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Coaching For Men

Coaching For Men

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From time to time I got a request from men to help them solve their dating/relationship puzzles.  I have coached men going through their breakups even though the big chunk of my focus is on women and their issues.

As an expert in masculine-feminine dynamics who has helped thousands of women getting in touch with their feminine essence and since men are the half part of the equation, I decided to branch out to include them as well in the dissemination of my message/teaching.

I am your spy to the female mind!

These packages will offer you a deep insight on why your relationships with women haven’t worked for you and what women actually want from a man.  I will teach you what the masculine essence -that we crave for- entails and how to cultivate it so you can show up in your shining masculine prowess.

A Single 1-hr Coaching Session for $349


Three 1-hr Coaching Session for $929


Five 1-hr Coaching Sessions for $1499