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    Enjoy yourself even when you are alone and without your loved one. Send love to everyone else, instead.

    If you are celebrating with your lover, have a good one!

    My husband forewarned me that there would be no Valentine’s this year, I said I didn’t expect it and it really never meant much for me anyway. Last year we had dinner in which he couldn’t even pretend to be romantic (he always makes a big production every time we eat out: what to order or not to order, how spicy, not to over-order, how much I eat, and get controlling about what I want to order….still till today). He frowned upon the cocktail I wanted to order instead of the wine he suggested. I had to remind him again why it was such a big issue for him to let me have what I wanted each we went out to eat.

    In short, I’m not missing much. This guy doesn’t know how to be romantic even when his life depends on it :D, not when she’s already in his life anyway and he doesn’t need to do the wooing (sounds familiar? 🙂 ).

    Go spoil yourself, imagine one beautiful guy in this universe who’s yearning to find you and pamper you silly like you are a queen.

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