12. How To Breakup Proof Your Relationship After You Get Your Ex Back

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Did you just get your ex back and you are feeling shaky?  Or you are just feeling haunted all the time by the fear of being abandoned by your guy?  This class is for you!  There is no need for that if you understand the power at play here.

Some of the ladies in the group did get their exes back but they broke up again before long. Part of the reasons is the same exact problem keeps recurring. If you have this issues or fear having another breakup, you can’t afford to miss this class.

Some of the reasons that relationships go back to Splitville is you haven’t overcome the very reasons why you broke up the first time around.  It’s like a demon that keeps rearing its ugly head.  Your fear that you’ll break up again often manifests itself as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

True to my core teaching, this is all the mind problems.  Once you overcome the mind, you will be able to conduct your relationship from a healthier and more confident place that nurtures your relationship further.

My classes are very empowering, addictive and transformational representing unique perspectives that aren’t taught anywhere else that make me stand out from the rest and are the reason of my extremely high success rate.

“Listening to my favorite Kat audio: “How to Breakup Proof Your Relationship after He Comes Back.”  The first hour is nothing less than brilliant. She gives detailed information on what it is to really lean back and be a self-fulfilled goddess.  I highly recommend it for you ladies struggling with the cave disappearance that most guys seem to practice…I’m just in awe because all she says just feels so right and true to form – it works! Peace and love!” ~Veronica, Minnesota


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