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How To Create Subliminal Attraction

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    Firstly, I wanted to let you know that my colleague Slade Shaw has written the most comprehensive guide on how to be a fantastic conversationalist with women. Check it out:
    Secondly, today’s post is a guest newsletter written by none other than Slade Shaw himself. It’s all about ‘How to create subliminal attraction’
    Read on and enjoy!…
    From: Slade Shaw
    Subject: Creating ‘Subliminal’ Attraction
    Today, it’s time to talk about how to connect on a SUBLIMINAL LEVEL with females. More specifically, I’m talking about how to SEEM like an extremely confident guy.  
    Now, clearly this sounds a little at odds with my usual policy. I’m not a big one for ‘faking it til you make it’, because I think it’s pretty easy for women to sense any kind of inauthenticity and be instantly and MASSIVELY turned off by it.  It’s like a bucket of cold water in the face: any progress you’ve made so far gets instantly reversed. 
    Another reason I don’t tend to advocate the ‘fake it til you make it’ approach is because there’s often a lot of stuff to REMEMBER, and that gets in the way of your ability to relax, get into the momentum of what’s happening, and involve yourself intensely in what’s happening around you. 
    It’s a little difficult to be spontaneous and chilled-out if you’re repeating bullet-points inside your head to ‘keep you on track’.  
    But fortunately, today’s subject matter is a horse of a different color. Yes, there’s going to be some stuff to remember here – but this isn’t ‘bullet points’ that we’re talking about here. No factoids to learn by rote.  
    Instead, this about showing you how to get in touch with your own, physical confidence and then portray it to those around you.   
    This is about positioning your BODY in such a way that her instinctive impression of you is that you are an at-ease guy.  
    It’s another way of LEADING her: you’re setting an atmosphere of easy relaxation which she can then enjoy and contribute to. 
    So just to clarify: this isn’t about ‘faking’ ANYTHING. It’s about making an EFFORT to man up and prove to her on a subconscious, GUT LEVEL that you’re a calm, competent, laid-back kinda guy.  
    And after we’ve dealt with the physical aspect of confidence, I’ll have a few words to say about the importance of congruence, as well. But that can wait til later.  
    Onward … 
    There’s a phrase that’s remarkably appropriate to today’s subject matter, and that is: ‘Motion creates Emotion.’ 
    In other words, your body and what you’re doing with it has not only a massive impact on how OTHERS PERCEIVE YOU, but – first and foremost – it actually impacts HOW YOU FEEL inside yourself.  
    So if you STAND like a dude who’s in control, chances are, you’ll start FEELING like one too.   Authenticity guaranteed and ‘on the house’ … which means your CONGRUENCE is ALSO guaranteed. 
    Meaning, you’re not going to be attracting females using a ‘trick’ that they’ll soon figure out … it’s actually the REAL DEAL.  
    Not bad for a quick postural realignment.  
    Think about most of the ‘nervous’ guys that you see who are trying to forge connections with women.  
    Chances are, they’re looking pretty uncomfortable. And that winds up making HER 
    Once again, this is because most women will unknowingly FOLLOW YOUR LEAD. If you seem anxious and weird, she’ll pick up on it and start feeling that way herself … and she’ll rightly blame you for it.  
    So let’s take a closer look at the unseen pitfalls that your body’s setting up for you. 
    Here’s something that literally MOST MEN unknowingly do when they’re not 100% at ease: they actually can’t even stand up straight on their own two feet.  
    I bet you know what I’m talking about here. They’re rocking all over the place, they might have one ankle hooked around the other one, or they’ve got one foot kind of heeled over to the side, or they’re leaning on the wall, or they’re leaning on a chair … 
    This connotes a very strong message of UNEASE to whoever happens to be around. It’s very simple, but not even being able to stand comfortably on your own two feet makes it quite clear that you’re not at home with yourself. And if you’re not comfortable with YOURSELF (so the logic goes) how will you ever manage to be comfortable with HER? 
    … and if you’re not comfortable with her, you can just bet that you’re going to transfer that discomfort onto her … so that EVERYONE’S having a nervous, anxious, and all-round low-quality  time. 
    Hmmm. That’s a lot to infer from just one little postural imperfection. 
    But unfortunately, it’s true. Think about any ‘alpha males’ that you know. Now think about how they hold themselves. As a general rule, men who are ‘high value’ tend to KNOW IT, and hold themselves accordingly – in a way that’s very calm, very powerful, and with very little ‘wasted movement’.  
    So now might be a good idea for you to get a full-length mirror and practice striking some poses in front of it. Pay attention to the difference between how comfortable and at-ease a posture LOOKS, and how it actually FEELS.  
    Most guys get fidgety because they can’t slot themselves into a posture that feels as though it’s going to look natural, so they end up squirming all over the place.  
    But if you actually pay attention here, you’ll notice that postures that might FEEL WEIRD at first actually LOOK very natural and relaxed. So take a look and get used to how particular positions feel so you can use them in public.  
    A few quick pointers: 
       – Shoulders relaxed and down. 
       – Midsection tight and sucked in toward your 
       – Feet a good distance apart. 
       – Hands hanging relaxed at your sides.  
    But WHY are these things attractive to females? 
    Does it REALLY matter if your feet are a couple inches apart or not? 
    It’s like this. None of these things are attractive PER SE. For example, a woman won’t take a look at a man’s relaxed hands and think, ‘Wow, check it out.’ 
    But it’s the UNDERLYING OBSERVATIONS that are CAUSED by these little physical details that DO count in a very big way towards gut-level attraction.  
    Specifically, all of these physical postures have the cumulative effect of portraying you as IN CONTROL and RELAXED. 
    In other words, they’re the physical hallmarks of a high-value, confident, dominant man. And as you know, these are the types of men who tend to CONSISTENTLY SUCCEED with quality women.  
    It’s a little like the little physical details that we, as guys, pay SUBCONSCIOUS attention to with women.  
    For example, something that I’ve noticed is that men tend to be attracted to females with small noses and long eyelashes. 
    Now, neither of these characteristics is necessarily something that we’d bother noticing in and of itself. You don’t usually hear a guy talking about what a ‘sexy nose’ a woman has, or going on about her eyelashes. 
    But if you take a look at some pictures of really attractive females, not a ONE of them will have short eyelashes or a big nose.  
    Just as things like long lashes connote FEMININITY for women, certain POSTURES connote MASCULINITY for men.  
    Know it. Use it.  
    The ‘little details’ are more important than most people believe.   
    Your body screams out the truth about what you’re feeling and thinking, long before you could articulate it verbally. 
    If you want proof of how important, and SUBTLE, body language is, then check this out:
    … the case of the Counting Horse.  
    About 20 years ago, this horse trainer claimed to have taught his horse to be able to add, subtract, and multiply mathematical figures. He actually proved it many times over, throughout county fairs, vaudeville acts, and theaters throughout the country. 
    Audience members would call out complicated equations, and the horse would tap out the answer with his hoof. 
    And every time, the horse got it right. Nobody could figure out what was going on. Scientists examined the horse closely. They screened for electronic cheating devices – none were found. The trainer stood absolutely motionless every time – 
    no cheating there, either.  
    Finally, a communications expert videotaped what was happening. It was discovered, after many YEARS of debate about this phenomenon, that the trainer wrinkled his brow slightly and blinked whenever he expected the horse to stop tapping his hoof. 
    I.e., whenever the correct answer was tapped out, his HOPE that the horse would get the answer right showed itself upon his face. The horse noticed this TINY little change in his expression, and stopped tapping.  
    Here’s the weird part. 
    …to be continued!   Or better still subscribe to my newsletter here.  I know it’s annoying but new policy by Ning now only allows 4000 characters on each main post. 

