32. Goddess Interview: Jenna, Dating A Recently Divorced Man, How She Got Him to Marry Her in A Year

“So, last night I married the man of my dreams. Dreams come true. Thank you Katarina Phang! I’m on my honeymoon but would be happy to share details when I have more time. It was just important I let you know Kat!” ~Jenna, Atlanta

Jenna is one of my miracles. Her EUM (at the time) had been unhappily married for 17 years in which he felt guilty all the time and had been divorced for 7 months when they met so of course he was scared to jump in another relationship so quick. But through sticking to what I teach and signing up for the Leaning Back workshop, Journey Inward and the monthly membership, she melted his heart beyond recognition and he proposed in December:

“Engaged! :)) My love proposed last night on our 1 year anniversary. This wouldn’t have been possible without Katarina who I found, with the universe’s help, just a month or two before I met him. He was scared and wavered in the beginning – and it was with Katarina’s teaching that helped me stay centered and quickly turned him around in such a profound way that we were moved in and talking marriage just a four months into our relationship. He is the man of my dreams..well worth the wait! xoxo Thank you Katarina.

I had worked on myself a great deal before I met Kat…but everything that she teaches really brought me to the next level the first thing I learned was to always hold onto myself. Trust myself, trust the universe. and always know that you are enough for any man right where you are.

When I met my man he was a total EUM..but I used Kat’s teachings with him from day one and now four months later we are living together, we talk about marriage all the time and we’re trying to get pregnant.

Can you believe it!! It was because of your teachings and meditation that I drew an amazing guy like him in in the first place. Thank you thank you!”

Just a year and 2 months after she implemented my method (she started to work with me January 22, 2015), they’re now happily married. Though it’s not typical (that a recently divorced man is ready to marry again only after less than 2 years), miracles do happen. So if you are in the same situation wants to learn from Jenna, you can’t afford to miss this class.

“Great class ?Big thanks to both, Kat and Jenna…what an inspiring story of transformation ?” ~Tatjana, Moscow

You can now purchase this powerful class for $87 (Mind you my hourly coaching is $399/hr today and it will keep going up!):