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Seduce Your Ex Review – Case Study and Review

Homepage 2017 Forums Path To Reconciliation Seduce Your Ex Review – Case Study and Review

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    **Here are the words from Jason Collin’s management/publisher**


    Are you struggling to recover from a recent breakup? Do you wish you could turn back time and get back with your ex again? If your answers are in the affirmative, Jason Collins’ e-book titled Seduce Your Ex promises to guide you through the right path and teach you how to lure your ex to go on his knees and beg and plead with you to take him back. In order to verify the credibility and genuineness of the extraordinary claims made by Jason Collins about Seduce Your Ex, we conducted a case study as well as a statistical review of the book which revealed astonishingly interesting data and figures.

    Our study touched upon all the significant aspects of the author as well as the book. Our findings are based on the examination of the following questions.

    • What are the strategies and techniques adopted by Collins in his book?

    • Does the book have any influence on its customers?

    • Are women succeeding in getting their ex boyfriends back as a result of reading this book?

    • Are there any complaints registered against Collins or his book?

    • Are the principles of male psychology and predictable male behavior helpful in determining the male hot buttons and thereby leading to winning your ex back?

    • What is the overall level of customer satisfaction?

    As part of our case study, we carried a discussion with one of the distributors of Jason Collins’ Seduce Your Ex and discovered that a large majority of women who read this book were deeply influenced by the easy-to-follow instructional plan based on his theory of “reverse rejection.” They learned a lot of secrets about men which proved useful in mending broken relationships. According to them, the author was not making any tall claims and found the book to be practical, informative, cost-effective and genuine. In terms of customer satisfaction, Seduce Your Ex scored a whopping 97%, which affirms the effectiveness and usefulness of the book. 

    Turning our attention to the remaining 3% of women customers who did not find the book satisfying, we focused our attempts to unlock the reasons behind it. We gathered that the problem lies in the methods advocated by Collins. Collins suggests certain nontraditional and highly unique techniques to get back your ex. This involves the women to be manipulative and pull the emotional hot triggers which will lead your man to come crawling to you.


    Some women, especially the weak hearted ones will not be able to don the wicked seductress role fearing that it may cause devastating effects on the male psyche. Some others cannot bring themselves to be deceitful and hence cannot play dirty psychological mind games. But haven’t you heard the saying, “all is fair in love and war” and getting your ex back is nothing short of both. It involves love and war. So when discussions and talks fail you, you are not left with much of a choice but to resort to slightly cunning and unfair means which are powerfully capable of bringing about positive changes in your boyfriend or husband. 

    Order your copy today and unlock the solid, step-by-step blueprint that will give you an almost unfair advantage in getting your ex back and keeping him in love with you forever.



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    Karla Moore

    i need the email address of mr.Jason Collins.. do you have it people??

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    Can’t you find it on the website?

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