Embracing Your Feminine Sexuality Is The Key To Become The Irresistible Goddess That Men Adore

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    **This is a part of series of excerpts of my upcoming ebook on Feminine Magnetism**

    Embracing one’s sexuality is a big component of being a goddess. In my world, feminine magnetism is inseparable to female sexuality.

    I’ve always been a champion of women embracing their sexuality.

    Sadly, I find so many women are so conflicted about sex. Many hold the belief that they are “sacrificing the sacred part of their being” if they’re having sex with a guy outside commitment as if it was so wrong for a woman to enjoy sex just for the sake of enjoying sex.

    Sex is a vehicle for bonding and connection, before and after commitment. That’s my belief. My two last LTRs started with sex very early on. It’s just not true guys will disappear just because you have sex with them early.

    Guys disappear because they don’t feel it for you -with or without sex. How many guys never call back after without sex-first dates? Or a few no-sex dates?

    My point exactly.

    In my opinion a lot of women use sex as a tool to “trap” a man thinking men will be more emotionally connected after sex. Don’t get me wrong, when the ingredients are there they will -as I have personally attested three times in a row now- and they can but it’s not a guarantee. Don’t have sex only because you think he will commit to you. Have sex because you’re in the moment and you want to enjoy it as much as he does.

    Have sex because you want to share and create, without agenda and expectations. Unleash your inner sex goddess.

    If you feel it’s good to wait, please wait but don’t keep holding off just because you have to follow the “golden rule.” There is no such thing as golden rule when it comes to sex. And guys do disappear too if you keep holding off. After all they’re human beings with their own needs just like us.

    It’s a mistake to think that if he loves you he will wait as long as you want to, simply because “the rule” says it you shouldn’t have sex before commitment -or whatever. See it from his POV: what’s wrong with me, she doesn’t trust/respect me enough to have me have all of her?

    At that point in a relationship, sex is fatally important because it’s not only physical gratification and goes beyond that. This is where sex works to deepen your connection with a man as men do bond with us through sex, though the route isn’t as direct and smooth as ours.

    Sure some guys will keep waiting, but for the best guys out there who have options, the fact you keep holding off can become a turn off for them. So beware!

    A lot of women view sex one dimensionally: a vehicle for bonding and strengthening intimacy in the context of a relationship (committed or semi-committed), which I agree is very important. However, at least to me, sex can mean different things at different times. Some days I just want fast food, some days I want gourmet. Some days simple animal gratification is more than enough -and more than I can handle. I don’t want to be serious with every guy I (want to) have sex either, surprise…surprise.

    Sex can be very satisfying this way too, at least for me. That’s the magic of living in the moment, you don’t have to attach sex to any future agenda at all times.

    At the same time sex within a committed relationships isn’t always great as I have experienced. How many married couples give up sex or find their sex lives ho-hum? Even when they are so emotionally connected and in love with each other?

    Again, my point, exactly

    Sex is never one-dimensional. It has and offers a full range of expression and experience. That’s the beauty of it.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about being a goddess that men adore:

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