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This class is in time in light of current political climate in the US and the world in general, in which we are swayed between two extreme POV’s: between being totally permissive/liberal or sticking to our old/conservative values, with the majority view of something in between.  We have all those opinions within us, whether or not we are honest about and/or aware of them.

Your reactions to external events, to other people’s opinions and their reactions to your and other opinions are actually guiding you toward deeper realizations of the nature of the self/mind/ego.  And how you have been others in so many occasions and vice versa.  What spaciousness and peace you feel inside when you see that insight first hand!

You will also be aware if you are being judgmental or discerning cause you will be able to tell the difference in your body, in your emotional reactions.

Instead of getting so caught up in the content of the arguments, and trying to convince yourself/others who is right/wrong, perhaps you will benefit more in just observing all these phenomena that you perceive in the world as something that is actually happening within your own consciousness.

This practice makes you an aware person.  And awareness is everything.  Awareness heals a lot of wounds otherwise undetected by creating a gap and in that gap you cultivate detachment.  You can’t afford to miss this class if expanding your consciousness from the restrictive egocentric mode filled with suffering, inner conflicts and strife to a peaceful inclusive cosmic mode of consciousness.

Remember this: what you focus on expands, what you resist persists.

“Awesome class, Kat, you are the best.💝” ~Kathy, Pennsylvania

You can now purchase this powerful class for $87 or $77 if you are a member of the monthly membership already (Mind you my hourly coaching is $369/hr today and it will keep going up!):