34. Seven Conditions Of How Men Fall In Love

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Falling in love is a psychological process. I will explain it to you how in this class. If you understand how men bond to a woman you will stop the stuff you’re doing now that pushes him away. Blathering about how you feel all the time is one of them. You are responsible for your upset feelings. Maybe your way of seeing things causes you to always react cause you often feel upset for every little thing. You stall the process of him bonding to you emotionally that way cause you don’t feel safe for him.

The 5 of 7 Conditions needed for a Man to fall in love

  1.  They realize they need to pursue and court you to win your heart.  You don’t need courting when you arrive before him (this is why you  are so confused and end up on this page).
  2.  They are given the space to rubber band and process their feelings.  That includes they don’t get to hear from you babbling about  your feelings all the time.
  3.  They fear of losing you, they wonder what you’re doing when you are away cause you lean back. They suspect other men must be  pursuing you as well so they need to step up their game.
  4.  They feel wonderful whenever they’re with you, instead of being drained or stressed out.  You bring joy into their life.  You’re easy to  lead and be with.  You have very few neuroses.  Your energy is light and uplifting.
  5.  They have a chance to miss you!  It’s so important for a man to be able to feel that you’re not around as much and their imagination starts to wonder to the sweet things you have shared together.  It’s hard for them to fall  in love when you’re always in their face. Your absence plays a big part when it comes to how men fall in love.

There are two other things that I will reveal in the class about this very subject and I explain every point in a way that will nudge your consciousness to expand so you can put yourself in his shoes.  It’s a 90-min class so all your questions about every point will be answered and you’ll experience so many aha moments typical of listening to Kat’s classes.

It’s very important for a guy to feel that to be able to feel safe enough to bond with you.  

If you are trapped in this habit of stalling the process of him falling for you, It’s time to turn your love life from failure after failure to a success story like I see every day in my community.  Your class will turn this around and it will give you the peace of mind you need to be able to relax so he can pursue you and come closer to you organically.

“A very thought provoking class.  It has given me a lot to think about.  Thank you, Kat.” ~Nina, New York

“I jot down so many notes on this class.  Dayum, Kat, you’re a fountain of knowledge and wisdom.” ~Lucy, Oregon


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