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    Ok here’s the continuation of the article:

    The trainer didn’t even know he was doing it.

    He wasn’t TRYING to help the horse cheat. But his face twitched just a TINY little bit when the horse reached the ‘right answer’ …

    … which was all that was needed for the horse to cotton on, and stop tapping.

    Now, granted, women are not horses. But the fact remains: YOU ARE TELLING PEOPLE THINGS WITH YOUR FACE AND BODY, EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T KNOW IT.

    You need to accept the fact that right now, you are communicating things to others via your body language that you are NOT EVEN AWARE OF. That’s spooky stuff.

    Obviously, this isn’t something to get bogged down in. It’s just a small, but IMPORTANT, detail to consider in the overall scheme of reinventing yourself as a top-notch, high-caliber, EXCELLENT human being who’s worthy of the women of his choice.

    Oh yeah … a little ‘extra credit’ reading material for you. If you’re interested in fast-tracking yourself towards real-deal success starting RIGHT NOW, then you should know that accurate information is your FRIEND … and
    ignorance and laziness are your ENEMIES.

    All things being equal, you can leap-frog yourself towards an ‘unfair advantage’ by informing yourself adequately about how to talk to women.

    Your best place to start is right here:

    ==> Conversation Chemistry

    I’ll talk to you again soon.

    Be cool,

    Slade Shaw

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