One-on-One Coaching

One-On-One Coaching


why men pull away

 I’m starting to figure out that not everybody knows everybody else on Facebook, and any of my Friends who are not already Katarina Phang’s Friends should change that immediately, as this woman is remarkably clever and right (almost Buddhist) about this relationship stuff that all you young people seem to be so preoccupied with. ~Lorna Loins, South Dakota

“We are good now, thanks again Katarina. I let him go, and he came around. You were right.

Distance is definitely very, very hard. But I’m learning a lot about myself and I believe it is doable if both people are completely 100% committed. We are in much better communication and understanding now. You are right, chasing boys = never good lol.

I hope you are doing well. I think you saved us. You’re awesome!

Take care, Connie”  ~ Connie, Washington DC


If you prefer one-on-one sessions tailor made to your needs, here are the packages you can choose from:

NEW!  Six Week Feminine Magnetism Private Coaching consisting of 1-hour session/week and 12 week unlimited email coaching as well as 2 half-hour follow up coaching after 6 weeks for $3299 (this recorded coaching is tailor made to you and your situations/challenges that will make you magnetic to men and the man that you love/adore at the end of 6 sessions)



A Single 1-hr Coaching Session for $349


A single 1-hr Coaching Session in Person for $450 (if you’re in LA area, place to be discussed)



Three 1-hr Coaching Session for $929


Five 1-hr Coaching Sessions for $1499


Ten 1-hr Coaching Sessions for $2959


Three Months Unlimited Coaching (five 1-hr sessions/month with unlimited FIRST PRIORITY email support) $4,299 ($4599 recorded, PM me if you choose that)


NEW!!  Unlimited email coaching/support for $449/month 

This is a coaching service conducted through Skype, anymeeting website or the phone.  No physical product will be sent to you through mail.  All sales are FINAL. Please refer to Terms Of Use  for further illumination on our terms and conditions and refund policy. You can contact us at (but please BEWARE: you will need to click on the one-time anti-spam verification link to whitelist your email address, or your email won’t reach us) or call us at 646-543-0705 if you need any assistance and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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  2. I am interested in th “NEW!! Unlimited email coaching/support for $349/month as well as the 3 month package- can you explain what unlimited email support entails/?? Thanks Sandra

  3. I’m interested in trying out the 1 hr coaching session to start, if I purchase now, how do I get started with the session? The New Unlimited email coaching might be something I want to sign up for as well, how soon will I get a reply after I sent an email? I ask only because any relationship questions seem to be “urgent” to me lol. I’ll appreciate your help! Thank you

    • You will start later today for skype session perhaps in the late afternoon/early evening PT. And you’ll be the first priority for email coaching as well.