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Katarina Phang Inc. does not accept or use PayPal for any transactions on this website. If you’re redirected to a PayPal page, it's a scam, whether you log on or pay without signing on PayPal (choose to pay with credit card).

Check any correspondence to ensure it is coming from kat@katarinaphang.com or support@katarinaphang.com, not any hotmail, gmail, yahoo or any other accounts.

Additionally, I do not have any outside staff or support. I handle all client relations MYSELF. If you suspect that the email or transaction may be fraudulent, please email me directly at kat@katarinaphang.com and DO NOT PROCEED!

As a reminder, do not share your login details with a non-member.

Affiliate Toolbox

Welcome to your Affiliate Page %%FIRST_NAME%%!


This is the toolbox where you can find what you need as an affiliate.  I will add more stuff like email swipe, FB broadcast and newsletter/articles soon.

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