to just see him and I remember posting in this group his exact words about how I was his, deal with it. lol That was the big turning point.

From that point, we went to spending all of our time together. I was still letting him lead, and even to this point only initiating about 25%. Even to now, I let him lead and text first about 70 -75%. I give him his space, don’t bug him when he’s out with the boys, and when I do have my panic attacks I don’t take them out on him but post here.

When he does something I don’t like or isn’t treating me the way he should be, I just lean back a bit more. It’s harder to do when we’re together all the time, but it still can be done. I don’t bitch at him, I don’t bug him to change. He is who he is and I accept it.

This has allowed him to make changes I don’t think he would have if I nagged him about it all the time. He’s said you’re so cool. You just accept me, you don’t nag me, you don’t try to change me.

I credit Kat for her ebook, her programs, and this group so much for allowing me to chill out, focus on me, realize I don’t need to run off a lack mentality. If this doesn’t work out for some reason, I know I’ll be fine. Either on my own or with any of the plenty of other men out there who would love to be with me. But right now I’m just enjoying my man and being engaged, and for once having such a relaxed, comforting, normal, mellow drama-free relationship.” 

Chrissy is in my new program Four Components of Melting His Heart (other than all my other programs). It seems that she’s so burning hot he’s already melted beyond shape even before the program ends!

Now question is how soon is too soon to get engaged?  Is George Clooney on a rebound and having a hard time dealing with the fact that his ex Stacy Keibler married her new guy just 7 months after their breakup and is now expecting their first baby?

That’s a possibility of course but we also know that he is a serial monogamist slash eternal bachelor Don Juan who swore to never marry again because “he wasn’t good at it.”  Could it be that Alamuddin is so different to the previous exes as it is reported that she actually rejected his advances three times before saying yes to a date!

Which woman would actually turn George Clooney down?  Yup, not many and because she is so different and he has to work hard to win her over, she left an imprint in him. That is how you get him to marry you.  This is at the core of my teaching: to become a high-value woman that every other woman pales in comparison to you.  So it could simply be that he finally found the right woman after hopping from one woman to another every couple of years.  He perhaps has done his healing time and enough transitional relationships to wake up one day and tell himself: “Hey, I’m ready.”

That’s also what happens with Chrissy’s “spellbound” bf.

Personally, I don’t believe in a rushed engagement when everything still smells roses cause the in-love chemicals are still running high in our system but then again it doesn’t mean that exceptions don’t happen, especially when you are so awesome he can’t resist!

I tell Chrissy to take one day at a time and if possible even extend the engagement period.  There is no need to rush to marriage anyway.  Even if they wait another year, if their relationship is rock solid it won’t be a problem.

UPDATE from Chrissy: “Katarina, what would I ever have done without you! My relationship with C is probably the easiest, most relaxed, no-conflict one I’ve ever been in. I just go day by day, keeping feminine and open and he responds every day with making changes to keep me happy all on his own. I don’t have to say a thing when I’m upset, I don’t nag. I never realized being with someone could be this easy and that I could feel so loved and wanted without begging to get it. Thank you.

About 3 months ago I was nagging him to change his status on FB. Why? Such a stupid thing to want. Who cares? So the last month or so I realized it doesn’t matter what’s on FB. I know what we have and I trust him to know what we have. Well this week, guess who changed his status on FB. Once I didn’t care anymore and removed the expectation, it happened. Plus, why waste time being upset about something that’s really just nonsense.

I think that’s the biggest change. I’m not using him to fill up any void I might have. I’m figuring out how to fill any lack on my own. That’s not his role. I’ve never had that kind of relationship before and I’m loving it. I don’t ever wanna go back to that.”

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  • You are focused on what was not what is. He seemed keen in the beginning, yet you haven’t heard from him in a month. What is is just that, you haven’t heard from him in a month and yes, you should have been long moved on.

    He may be in touch again, and if so, next time, lean back. In the meantime, just forget about the outcome and perhaps take one of Katarina’s classes if you haven’t already.

  • Hi Katarina,

    I haven’t heard from my guy in one month. We met online. We had 5 dates in October. Some of the dates were extremely long marathons. We had strong chemistry and he would be very romantic and affectionate on dates. He told me he was extremely attracted to me. To the outsider’s eye, we looked like an established couple. He even showed me his office! But I would rarely hear from him between dates and I told him I was getting mixed signals. I made the common mistakes and leaned in. I also was the one who asked for dates 2 and 4. On date 1, he was very open about telling me that he doesn’t speak with his mother anymore and never met his father. I never got the sense he was dating around. He’s a workaholic and spends his spare time reading or attending lectures. He was always honest about what he was doing in his life and told me he doesn’t message that many girls online. Should I just move on? Maybe he was always lukewarm since I asked for date 2?

  • My name is Laura and I’m hoping you can help me. I haven’t bought your book yet because I need to pay some bills first, but I wanted to email you first to see if I’m not a lost cause. I’ve been in love with an emotionally unavailable man for the last 5 years. We were together officially for the first year and a half, and have been off and on since. Our relationship has had extreme ups and downs. I love him with all my heart and I know he’s the man I want to spend my life with, but as much as we say we”re going to work on things, things are always the same. Our big issues stem from smaller issues that we can never seem to work out. He never wants to discuss it or try to work on it. In fact, he seems to think that we should just work on our own issues separately and then “see what happens.” However, we’re never able to stay away from each other (longest without contact has been about 2 months). He said recently that although he loves me, he’s not sure he wants to fully commit because after so long and trying to start over so many times, things have never changed. He says that trying to decide so often if he really wants to be with me forever is a tough decision to make. My biggest wish is that we could just be happy and make it work and live our lives together, and my biggest fear is that it just can’t work. Do you think you can help me, even after its been going on for so long? I know you get a lot of these emails but I would really appreciate your feedback.

    Thanks so much!

    • hi Laura, yes for sure. Though I don’t know the small details it seems to me that you’re trying to fix him and it will never work with a man. You have to change your approach and instead of focusing on him, focus on your own happiness. Everything else will follow.

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